Collectible model of the PSG1 sniper rifle

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The reduced model of the PSG1 rifle is made with good detail and when assembled has a length of 28.5 cm. the Functionality of the model is identical to the original, except for the ability to shoot. A copy of the PSG1 rifle has a movable bolt, a removable optical sight, folding bipods, an adjustable stock and a removable magazine with the ability to load 3 false cartridges (included). Detailed execution of the model will please any collector.

Mini replica of the psg1 sniper rifle is a souvenir item and will be an original gift to a friend, boss and all weapon lovers.

The reduced layout of the PSG1 sniper rifle is made of metal and has a scale of 1:3.

If you are a collector or just a fan of weapons, then a copy of the HK PSG1 rifle will be a great purchase for You.

For reference: the PSG1 Sniper rifle (Präzisions-Schützen-Gewehr 1, "precision rifle") was developed in the early 1980s by the German firm Heckler und Koch, in collaboration with various anti-terrorist organizations, including the German GSG9 and the British SAS.


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