Burgundy Bead Necklace

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The velvet pouch is a gift.

How to store. Remember that any beads do not like the long exposure to sunlight, so arrange your jewelry so that it does not fall on the sun's rays, otherwise, the beads may fade over time. It should also be stored away from heating appliances, cold. To prevent jewelry from getting confused and scratched, it is best to store them separately from each other. To do this, you can use boxes, caskets or small bags. It is undesirable to crumple, twist, bend products from beads. If the product is woven on a fishing line, it must be stored in a straightened form, since it “remembers” the shape given and it will be difficult to straighten the product.

How to clean. Bead products must be regularly cleaned of dust and debris. To do this, you can use a soft toothbrush, brush for painting or makeup. Bead paintings are cleaned of dust with a bird feather or flannel. Do not forget that bead product do not like water. The wire under the beads from contact with water can rust and spoil the appearance of the product. Nylon thread can begin to rot after water. Beads also do not like to come into contact with water; they can crumble under the influence of dampness. If your product still needs wet cleaning, then take a damp cloth and sponge and wipe the beads on the product with it. This will prevent water from entering the base of the beadwork. Products decorated with glass beads, beads and beadwork do not tolerate the spin cycle well, so they cannot be machine washed (it is better to wash and spin manually with extreme care), as well as dry clean or iron. An ideal option for such a product would be steaming. Also, bead things can not be wiped with alcohol-containing agents, from these beads can lose color. To clean the darkened metal accessories (locks, chains, etc.) will help ordinary tooth powder (it is a powder, not paste). In bead jewelry, it is not advisable to use a bath or go to the pool.

How to wear it. The decoration is the last finishing touch of your image. Therefore, it is worn after you have already taken advantage of all possible and impossible perfumes. Beads may be deformed or discolored by your cosmetics or perfumes. It is also not advisable to wear bead jewelry under clothing, since the thread on which the product is made can fray, and the beads can be damaged.


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