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I will draw a custom Art Portrait of one person from your photo. Please send me a quality photo or several photos via message. You will receive a digital file with a portrait. No physical delivery is offered. I will make a portrait in the pop art style within 3-4 business days. Please let me know if you need it earlier.
Vendor: Oxygroup
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This unique rustic wood Christmas sign is the perfect addition to your home! This one of a kind sign will stand out among your holiday decor. Christmas sign with hand painted and applique veneer. Christmas table accessory. Dimensions: Height: 11,8 inches, Width 6,3 inches, Depth 1,9 inches
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outfit of the doll
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Backpacks pockets with braids and denim jeans eksklyuziv.Shitye handmade backpacks and pockets with braids. According to the observations, they enjoy great sympathy among the customers. Denim bag - a versatile accessory that will complement any image. It is those only beautiful, but also very easy to use, suitable for walking with children, is indispensable in trips and travels, and useful for students and schoolchildren.
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Bag made in a combination of orange and black color , inside lining. Purse closes by magnet.The bottom is solid. Snood comes in the kit to the bag.It can be worn as a hat, Bolero,collar, scarf Recommendations for care: wash in delicate mode
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Beautiful leather couple Bracelet with laser - engraved and hand - painting. It made of the vegetable tanned leather that’s why many years it will be look like a new one. It is painted with wax paints that’s why it has a water repellent effect. Very bright and beautiful bracelet. This couple bracelet with lazer engraved: 1) "Enjoy every moment" 2) ... you make your own luck ... 3) I love you forever 4) together forever 5) You are my destiny 6) All you need is love. Also you can add your name, initials or any text
Vendor: CrazyHands
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Very trendy this fall Takes classic felted volume Dense yet malleable and can be easily folded into a sleeve or bag without worrying for his form. cuff inside tightly holds his head, not allowing to move out, and additionally insulating the ears. The decor is laid so that beret can be worn in different ways, changing the way the crease And keeps well laid, and , spreading, her, Stylish, neat. Perfectly fits the classic image
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Very trendy this fall - the color of eggplant . Hard composed together with lavender and plum . Deep, rich shade of dark purple. Takes classic felted volume Dense yet malleable and can be easily folded into a sleeve or bag without worrying for his form. Knitted cuff inside tightly holds his head, not allowing to move out, and additionally insulating the ears. The decor is laid so that picks can be worn in different ways, changing the way the crease And keeps well laid, and , spreading, her, looks almost "leg" that little Stylish, neat. Perfectly fits the classic image, despite the originality .
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Knitted summer fishnet takes. Fishnet takes linked crochet yarn VITA ORION cotton (100% mercerized cotton). Yarn with a silky effect. Takes nice colors. This takes will serve You not only as a fashion accessory, but also as protection from the sun in the summer.
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delicate, summer, sweater crochet. Openwork cardigan-style oversized.Crocheted from segments of different colors.Size 50-52.Thread cotton
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Delicate corall color vest, tank top crochet. Vest knitted, openwork, Material-cotton yarn.
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Scarf, transformer,LICs, vest, collar, hooded, machine knitting. LICs,hat,jacket,scarf-4 in one.Beautiful convertible for all seasons.There are different colors and sizes.From different yarn,but only natural
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Neverending sleeves is the ultimately versatile piece. It converts to what you want it to be: anything from neckwarmer, scarf, shrug to cropped top or a sweater! Just wrap it around as you like and you are set. We are sure you will come up with your own way of wearing The Sleeves we never even thought of!
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Vest crochet, lace, knitted, olive color.Openwork knitted jacket .The crochet.Sleeve "kimono".On the clasp.Jacket with short sleeves,integrally knitted.Thread-cotton+viscose.Vest-style over the bed
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Long knitted dress.Easy openwork,length and rounded neckline betrays the divine beauty.Available in any color and any length.The deadline is 2 weeks..available In two colors-olive,blue and yellow.
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Эксклюзивная коллекция вязаных интерьерных игрушек "Средневековые мышки" Размер: высота -17 см. Средневековые мышки, маленький народец. Этому королевству ничего не страшно, потому что они дружные... Королевство 2020 - лучший подарок по любому случаю. Работа выполнена по мастер-классу Алана Дартса.Работа выполнена по МК Алана Дарта. Ручная работа мастера. Handmade. Цена указана за композицию (как на фото) - Коллекция состоит из 12 игрушек. Изделие выполнено из материалов: акрил, синтепон, бусины. Королевство 2020 украсит Ваш интерьер внеся в него уют, тепло, и спокойствие. Exclusive collection of knitted interior toys "Medieval mice" Size: height -17 cm. Medieval mice, little people. This kingdom is not afraid of anything, because they are friendly ... Kingdom 2020 is the best gift for any occasion. The work was done according to the master class of Alan Dart. Handwork of the master. Handmade. The price is for the composition (as in the photo) The collection consists of 12 toys. The product is made of materials: acrylic, synthetic winterizer, beads. The Kingdom of 2020 will decorate your interior by adding cosiness, warmth, and tranquility to it.
