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Cossack silver pendant. Weight: 5 g Suspended with the image, proud and obedient, loving and invincible, brave and brave knight of the Ukrainian nation - Cossack. The Cossack movement is one of the brightest and most heroic pages in the Ukrainian nation's struggle for independence. Order us a silver pendant with a Cossack, a pendant for a true Ukrainian, a worthy descendant of the famous Cossack lineage, for one who knows and honors our history, appreciates and cherishes our will, and is ready to fight for it.

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Sign Idea Nation "And" - Idea is the spiritual beginning, the foundation of everything. "And" - pointed, it means the irrepressibility of the Idea and inspires the ancient Nation to great achievements. It is the axis on which the whole body of our nation is kept, pointing down, deep into the soil of tradition, into the depths of the glorious past, and upwards, into the future, to new victories. "N" - The Nation - the blood bond and spiritual affinity of the "dead, the living and the unborn in Ukraine and not in Ukraine being". It is the call of the ancestors, the voice of blood. Consciously or subconsciously, but it is palpable to every Ukrainian, even to those who are far from their homeland. The IN sign selects pure thoughts, fair, brave, with pure blood from impurity, worthy descendants of their Ukraine. Black Sun means close connection with ancestors. In this case it is not about specific ancestors of a certain kind. This means a broader meaning, namely: the ancestors are the ancestors of our people. The value of the protection of the Black Sun is not only in connection with the ancestors. This amulet has a powerful magic power, it can be used in rituals and rituals. It is believed that it allows magicians and priests to communicate with spirits. In addition, this amulet helps to know the truth of life and to recognize the lie disguised as the truth. The value of the Black Sun is also to protect man from evil forces.
Vendor: ArdanSilver
The Kolovrat (the Sun-Turn) embodies the fiery power of the Gods of Svarog, Dazhdbog and Yaryl. Diameter: 0.94 inches It is one of the most ancient Slavic symbols. Kolovrat is translated from Old Slavic as Kolovorot, or the Sun Kolovrat in the sun is an ancient charm that protects from evil. From ancient times, Kolovrat has been a bright sun symbol, which embodied powerful solar power. Being placed in a solar circle, this sign becomes amazing. All the holidays and important events in our ancestors were connected with the cycle of the sun. The sun is the source of all life on Earth, so it is a symbol of life and fertility. It is a famous symbol of the constant rotation of the sun, continuous movement, life, which is given and taken away by the gods, the immensity and infinity of the cosmos. If the rays in Kolovrat are directed in the course of the sun, then it means: abundance; connection with higher gods; protection against evil forces; regularity; pure thoughts; good deeds. If the spin wheels are pointing in the opposite direction (anti-clockwise), then they symbolize: the otherworld; afterlife; developed supernatural abilities; clairvoyance; developed intuition. This charm is able to empower a person: optimism; the ability to enjoy life; health; by the power of spirit. Also, the guard protects against the forces of darkness, does not allow the evil thoughts to conquer human consciousness, protects against negative programs. All the solar energy concentrated in the mascot attracts success and wealth. But remember, Kolovrat will protect you only when your thoughts are clear.
Vendor: ArdanSilver
Lion is a proud, strong, majestic king of beasts. Lion is a symbol of strength, energy, success, brutal fury and talent. It also symbolizes royal dignity, rage, cruelty, anger, honor and speed. He is both the creator and the destroyer at the same time. In Europe, it is a symbol of power and bloodthirsty. In the Far East, it is considered a symbol of nobility and happiness. Lion, can symbolize both evil and the victory of good, both death and life.
Vendor: ArdanSilver
Sterling Silver Ukrainian Ring Width: 0.35 inches Weight: 8 g Covering: Enamel
Vendor: ArdanSilver
Weight: 10 g Diameter: 1.29 inches Veles' charm brings wealth, success and empowers the wearer with creative and magical abilities, not without reason used by the ancient magi in their ceremonies. Veles is the God of beasts and forests, the patron saint of cattle and crafts, the God of abundance, creativity, and the patron saint of magicians and idols. Veles is also the guardian of the world of the dead, the guide of souls to the otherworldly world, who decides where to go to the lost - to Nav or Prav. The charm will be ideal for any person seeking self-development and indifferent to esoteric arts and magic. It can help open up internal reserves, develop intelligence, and begin to notice things that are not visible to ordinary people. In addition, using it may even allow you to communicate with deceased ancestors.
Vendor: ArdanSilver
The ax of Perun - a symbol of power, strength, honor and courage, is a military amulet fighting for the native land, for its nation, for its own kind. Weight: 13,51 g Height: 1.49 inches Width: 1.37 inches Ax of Perun - correlates with the God of Thunder, and the patron saint of warriors. Perun - the supreme God Thunderbolt in the Slavs. In Perun, the Eastern Slavs embodied higher justice and justice. Perun is the patron saint of warriors and princes. His name is associated with thunder, thunderstorms and lightning. People bowed before the power and severity of God the Thunderer. After all, it is Perun who embodies the indomitable power of Light and patronizes warriors. Perun's weapon is a battle ax, or ax, and it is this symbol that has become a traditional Slavic male amulet. Runes, or other sacred symbols, were often applied to the ax to reinforce this powerful military amulet. Russian soldiers believed that Perun would give them strength, courage and opportunity, protection from enemies, and lead to victory. Initially, this prestigious symbol of belonging to his wife, men wore on his belt, later appeared and his breastplate. According to archaeological data, amulets called Axes of Perun of various shapes and sizes of various metals, including bronze, silver, gold and even lead, were very common in ancient Russia. On some there are ornaments with concentric circles, on others - with zigzag lines. Often, sacral signs (such as runes) were worn on the choir - this reinforced the effect of this amulet. Our warrior ancestors believed and knew that they would receive from Perun power, courage and bravery, as well as protection from hostile attacks.
Vendor: ArdanSilver


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