Hellblade Senua's sacrifice the most accurate headpiece brooch adornment Senua cosplay prop

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The most accurate Hellblade Senua's sacrifice headpiece brooch cosplay prop accessories,3d printed,hand processed .

The story is about a Pict based on Celtic mythology and Norse mythology. The game is focused on Senua's  point of view, as she embarks on a very personal journey through a hellish underworld made up of Senua's psychotic manifestations of her reality and mind.
This headpiece brooch is mixed piece of art,combining Celtic,Norse and Greek mythology and style of ancient accessories. 

size 100 mm height  (10 cm/4 inches )

Comes in variations

DIY kit
Unpainted kit,sanding and painting needed.Comes in different colours plastic.
Pre-paint kit
Sanded and primed piece,finish painting needed.
Finished headpiece
Sanded,primered and painted piece.Ready to wear.
Heavy weathered
Sanded,primered and painted piece.Ready to wear.Weathered with using of oils,dirt,sand and adding scratches.

price for finished prop-if you need cheaper option please PM-me)


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