"Heart Wings" (Sertsekrylets), soft crocheted at hand brooch.

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Ingredients: acrylic yarn, silicone, holofiber, collet fasteners - cupronickel, rubber fishing line (larger), good soul.

Dimensions (of smaller one): height ~ 3 in, width ~ 3 in.

Dimensions (of larger one): height ~ 4.2 in, width ~ 4.2 in.

Weight: small ~ 5g and large ~ 9g.

Extended, constantly updated our workshop's photo gallery: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=17aze0pY_YI...

We, young family art workshop of PSK ("Polit Sertsekryltsia" - Ukrainian), offer you wonderful jewelry of our own design - charming, bright and elegant hearts with the wings of a fairy-tale butterfly, which match perfectly almost any clothing, image or interior.

Thanks to a carefully considered design, the wings flutter vividly during the movement, creating a pleasant effect of liveliness and the desire to start flying. High-quality jewelry that will surely appeal to sensitive people with a rich and diverse inner world and the ability to appreciate beauty in positive, unique and sophisticated works of art.

Convenient all-metal clamps provide reliable fastening on the basis, on fabric for an example, and fast removal.

Absolutely all colors can be customized at the request of a client; moreover, we can make the product personalized - for example, having embroidered the initials of the future happy owner on it, which will bring additional great pleasure and easily make the thing favorite. It can be used at temperatures up to 40°C and can be cleaned or washed with the usual appropriate household supplies.

Also, we are open to any interesting business offers.


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