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Remote control boat for competition. Class eco expert. Assembled hull, w/o all electronic.


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Our most successful for today boat is available in very limited quantities.

Many time, this hull in full, 6 participants race, have 50+ laps results.

Colors of hull: red, yellow, white, green.

Complete of delivery:

Was glued:

* Rudder holder, rudder, wish all needed parts.  * Servo mounting. (for servo TYP Hitec 81)  * Motor mount for 28/29 mm motor diameter. * Shaft line with 1,5 mm shaft. * Have propeller shaft of the wire 1,5 mm, with adapter M4/3mmDD for screwing propeller. Coupling 1.50 x 4.00 mm. for connecting motor shaft and propeller shaft - complete. * Shortstop power circuits (emergency stop) - the requirement of the rules. * Paste the power wires from the emergency switch on the controller and battery. * Installed ingouing and utgouing wayer pipes, for motor/esc watercooling. * In hull, cut hole for intake and outgoing of water, for hull coup system.


You need to install: * Propeller * Servo for rudder * Motor Controller

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Wrapping screw-analogue of plastic propeller, from Graupner. Propellers pro milled from a single piece of Duralumin, on a program milling machine. Precision and sameness of blades: maximum possiblity! These propellers,  are ideally suited to all classes HYDRO/MONO boats. Specifications: Rotation: Right, Left (please, select in Split option) Materialal: duralumin. Props diameter (please, select in Split option) Ratio of props, (step to diameter): 1.4 (diameter digit, multiply by 1.4-get step in mm.) Internal thread in propeller hub: M 4 or Drive Dog (DD) 4.75 mm (3/16 ") (please, select in Split option) Diameter of propeller hub: 6.5 mm. Weight: 2.5-4 grams.   Propellers isis practical do not need additional balancing. The obvious advantages of screws of such performance: their hardness and durability with respect to plastic propellers; Their accuracy of manufacture and sameness of geometrical parameters of both blades, at propellers o ofthe same type size; The debugging and additional balancing of propellers (if required), are made with minimal effort.
Set of parts for building of rc model boat. ESC, Ruder set, Motor and accessories, Servo and servoholder, Accessories for building.
New shaftline for ECO class. Steinless steel tube 3×2 mm. Shaft 1,5×3.0 mm, with chrome coating. Bronze bearing. Adapter: for installation propeller DD 3mm  This shaftline made for installation in all eco/fsre boats. Maximum possible diameter of propeller: 33 mm. Shaftline made for best competition level results!
Tenshock motors for competition of boat racing. Tenshock 4 Pole Brushless Motor Viper 1540 Features 1.CNC machined AL casing 2.Efficiency 4-Pole 6 Slots brushless motor 3.High purity copper windings making maximizes conductivity 4.Powerful sintered neodymium magnet 5.High torque and light weight 6.Swallow tail rotor 7.High grade bearing Details  Poles: 4 Diameter: 29mm   Length: 58mm ØShaft: 4mm Length shaft: 14mm  Weight: 180 g Max. RPM: 65.000 Max. temp: 180 °C  Timing: 8-10 Mounting hole distance: 19mm
New version, ECO expert, from Ecomaster. Boat that goes directly *from the table*   Over the past two racing seasons, we have found the ideal position inserts all internally in the boat. Motorholder, propeller shaft line, steering ruder . This is essential for fast and high-quality drive this boat. Win Poland Tenshock Cup2016 in class ECO Expert. Win Baltic Cup 2016 in class ECO Expert. Win Swiss Cup 2017 in class ECO Expert. Win Belgian Cup 2017 in class ECO Expert. Win Spain championship 2017 in class ECO Expert Win Ukrainian Championship 2017 in class ECO Expert. Win Ecomaster Cup 2017 in class ECO Expert. Win Swiss Cup 2018 in class ECO Expert. Win Ukrainian Championship 2018 in class ECO Expert. Win Ecomaster Cup 2018 in class ECO Expert. Win Swiss Cup 2019 in class ECO Expert. Win Ukrainian Championship 2019 in class ECO Expert. Win Ecomaster Cup 2019 in class ECO Expert.   * Bottom of the boat is made from carbon kevlaf fiber - for greater strength of hull. * Boat glued to the inside of all the necessary installation electronics.   Compelct of delivery:   Was glued: * Steering column has ruder and all co-parts. * Mounting servos * Motorholder * Propeller shaft line. * Have the propeller shaft of the wire 2 mm, with the adapter under 3 mm, for mounting the propeller. * Coupling 2.00 x 4.00 mm. for connecting the motor shaft and propeller shaft - in complect. * Shortstop power circuits (emergency stop) - the requirement of the rules. * Paste the power wires from the emergency switch on the controller and the battery. * Set the suction hose and tubes for water cooling of motor and ESC. * In hull, cut holes for the intake and take out of water in case of hull revolution.   In boat installed:   * Brushless electric motor Tenshock Viper 1530 3100KV wish wathercooling, coupling connecting it to the propeller shaft. * Sharpened and precision balanced propeller for this boat. From stainless steel. 30 mm diameter. * Electric speed controller ZTW 80A,wish wathercooling, and fully water protection. * Servo Corona 268. Metal gear. * LiPo Battery for limiter: 3S1P 5800 mAh And yet ... In the battle ....   Boat is almost no need to set up on the water ..
Set of parts for rc model hull, with following parameters: Hull long: 450 mm Hull Width: 128 mm Hull height: 92 mm Weight: 115-120 gramms Carbon kevlar, and carbon hull versions. Float chamber is glued. Hull offers with following colours: Yellow, Green, Red, White.


Top !
Merci ecomaster pour ma commande du hydro 1 et mini eco vous êtes le meilleur je recommande vivement a bientôt pour ma prochaine commande
Arrived perfect, very nice RC Mini Boat.
Should be great for setting new records.
High marks for an order placed the night before
the invasion and still arrived to my surprise.
Our prayers are with Ukraine and Ecomaster boats.
Merci ecomaster pour ma petite commande vous êtes au top service qualité je suis très content next order soon
Excellent build quality, good packaging and tracked shipping. Highly recommend and will use your site to order again in future.
Hello, unfortunately I still have not received the Mini Mono Slider. The tracking said it had been boarded but still not received. Your site is well presented and no problems and the information via Facebook from evgeniy helped for a smooth purchase. Hopefully the boat will arrive next week then I will pay for my next orders.
Service top produit super qualité et livraison très rapide eco master mon meilleur
J'attend depuis plusieurs jours le remboursement, je ne comprends pas pourquoi lavky ne fait pas le remboursement de la commande annulée
Ok ! Thank you !

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