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Diagnostics for the presence of negativity and energy impact (damage, evil eye, curse) - Digital

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Diagnostics of the negative will allow you to understand the causes of failures, adversity, and problems that a person faces. After all, it is the problems, difficulties, and sometimes the destruction of the person himself that are the consequences of the induced damage.

Diagnostics is also aimed at identifying the evil eye, damage to the human energy field and will help to identify the presence or absence of damage.

Also, after the diagnosis, there are recommendations for removing the negative.

Do you feel worse, everything "falls out of hand", a constant feeling of fatigue, depression, anxiety, relationships are upset, things are getting worse? It is likely that you have become a victim of energy-informational influence - people call it damage and evil eye.

If difficulties have entered your life that have affected marriage and family, work and business, love and relationships, then together we will analyze the problem and try to find ways to harmonize and restore relationships. Conflict situations, loss of life purpose, lack of faith in your own strength prevent you from moving in the right direction - I will do my best to help you figure it out!


I immediately weed out those people whom I cannot help.

Don't wait, problems don't get solved by themselves. Write or call me now!
I will do my best to find the reason and work through the most difficult life situation. I use only the most effective and safest working methods.

Each person has their own unique path. And my task is to make every effort to help people solve problems that arise along the way. Working only with your energy, adjusting exactly to your situation, I will try to help you in solving difficult life situations! All results are individual!

Tell me about your difficulties and adversities, entrust the doubts that torment you, and I will give the best and unique solution that will allow any of your problems to disappear.


Your any request will be executed quickly and efficiently.

It is very important that you send me the information I need exactly as I ask for it. It is also important that you provide me with the correct information. If the information is incorrect, the spells will not work. This is for you, not for me.

DIGITAL PRODUCT: All orders are delivered to you digitally via messages and / or email. No physical items will be mailed. You will receive a report

If you have any other questions, write to me, I will be happy to help you with everything you need.


Terms / Disclaimer:
In accordance with  policies and all laws, I must declare that my services are for entertainment purposes only.

- You must be over 18 years old
- Within 24 hours of ordering, you need to avoid negative thoughts and emotions so that I can contact you.
- Do not forget to indicate your full name and date of birth, as well as send your photo, then it will be easier for me to establish energetic contact with you and give you more complete information.

The information contained in this document should not be used as a substitute for the advice of a qualified and licensed person. I do not accept any responsibility and / or responsibility for any actions and / or decisions that the buyer / client decides to take or take based on his / her advice. By placing an order, you confirm that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions.


