Ada Wong Leon Kennedy The Blacktail biohazard resident evil 4 inspired pistol gun cosplay prop toy

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Ada wong Leon Kennedy biohazard resident evil 4 pistol gun cosplay prop springfield armory XD 1:1 real size replica

this is plastic prop-no moving parts !!consafe!

The Blacktail is based on a 9mm Springfield XD with grips inspired by the FN FNP-9. It appears to be a rather bulkier larger caliber version of the XD rather than 9mm, perhaps a design error. After Leon reaches the castle, it can be purchased from the Merchant. Ada uses this as her handgun in the main game and Separate Ways. Leon uses it in The Mercenaries. It has a better handling than the standard handgun. Fully upgraded, it is the second fastest firing and highest capacity handgun in the game, with the Matilda being at number 1.

Comes in variations

Raw 3d print-comes in 2 pieces, black plastic.
Pre-paint-comes assambled in one piece,black plastic or primer paint.
Finished prop -comes in one piece, assambled, painted black/gun metal grey.

Made of strong abs plastic


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