Diary "WISE OWL"

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This exclusive and high-quality leather diary "WISE OWL" is for strong and independent people. It is a completely handmade author's work, so this diary is the only in the world.

The diary is decorated with the difficult multi-level 3D stamping of an owl made manually.

The owl is a symbol for vigilance, acute wit and has been associated with spirits. It is an effective hunter and the Celtic symbolizes it with wisdom, keen sight, and patience. Many cultures associated owl with the following: intelligence, brilliance, wisdom, power and knowledge. This bird has a gift of heightened senses which enables it see through deception, illusion, external appearances and to find hidden truths.

The leather is of high-quality and of very nice brown colour.

Some attrition in a wonderful vintage style lets the diary to look very noble.


- the diary "WISE OWL" combines 352 pages (176 sheets) of white paper;

- the paper format is A5 (148mm x 210mm);

- the leather cover is changable, so you can change the cover of your diary when it is completed. This thing makes the diary very confortable in usage.

The diary "WISE OWL" will be a great present for a business person, a person whom you love or for yourself!

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