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Each person does not want to believe that there may be an evil eye, damage, curse or other magical effect on him. But these days, spells can be bought online. Many people are unknowingly burdened with curses, evil eyes, entities, and evil spirits. Are you under constant attack from a professional witch or someone who uses the services of a witch to curse you? Do you want to know how to permanently rid yourself of the black magic that others are doing in relation to you or your loved ones? Then you need it. Has someone bewitched you or someone you love? Did they use black magic or occultism to take them away, hurt them, take revenge, or do something bad for you or a loved one? IT CAN BE FIXED! The world is filled with all sorts of people and spirits, and although most of them are good, some are very bad, even hateful, and may have cast spells on you! Why do some people think they are very lucky, while others are not? Why does magic work so well for some and not for others? The answer is simple: the winners of life are not held back by curses, slander, or other dark energies that interfere with your success and happiness in life. This provides maximum protection from all darkness. Remove the negative. Accept the fact that if someone curses you over and over again, you become a victim of magical abuse and spiritual persecution. And any violence has consequences. People who are constantly cursed fall into a very dangerous spiral of fear, paranoia, and isolation. The more they wait to end this situation, the more dire the long-term consequences will be. Let luck, success, and prosperity enter your life. Bring peace, serenity, love and everything related to it. Strength, positive thinking, and a confident glow that attracts people to you. Happiness and satisfaction will finally be yours. Life should be joyful, and when the barriers of darkness disappear, your life will shine with the light of joy that is your birthright. You will be free to have immense luck in everything you do, money, love, and everything that you deserve at last. This powerful work will banish any negative spells that have been cast on you. This spell is meant to remove from you: Evil eye spoilage a curse love spell magical effects black magic removal removal of spells You do not need to suffer, attachment can become very dangerous, even life-threatening and even worse, so it is important to get rid of it. I will scan your spirit body for unwanted energies and remove them. I will light and prepare the candles, filling them with intense magic that will channel their positive HEALING binding power and energy towards you. Photos of exile rituals will be sent to you by email or etsy chat. Unfortunately, many sellers charge you more or ask you to buy another cleanser if they can't cleanse it in just one session. I will not do it.   Instead of relentlessly performing undo spells or useless "rituals" like burning sage around your home, use this powerful ritual to remove negativity from yourself and stop the mess that could ruin your life. The ritual of demonic protection suits you: -If you are dealing with a rival for love, business or with an envious enemy, and you know that this person is engaged in black magic. -If you tend to attract the evil eye and curses like honey, attract flies. -If you attract poisonous and jealous people for no reason, or you are surrounded by ill-wishers. -If you know there is bad energy or strange blockages preventing you from succeeding, and this tends to come back again and again, even if you perform curse removal. -If you come from an environment where black magic is very common. The spell is also especially good if you are a practitioner or newbie witch and really don't know what you are doing. Black magic is fantastic and extremely effective, but some practices attract parasitic spirits that can and will make you unhappy. I will send you powerful healing from a distance to completely remove Black Magic, Curse, Spell, Negative and Evil Eye. Get a powerful black magic and curse removal spell from the comfort of your home. This is a very powerful session. Black magic is the negative use of energy by malevolent people. People who want to take revenge on someone who is jealous of the growth of their relatives and colleagues ask black magic specialists and harass them, affecting them emotionally, physically and mentally, creating blockages in their personal lives. I use different spiritual healing techniques to remove curses, hex, spell and black magic. Clients start experiencing positive changes in their mental and physical health soon after starting treatment.
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"Oracle of Love" fortune-telling on Tarot cards is intended for lovers who are confused in their feelings, as well as for those who want to clarify the real state of affairs in their personal lives. This online fortune-telling is also relevant in case of disagreements and quarrels in a couple, as it assistances to assess the situation from the outside, restraining you from making hasty decisions. It is sometimes difficult for a loving heart to cope with a mind that tends to err. The "Oracle of Love" will assistance you understand your feelings and what your chosen one is experiencing. You will receive advice on how to improve the situation. Unlocking Your Heart's Deepest Desires - Same hour tarot love. Discover the Strengths and Challenges in Your with a Relationship Reading This is a fortune-telling on six tarot cards that will tell you: 1) How the person feels about you. 2) What worries him about the relationship. 3) What would your loved one want to change in a relationship. 4) What does he expect from your relationship. 5) Council of the Oracle. What should be paid attention to strengthen love. 6) Oracle's prediction. The future of your relationship. Dive into Romance - The Love Reading for you. Unleash the Magic of Tarot Readings: Love and Life Readings. Unlock the Secrets of Your with a Psychic Reading Love Life. Fast and Accurate Tarot Love Readings in One Hour. Love and Beyond - The Power of Psychic love Reading. Find Clarity and Direction in Your Life with Same Hour Reading. In personalization, indicate your full name, date of birth in this format (June 10, 1985), and the name of your loved one
