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Odin's Triple Horn Rune deck, Tarot cards, Futhark rune set, Wooden runes cards, Oracle card deck

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Rune deck. Wooden runes cards. Rune decks are sets of oracle cards based on Futhark runes and runic system

☀ 24 Card Deck

☀ Wood(eco veneer, 0.058 inch thick)
☀ Dimensions: 63.5mmX88.9mm , 2.5" x 3.5" (poker cards size)
☀Packed in a wooden box

The material is made by our workshop from an Italian eco-friendly veneer. Sanded, varnished.

The front side is tinted with a walnut color.
The back of the card is a natural veneer color.

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This Stav (runic formula) is directed on expansion of a monetary channel, increase of material wealth and success in the financial sphere. The combination will help to move up the career ladder, start earning more money The most famous formula for the problems of the material plan. Its action consists in a sharp shift of current events in a positive direction. Runescript as if pushing people to the right actions, which in the future will lead to an improvement in the situation. Fehu - it is the rapid growth and flow of life, it comes to the aid of people in need of material goods, contributes to obtaining money, the acquisition or profitable sale of valuables, real estate. The main aspect - this rune is not an assistant to greedy people, thieves, cheaters and speculators. Runes only help honest people who have a good purpose, who receive gifts not only for themselves - but also to share them with the needy. This rune also has a cleansing value - it will cleanse you and your space of negativity. An original Car accessories on rear view mirror 2 in 1 Pendant made of wood (eco veneer, inlay with 12 Swarovski crystals) on the rear view mirror and aroma diffuser of the car. ???? eco-friendly natural product! Original GIFT for your boyfriend / girlfriend in the car. Double-sided custom design The fragrance diffuser is made of veneer with laser engraving, inside is felt . Diameter 6cm(2.36inch) !!!!!Stitched by hand with waxed thread, without the use of glue!!!!! ***AROMA OIL NOT INCLUDED!*** This aroma block is REUSABLE! You fill it with aromatic your favorite oil as the smell disappears (once every 1-2 weeks), 3-4 drops per felt
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Wooden box with engraving Vegvisir (runic compass) - Celtic symbol Handmade engraved Eco-Friendly jewelry wooden Box with Runic Compass In the Scandinavians, the Slavs believed that it protects the owner on the road, helps not to go astray, takes care of misfortune and misfortune. In addition, the Slavs were sure that the runic compass protects from disease, misfortune, witchcraft and helps to find the right path in life. Internal size: !4 cm x 9 cm x 6 cm This box casket is suitable for storing Tarot cards, stones and other special things. Includes an elastic band This box will fit large Tarot cards
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