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Handmade Wooden postcard. Wooden invitations. Love you. Together Happy Dream. Wooden wedding invitations. Engraved invitation Are you looking for something different and memorable gifts? Our personalized  wood postcard is a perfect gift for Valentine, wedding, anniversary, birthday, mother day, father day. Each wood postcard is personalized with a name and messages and perfectly laser engraved and cut.  The post stamp said All you need is love. This is a unique gift that will become treasured keepsake for years to come.  Our  wooden postcard is 3,7 inches tall and 5,7 inches width The material for greeting cards is prepared manually by the craftsman. We successfully managed to achieve a material thickness of 0.06”  (1.5mm ). The material is sanded thrice, then coated with water-soluble eco-friendly varnish, and polished. The picture is laser-engraved. Please note that the wood (veneer) pattern may vary as it is a natural material. The picture is inlaid with metallized cardboard. Your order will be prepared for shipment in 1 business days (except for Saturdays and Sundays), but we’ll do our best to ship your order as soon as possible.  Our postcards are designed for everyone who is looking for original and extraordinary product. It takes 5 to 7 business days to make a quantity of more than 10 pieces. But we will do our best for quick production.
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Fashionable women bag.Wooden handbag.Blue handbag Do you like everything stylish and natural? Then handmade wooden bags are exactly what you need! Our  Girl bag is Made from eco-leather and high-quality plywood that is painted and coated with water-soluble varnish. To make it exclusive and playful, we decided to decorate it with bright engraving.  Dimensions: wooden walls: 24 cm x 36 cm (9.44 "x 14.17") Wooden bottom: 13 cm x 21 cm (5.11 "x 8.26"), 570 gr
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Hat and Snood crocheted in a dense pattern. The set is soft and silky, very warm mohair.. Generic cap that can be worn as a classic double lapel, and you can cap. Snood in one turn. Recommendations for care: Delicate wash
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Warm,comfortable hat for the winter for non fanciers hats.Headband, mini LICs. Made of thick Merino yarn production in Iceland.You can run from more than 20 colors
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Warm knitted hat knit Merino hat unisex wool hat, beret hat bandana helmet women warm hat handmade Warm woolen knitted hat knit from 100% Merino.available in other colors.washable at 30°C. Laundry manual.the model is universal for any type of person
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Новинка сезона.Шапка с большим отворотом из кид мохера. Возможно изготовления в разных цветах.Срок изготовления 3-5 дней
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Kryzelda, the rat is a lady of Balzac age seeks refuge in a close-knit family and an animal-loving family. Interior toy, souvenir. Connected from Angora. Eyes, teeth and loaves are molded from plastic. Handwork of the master. Handmade. - size: height -35 cm. - the toy is on its own, - all clothes are removed, - pens, legs bend. The product is made of materials: Angora, acrylic, synthetic winterizer, wire frame, beads, felting wool and polymer clay. Крызельда, крыса-дама, бальзаковского возраста ищет приют в дружной семье и любящей животных семье. Интерьерная игрушка, сувенир. Полностью каркасная игрушка. Связан из ангоры. Глазки, зубы и батоны лепные из пластики. Станет любимицей для всей семьи и принесёт удачу её владельцу. Ручная работа мастера. Handmade. - размер: высота -35 см. - игрушка стоит самостоятельно, - вся одежда снимается, - ручки, ножки гнутся. Изделие выполнено из материалов: Ангора, акрил, синтепон, проволочный каркас, бусины, шерсть для валяния и полимерная глина. Может стать замечательным подарком на Новый год, или просто украшением Вашего роскошного и уютного жилища. Также можно использовать в качестве оберега-хранителя домашнего очага.
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ТКАНЬ Ткань Fanny Mask не мнется, хорошо сохраняет форму, устойчива к механическим воздействиям. Габардин не образует зацепок с шероховатых поверхностей. Отличное сопротивление разрыву. Внутри 2 слоя ткани: «Спанбонд» - 100% синтетические волокна, скрепленные без применения клея, нетоксичны, не выделяют вредных веществ под воздействием высоких температур, не подвержены коррозии. Материал тонкий, легкий, но прочный. Комфортная изнаночная сторона: хлопковое волокно растительного происхождения - 100% органическое. Хлопковые ткани гигиеничны, практичны, хорошо держат форму, а также приятно соприкасаются с телом. КОМФОРТ Удобная анатомическая форма Fanny Mask хорошо прилегает к лицу. Боковые резинки надежно поддерживают маску, не сковывая движения, очень приятны на ощупь, хорошо растягиваются, можно стирать и гладить. За изделиями легко ухаживать. Многие пятна удаляются обычной щеткой. ПЕЧАТЬ (ИЗОБРАЖЕНИЕ) Сублимация - печать происходит под давлением при температуре 210 - 230 градусов, окрашивание происходит на молекулярном уровне парами красителя. Такой уплотнитель нельзя смывать, стирать, он не выгорает от прямых солнечных лучей. По яркости и качеству (вплоть до фотопечати) сублимация на ткани превосходит все другие способы нанесения.
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