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Sheepskin Sofa cover +Elastic bands for FREE! Chair pads white stool covers gift genuine sheepskin pad mini rug carpet ivory red black brown


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This item can be shipped by Express Worldwide Shipping (3-4 days), please choose this shipping option when you place an order. Genuine Sheepskin Sofa cover + Elastic bands for FREE! (on your request). ****The skins passed the "ECO-dressing" and are truly natural and ecologically clean, and do not have an unpleasant smell of chemistry (compared to conventional skins that have been treated with toxic chemicals).**** ***Please select the size you need in the "Size" line. ***Colors of the chair pads look at the photo, and make your choice in the line "Color". ( Sofa cover, Sheepskin Chair pads, Sheepskin stool covers gift idea genuine sheepskin chair pad stool cover mini rug carpet, chair pads red, sheepskin rugs black, baige, gray color ECO friendly sheepskin rug) If you want colors of sofa covers like pink, blue, orange, purple, etc, THIS IS ALL POSSIBLE !!! Sheepskin hair length 6-10cm (2.4-3.9inch) Handmade! ECO-friendly sheepskin!!! ***CUSTOM ORDER*** I can make (sew) for you a Genuine Sheepskin chair pads or rugs of ANY SIZES !!! + Elastic bands for FREE! (If you want). Please do not hesitate to contact me. !!!!!!!!!!!!! My Sheepskin chair pads, sofa covers and rugs is natural and safe for small children and adults!!!!!!!!!! ------MORE Sheepskin CHAIR PADS and RUGS------§ion_id=20897280 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shipping Please, when placing an order, select the delivery option that suits you. Please note the delivery time indicated. Delivery Options: 1) . I ship worldwide. Package will be sent by Ukrainian state post. Delivery time is 7-16 days. All my packages are sent by airmail and have a tracking number. 2). I ship worldwide using Express Shipping. Delivery time 3-5 days! All my packages are sent by airmail and have a tracking number. ++ Your package will be insured for 100% of the cost of goods ++ Parcel delivery to the doors of your home. // On holidays, delivery time may be increased due to mail load.// Best, Elena.

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CUSTOM ORDER FOR DEVETTE TAYLOR    SENIOR DESIGNER Beaded curtain design B - light arch. Curtain price with size -   7’ H x 4’-5.5” W  - $ 142 +  $ 45 (shipping price) = $ 187 Curtain price with size -    7’ H x 4’-7”W -  $ 145 + $ 47 (shipping price) =  $ 192 Total for two curtain - 187+192 = $ 379 
Dear decor lovers! I propose to your attention - unique wooden curtains for your decor . These stylish wooden curtains will fit any interior of your house, decorate your bedroom, living room or even kitchen. These beaded curtains look great not only on the doorway but also on the window of any room. ++ Our Wooden curtains for windows and doorways are made from natural wood- Beech wood. ++ All elements of the wooden curtain are covered with beeswax - completely natural and harmless to the health of people, even small children. ++ All Sizes of your choice - Please, See all dimensions in the line "Size" ++ We accept PERSONAL ORDERS, any size according to your request! Please, contact me. This item will be shipped Expedited Shipping to USA- 4-7 days and Express Shipping to other countries 3-5 days! You can also choose Express Shipping for USA (3-5days) ----------------------------- Your order includes: ----------------------------- 1). Quality curtain 2). A set of special hooks for installing a curtain (for wooden bowls, biton walls, etc.) 3). Spare parts for the curtain. 4). Tips for installing curtains + rules for the care of the curtain 5). Coupon code with a 10% discount on your next order (for any product in my store) ------------------- Curtain Care: ------------------- -- If necessary, wipe off dust from the parts of the curtain with a slightly damp, soft cloth. -- DO NOT WASH! -- Do not use outdoors in the open air to avoid getting wet in the rain. -------MORE WOODEN CURTAINS FOR YOUR DECOR here------§ion_id=22254951 ~~~HOW TO FIX (install, attach) BEADED CURTAIN?~~~ First option: Beaded curtains can be fixed directly to the wall or doorway (door hatch). To do this, you will need to drill a few holes in the wall at a distance of about 4-6 inches (10-15cm). Special hooks that you then screw into these holes you get in the kit along with the beaded curtain. Then on these hooks you will be able to hang the curtain. The second option: You can attach (fasten) the wooden bar to the wall (of the appropriate size). Then in this wooden bar screw in the special hooks that you will get with a beaded curtain. My recommendation for you: a beaded curtain look more beautiful if it is fixed directly to a wall or a doorbell. -------------------------------- The price is for one beaded door curtain. Made by Ukrainian craftsmen (members of my shop) from the design studio of handmade"Shkura" It`s very beautiful gift for wife, for husband, for mather, father, for him, for her :) Made in Ukraine, handmade. ------------------ Shipping ------------------ I ship worldwide. All my packages are sent by airmail and have a tracking number. ++ Your package will be insured for 100% of the cost of goods ++ Parcel delivery to the doors of your home. 1) --- Expedited Shipping In the USA: UPS Express delivers the package from Ukraine to Miami, then UPS delivers to the buyer, total this takes 4-7 days --- You can choose "UPS Express for USA" (when placing your order), then the delivery time will be 3-5 days to USA 2). Other countries I ship using Express Shipping UPS. Delivery time 3-5 days! // On holidays, delivery time may be increased ( +1 or +2 days) due to mail load.// -------------- Payment -------------- I accept payments made via PayPal or different money transfers -------------------------------------- If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, I will be happy to help you. Best, Elena.