$92.70 $29.88
Psychic Reading,Love Reading,Same Day Reading,Is he the one,Message From Ex,How does he feel,How does she feel,His feelings for me,Her feelings for me,Is She The One,From Your Person,Thoughts Revealed,Telepathy Psychic
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You can learn about how your partner feels about you using various methods of predicting the future. As a result, you will learn how your partner perceives you, what she or she thinks of you, how he or she feels about you, and how he or she sees your future life together. In addition, you will be given the opportunity to learn about what actions and behavior on the part of your partner may indicate his or her attitude towards you. This will assistance you better understand your partner and build relationships. By ordering this product, you will receive professional assistance in love affairs, which will assistance you understand the situation and make the right decision. Get the answers you need with our fast and accurate psychic readings, including same day readings options. Love readings can provide clarity and guidance. How does he feel about me? How does she feel about me? His feelings for me? Her feelings for me? I specialize in thoughts revealed and feelings from your person, using telepathy psychic techniques to tune into their energy and understand their perspective. Don't wait - unlock the secrets of your heart and your relationships with our powerful psychic readings today.
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This spell is used to make a rich man propose to you or you have the opportunity to meet with him. This spell is VERY powerful. It was created so that you could meet a rich lover and he only wanted YOU. This will strengthen your bond and make it even stronger than ever. This is a powerful spell that will make your rich love get down on one knee and marry you. This is a permanent spell, and I promise absolute safety while working for you, there will never be any consequences! Please get ready for a complete and perfect result. For some, the results appear immediately, while for others it takes 1-2 weeks, each situation is different. Attract Millionaires and Billionaires and a Life of Total Luxury! Luxury Lifestyle Marriage Spell - Get Rich and Live The Dream Life This spell makes you be seen by millionaires and billionaires as confident, very beautiful and exotic, to make them stop and stare when they see you, to be mesmerizing, for rich men to be drawn and attracted to you, to have a millionaire magnetic aura to attract positive, rich and worldly men, to exude sexual and confidant energy, to be seen as an extremely good catch for the wealthiest men! This is THE MOST POWERFUL Spell to used by the WORLD'S RICHEST PEOPLE for Money, Wealth, Fortune & Power Spells EVER CREATED. You can use this spell as many times as you like. You will not have to pay each time to perform the ritual. This money spell starts working very quickly, it is suitable not only for attracting money and prosperity, but also for fulfilling desires, increasing prosperity and for business. You will receive a downloadable files containing all ingredients, steps, and tips to ensure your spell works! If you have questions after downloading or while performing your spell, feel free to message me. IMPORTANT ————————— This listing is for a digital file. NOTHING WILL BE SHIPPED TO YOU For personal use only, so don't resell or alter and resell, post online, or share, but feel free to print as many as you wish for non-commercial purposes. * In spite of my own beliefs, I am required by law to state that this guide is based on cultural texts and is for entertainment purposes only.
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The spell "Make way" is used when a person, consciously or not, interferes in your life path, interferes with your plans. This person can be anyone - your colleague at work, a member of your family, a passer-by, a driver who does not want to give you the road when you cross the street, and many others who in one way or another decided to compete with you. Instead of just living in mutual respect and compromise. Using this spell, you can deal with any enemy. The advantage of the method is that it allows you to neutralize the enemy without engaging in open combat. For your opponent, this technique is completely painless. He simply leaves, giving way to you, logically justifying his actions for personal reasons. He does not feel the slightest pressure and unconsciously obeys your will. Therefore, the spell "Make way" will help you significantly expand your capabilities in absolutely all areas of life. Here's a simple example of using this spell. As you know, there are rarely such favorable circumstances in which no one will interfere with you on the way to success. In most cases, this is a rival whose behavior expresses an aggressive form of envy. He may deliberately harm you, do or say nasty things in your eyes or behind your back. Your goals are likely to overlap in many ways, otherwise you would not have encountered it. The difference is that you and he have completely different means of achieving this goal. You are more limited in the choice of means (I mean the moral side of the question) than he is. After all, you must agree that what is possible for him is sometimes completely unacceptable for you. For example, evil intrigues, gossip, outright