Barn door handle, iron door handle, barn door handles, door pulls, door handles, door handle, door

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Barn door handle, barn door handles, iron door handle, door handles, door pulls, door handle, door pull handle,vintage door handle,steampunk

Are you looking for an unusual door handle? You are at the right shop!

Here is a forged hand made door handle in a rustic view which will give much more beauty to your home and outlines its exterior/interior features. It is art forged, forging art.


length: 23 cm (9.06")

depth: 4 cm (1.58")

width: 5.8 cm (2.28")

weight: 0.35 kg (0.77 lbs)

Colour: black with some seldom gray. It looks very decorative!

Forged metal handles make your door or gate unique and decorative. Made with passion and amazing blacksmith’s skills, they look very elegant with aristocratic style. Touching the surface of the handle a hand feels a special charm. In my shop you will find the handles of different style and one is better than the others. Using different paints creates a wide range of shades imitating the noble gold, bronze, silver, copper. Of particular interest is the effect of "aging" of the surface with using patina. A special feature of handles is their strength and durability. Massive and expensive looking door handles and accessories increase the status of the house and its owner create additional refinement of your home.

Colors may vary slightly from screen to screen. There might be slight differences in sizes since each piece is hand made.

Add charm to your house with one of these cute crafts! It is very decorative and it is really high quality forging art work!


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My Fine Art custom door pulls are created from labor intensive tried and tested techniques. Each custom pull is fired by coal and anvil hammered into shape by the hands of my master blacksmiths. All of my custom door handles are made from solid hand forged wrought iron with a natural patina (I never use faux paint or power coating). Available in any size, style, and finish, my Custom Door Pulls can be custom fabricated in any design you can dream up. Order from my online listings the most suitable door pull for further customization or send in your own drawings or photos or send me the preferred description to get started. Order your custom door handles blacksmithed to fine art standards wrought iron, knobs, knockers and door pulls in any style and design – limited by only your imagination – from “Forged Commodities”. Custom designed door pulls and handles created by the hands of Ukrainian craftsmen to age old black smithing tradition. “Dream” designer door pulls, knockers & custom handles by “Forged Commodities” – we ship worldwide.

I keep usually 1 piece always available. If on the moment of your order it will not be available, please allow 7 - 14 days for its making.


The way how it was created: we combine traditional blacksmith techniques, perfected over hundreds of years of experimentation and development , with modern forms and methods to produce beautifully distinct pieces of functional art. Each piece is forged at extremely high temperature and hammered by hand. Pliable when glowing hot, the iron is shaped into graceful, flowing forms. In our world of high technology, there is a distinct place for organic forms and hand-wrought metal design elements.


If you order two any items from my shop in one order, you will have 10% discount off the order price. If you order three any items from my shop in one order, you will have 15% discount off the order price.

If you liked this item in my shop and you are about to order only one item from my shop but you are not sure about the price, please drop me an e-mail and I will try to arrange a special discount for the chosen by you item. I would want you to buy an item you liked in my shop.


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Barn door handle, barn door handles, iron door handle, door handles, door pulls, door handle, door pull handle,vintage door handle,steampunk


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