  Payment for delivery for two rugs for Stacey. First carpet:   weight 35 kg. Parcel dimensions 132/47 / 48cm. Shipping cost $ 272 including $ 2,000 insurance. Second carpet: Parcel dimensions 80/40/40 cm, weight 27 kg. Shipping costs $ 185 including $ 2,000 damage and loss insurance. Total $ 457 
Custom order for Shamim. Personal sizes for Beaded curtain. Payment for delivery $ 68 curtain E- 41"/7"4 - (105/183 cm) --- 95 dollars  curtain E- 81"/74" - (244/183 cm) ---- $ 360 Arch dark -61"/74" - (152/183 cm) ,arched opening 24 "  ----- $ 135 Total for three curtains - 95 + 360 + 135 = 590 dollars-10% discount = $ 531  The production time for three curtains is 5-7 days. The buyer pays for shipping with a second payment after the three curtains are ready for shipping and the exact shipping cost has been calculated. After payment for delivery, the seller sends the goods by express delivery UPS + parcel insurance. Delivery time is 4-6 days.
PELLETEX 15M The burner "Peleteks 15M" is a non-volatile analogue of the pellet burner "Pelletron 15M". The pellet burner "Peleteks 15M" is designed for installation on solid-fuel and floor gas boilers whose capacity is up to 25 kW, with an insulated chimney with a diameter of 150 mm and a height of at least 4 meters. The burner works on wood pellets of 6 to 8 mm of average quality, combustion of pellets from 98 to 99%.  Please choose the type of payment that is convenient for you and send me an email at for details of payment or issue and pay for the order if you have PayPal: 1). Paypal 2). Credit Card Payment 3). Western Union Money Transfer, 4). Swift translation Pelletex 15 M burner with power adjustment from 2.5 kW to 25 kW, the fire chamber is made of heat-resistant stainless steel, the casing is made of technical stainless steel (mirror), equipped with a pellet bunker; The pellet burner "Peleteks 15M" has its undeniable advantages, and it is non-volatile, the smokeless operation of the burner perfectly burns pellets in all ranges of adjustable power, is unpretentious in operation, reliable and durable. It is used for heating or water heating - residential buildings, sauna, cottages, installation in the furnace furnace and small production premises workshop, garage, greenhouses, greenhouses up to 200 m2.  Equipment: Burner "Pelletex 15 M". Bunker for pellets. Packaging. The pellet burner "Peleteks 15M", produced in Ukraine since April 2013, the manufacturer of energy-efficient equipment for the replacement of natural gas. With the installation of a pellet burner Pelletex 15, you will switch to your heating unit for round-the-clock heating, the pellet burner will work autonomously for up to 3 days without cleaning the basket when adding fuel to the bunker. Cleaning the boiler from the ash does not take much of your time, it is to pull out the box with ash (ashpit) and empty. The pellet burner perfectly burns pellets in all ranges of adjustable power. How to install a pellet burner Pelletex 15M on a solid fuel boiler? This type of burners is easily installed on all solid fuel and gas floor boilers up to 25 kW inclusive, the boiler does not need to be changed (except for the boiler door). Cut a hole in the lower door of your boiler, under a 75x90 burner furnace, while the Pelletex 15M burner does not interfere with heating the boiler with other fuel wood, coal. Heating a house in need of thermal energy at temperatures (inside +25) - outside -15 should be 1 kW per 8-10 m2, that is, the Peltex 15 M pellet burner allows you to heat a house of up to 250 m2. Safety burner "Peleteks 15M" Burner safety is ensured by the following degrees of protection: The hopper is sealed. At the bottom of the bunker has - feeder. When trying to move hot gases up through