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Sharming necklace "Rose gold". This original necklace will highlight your individuality and style. The color of metal is rose gold. Interesting handmade decoration is also combination of these 2 colors and some metal elements. Length of chain is 45 cm. Beautiful gift wrapping for each item. It will complete your look and make it perfect. Another way it can become the best gift for someone you love. This set will open femininity, individuality and gives good vibes) Beautiful things make us happier in fast rythm of life. Stop the moment. Feel it. Listen the melody of your soul. it is beautiful. Enjoy... Sharming jewelry from MelodyArtLoveStore. Melody of my heart to you...

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Colorful items for school: pen, bookmarks and phone holder. This set is bright and very usefull for children in school. You can write with rainbow pen and use rabbit bookmarks for your books. Also your ipad  or phone , books you can put on beautiful stand. Enjoy life and study with handmade things from Aurora)
$50.00 $40.00
Own your magic and beauty of resinart in your bag. You can choose rose mirror with real dry rose inside and pink with other natural dry flowers inside. 100% Handmade from jewelry resin. Flowers were collected by me hands too) Also available in other colors. Nice shade, very comfortable and usefull, size is optimal. It can become cute present for your friend/sister/mom/wife/daugther or just for yourself. Unique and elegant, it can fit women or girl in any status or age. Materials : All my products are from high quality epoxy resin. It is made specifically for jewelry and doesn't contain toxic substances. Production time: If you want any other color, I will be happy to product it for you as soon aspossible. The production time of this item is about 2-3 days. Shipping and delivery time: I send my goods according to work hours of my post (It is open 6 days a week from 08.00-20.00) Delivery time depends on country/region it can take from 3 days till 1 month from Kyiv, Ukraine. When you will place the order I can tell you the delivery time according to your adress. Gift: Each item is wrapped in special bag with a small additional gift from me for each order) Care: Do not drop the product. It will not break but may be scratched or cracked. Avoid any contact with chemicals. When it is dirty, you can wash it with water and wipe it than with a soft cloth. It is also best to avoid to leave it for long time under the bright sun. Take care about yourself and your piece of art. Made by AuroraArtStory
I am are happy to offer you my best 100% Handmade Matching gift set "Feathers" from jewelry resin! It included beautiful bookmark, pen and keychain dressed in beautiful blue&gold&white colors It is a perfect gift for any sex/status/age for any reason or even a treat for yourself! Find your inspiration with unique accessories for office and home. You can order this set in any other color you like, just message me! This set is only one in stock and ready for shipping now. All orders included price for air shipping. All items are unique and never can be the same! It will be only one in whole world for you! Gift packing can be provided free for each order which is marked as gift. Also we have beautiful resin journals in our shop, also in blue&gold colors, you can choose it for making perfect gift set! Create your own story with AuroraArtStory!
Amazing pendant "Dream catcher Butterfly" will highlight the natural beauty of the body and soul. Original cabochone is in sharm rose gold color, beautiful handmade decoration. The dream catcher began it's existence in North America, but it has become a very popular amulet among whole world. A dream catcher is a symbol of magical energy and protective talisman. Butterfly is a symbol of the soul and rebirth. I am happy to offer you this unique necklace - the best gift for you or your soulmate This pedant will show your good taste and warm care. Good vibes as a best bonus) Length of chain is 45 cm. Beautiful gift wrapping for each item. Sharming jewelry from MelodyArtLoveStore. With all my heart to you...
Sharming necklace "Silver Butterfly". One of my favorite items. This romantic necklace looks really amazing and has a bit of shining. 100% handmade. Nice combination of 3 colors: white, purple and silver. It is very tender and beautiful like a touch of spring. This unique pedant - the best gift for yourself or someone you love. предложить варианты цепочки. Length of chain is 45 cm. Beautiful gift wrapping for each item. For a beautiful lady with perfect taste. I am nature/animal lover and off course I like butterflies. So I want to offer you to read few interesting facts about them. 1. The butterfly eye is the most complicated device of 6 thousand microscopic lenses. 2. Among the butterflies there are those that have no mouth. They survive from the energy that they have accumulated in the caterpillar stage. But some other kinds of Butterflies can absorb twice as much food as they weigh. 3. In Stockholm there is a special greenhouse provide stress therapy with butterflies. 4. Butterflies, like elephants, feed on their trunk. 5. Monarch butterflies understand medicinal plants and are able to use them for medical purposes if their children need help. 6. In China, butterflies are considered as a symbol of love and lovers. I wish everyone to find love and keep it forever. Sharming jewelry from MelodyArtLoveShop. With all my heart to you...
Amazing resin make up organizer dressed in pink, purple or white&gold color with gold leaf and glitter inside. 100% handmade from highquality resin. You can enjoy beautiful and comfortable item for your make up! It can be used as a fine makeup organizer, home decor, perfume/trinket/jewelry tray. It can fit perfect your bathroom or living room or any other space where you like to keep your stuff) Each item is totally handmade and one of a kind, nonreplicable, giving you satisfaction in knowing this item is uniquely yours. It can become the best gift for any age/taste! ITEM DETAILS: - 20cm/10cm/6cm - 16 holes - pink color - purple color - white&gold color - optional personalization - comfortable and useful MATERIALS jewelry resin, colors, metal gold color, love, inpiration READY TO SHIP! If you need any another color or mix or you have any special ideas please write me a message and I will make it for you! NOTIFICATION: If you need a personalized gift I can write down name on this item or I can add a free gift card to order. Sharming make up organizer from MelodyArtLoveShop. Melody of my heart to you...


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