rudeness and lies - it's just a pity to waste time on most of these techniques! But you have a better remedy. The spell is aimed at ensuring the voluntary exit of your "opponent" from the game. Less than a month later, my client, having successfully used this spell, recaptured his beloved woman from his rival - there was recently a wedding. For this particular couple, everything worked out perfectly; at least that's the impression they make on those around them now. As will be further time will tell. But you need to remember one very important detail when solving personal issues with the help of this spell. I deliberately dwell on this issue in detail, since practice has shown that this spell is especially often used by men and women when solving problems of the "love triangle". Of course, this effect is permissible. Especially if the other guy is out of luck. This was the case with my client. The woman loved to attract men and make them sympathize with themselves. In this she is very successful. All of this has only one problem: this success with the opposite sex madly pissed off my buyer. My client with a clear conscience excluded him: so that his beloved would not have fun, and the rival would not anger and annoy. If a competitor interferes with you only in a specific matter, then I verbally formulate the goal that your opponent is striving for. For example: "You need to get attention from person N". I put negative desires and intentions into the spell to refuse an action in which a person interferes with you (or from several actions where you plan to move forward). This triggers backlash and discourages your opponent from taking action in your area of interest (including courting your sweetheart). If a competitor literally stands in your throat and interferes not in any specific case, but absolutely everywhere, then there is no point in appealing to any specific goal. In this case, he just needs to develop the habit of always bypassing you and not interfering in any of your affairs. As a result, your opponent will be forced to independently develop for himself the motivation for all his subsequent actions. But be patient, and in the future, he will always - in a collision or even just when he meets you - there will be a desire to make way for you.
$85.00 $69.75
Psychic Readings,Relationship Reading,Same Day Reading,Fortune Telling,Best Psychic,Fortune Teller,Psychic Predictions,Does He Like Me,Will He Come Back,Future Tarot Reading,Reading In Love,Ex Relationship,Tarot Psychic Magic, Tarot Reading
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Tarot Reading Will Things Get Better Between Us can provide insights into the current state of a relationship and offer guidance on how to improve it. Tarot cards can reveal patterns, blockages, and potential opportunities in the relationship, to identify areas that may need attention and offering suggestions for moving forward. It can be a useful tool for those seeking clarity and direction in their relationship. Are you seeking guidance on matters of the heart or curious about what the future holds? I am specialize in relationship readings, providing insight into the dynamics between you and your partner or potential love interest. With my same day readings, you can receive immediate clarity and answers to burning questions about your love life, including "Does he like me?" and "Will he come back?" I am fortune tellers and best psychics offer psychic predictions for your future, using their psychic abilities and the ancient art of tarot to uncover what lies ahead. Whether you're looking for a future tarot reading or a reading in love, we have the tools to assistance guide you on your journey. If you're struggling with an ex relationship, our psychic readings can assistance you gain closure and move forward. Our tarot psychic magic can provide insight into your past, present, and future, assistance you to find peace and understanding. Trust our experts to provide you with the best psychic experience and fortune telling services available.
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Emily is very professional and a pleasure to work with. She has spent time explaining the process of how my purchases work and the benefits. She gives clear instructions and responds to all my.questions
Emily is a great psychic!! She helped me beat Isshin in the videogame Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and now my father loves me again!!!! Very recommended!!!!
Great reading! Genuine psychic for sure! Very satisfied!
Emily invests alot into her customers. She is the type of person who takes alot of interest in the problem of her customers life and comes up with very powerful solutions. To date I have seen results after results from her assistance and care. I highly recommend her work. She is an absolutely amazing amazing woman and she is always so helpful and informative. I actually have a personal respect for emily because she treats me like someone she knows. Im extremely greatful for her to answer all my questions and doubts and help me with my personal circumstance and challenges. Thank you Emily.
Great readings! I strongly recommend her, she is a true psychic!

Excellent service. Calm and pleasant composure in handling situations and give a detail analysis of the problem. Very gifted person and really look into the clients problem to solve the issues at hand. Very highly recommended, you do not need 2nd thoughts about this person, plus she has other services that will help you as well. I am fully satisfied 100%. I want to give 10 stars but only allowed 5 stars. So i give 10 here ⭐️ ???? ⭐️ ???? ⭐️ ???? ⭐️ ???? ⭐️ ????
My spell casted by Emily worked really well, and I am very much happy with the results. ????????
Emily comes highly recommended she is the absolute best!!!!

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