the feeder, for example, the lid of the hopper remained open and the chimney draft disappeared, the pellet in the feeder collapses and forms an airtight plug of wet sawdust that will stop any further burning. Fuel in a sealed closed bunker does not catch fire and cannot burn. Already this condition is absolutely sufficient for complete fire safety of the burner. Even in the absence of the two previous degrees of protection, it is almost impossible to force pellets in the bunker. This is due to the physical characteristics of the pellet itself. Palnik "Pelletex 15M" jest nielotnym analogiem palnika pelletowego "Pelletron 15M". Palnik na pellety "Peleteks 15M" jest przeznaczony do instalacji na kotłach na paliwo stałe i podłogowe, których wydajność wynosi do 25 kW, z izolowanym kominem o średnicy 150 mm i wysokości co najmniej 4 metrów. Palnik pracuje na peletach drzewnych 6 - 8 mm średniej jakości peletów spalania 98-99% Palnik Pelletex 15 M z regulacją mocy od 2,5 kW do 25 kW, komora ogniowa wykonana jest z żaroodpornej stali nierdzewnej, obudowa wykonana jest ze stali nierdzewnej (lustro) technicznej, wyposażonej w bunkrze na pelety; Palnik na pelet "Peleteks 15M" ma swoje niezaprzeczalne zalety i jest nielotny, bezdymne działanie palnika doskonale spala pellet we wszystkich zakresach regulowanej mocy, jest bezpretensjonalny w działaniu niezawodny i trwały. Służy do ogrzewania lub podgrzewania wody - budynków mieszkalnych, sauny, domków letniskowych, instalacji w piecu piecowym i małej hali produkcyjnej warsztatów, garażu, szklarni, szklarni do 200 m2. Zakończenie: Palnik "Pelletex 15 M". Bunkier na pelety. Opakowanie. Palnik na pelety "Peleteks 15M", produkowany na Ukrainie od 12 kwietnia 2013 r. W mieście Krivoy Rog "Bioenorgetic Company KR", producent energooszczędnego sprzętu do wymiany gazu ziemnego. Po zainstalowaniu palnika na pelety Pelletex 15, przełączysz się na urządzenie grzewcze do całodobowego ogrzewania, palnik na pelety będzie działać autonomicznie przez okres do 3 dni bez czyszczenia koszyka podczas dodawania paliwa do bunkra. Czyszczenie kotła z popiołu nie zajmuje dużo czasu, należy wyciągnąć pudło z popiołu (popielnik) i opróżnić go. Palnik na pelety doskonale spala pelety we wszystkich zakresach regulowanej mocy. Jak zainstalować palnik pelletowy Pelletex 15M na kotle na paliwo stałe. Ten typ palnika można łatwo zainstalować na wszystkich kotłach na paliwa stałe i gazowe o mocy do 25 kW włącznie, nie ma konieczności zmiany kotła (z wyjątkiem drzwi kotła). Wytnij otwór w dolnych drzwiach kotła pod piecem palnikowym 75x90, a palnik Pelletex 15M nie przeszkadza w nagrzewaniu kotła innym paliwem drzewnym, węglem. Ogrzewanie domu potrzebującego energii cieplnej w temperaturach (wewnątrz +25) - na zewnątrz -15 powinno wynosić 1 kW na 8-10 m2, czyli palnik na pelety Peltex 15 M pozwala ogrzać dom o powierzchni do 250 m2. *** Palnik bezpieczeństwa "Peleteks 15M" Bezpieczeństwo palnika zapewniają następujące stopnie ochrony: Zbiornik jest zaplombowany. Na dnie bunkra znajduje się - podajnik. Próbując przesuwać gorące gazy do podajnika, pokrywa leja pozostała otwarta, a ciąg kominowy zniknął, pellet w podajniku zapadł się i utworzył szczelną zatyczkę z mokrych trocin, które zatrzymają dalsze spalanie. Paliwo w zamkniętym zamkniętym bunkrze nie pali się i nie może się palić. Już ten warunek jest absolutnie wystarczający dla całkowitego bezpieczeństwa przeciwpożarowego palnika. Nawet przy braku dwóch poprzednich stopni ochrony, prawie niemożliwe jest wymuszenie pelet w bunkrze. Wynika to z fizycznych właściwości samego pelletu.


Amazing chessboard, excellent quality and great communication throughout the process!

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