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Width - 4 inches Height - 6 inches Diameter - 4 inches Inner width - 3 inches Inner height - 2 inches Inner diameter - 3 inches Weight - 9 fluid ounces. The box is made of natural high quality walnut and has a dark brown tint. Pay attention to this texture - what lines and curves! As if this is not a wooden box, but some kind of painting. Inside the box there is high quality velvet, the fabric is not wrinkled, not wrinkled and absolutely smooth. The walnut texture is one of my favorites - just look how bright and contrasting it is! Each pattern seems to carry the story behind this box. This handmade box, won my heart. How graceful and captivating, pragmatic and beautiful it is. This box is a real find for everyone. It's all about its versatility - this product can be more than just a box. I've tested it as a sugar bowl and salt shaker, as a piggy bank and key holder and with some other things. And what I will tell you - it perfectly copes with a variety of functions. That's why everyone would love such a thing. Because I am quite new to Etsy and I want to develop, to bring more useful ideas and products that would be really unique and beautiful, I give each customer now free express delivery (delivery takes 2-10 days), so you can quickly get and appreciate my products and efforts, also, I give free personalization - engraving and name engraving! I know how important it is to have something personalized, so I am willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy with my work and it is just a joy to behold. On this box, the engraving can be placed on the inside of the lid. Examples of fonts, patterns and locations are shown in the photo. These are just examples and variations, but I can do custom engraving to your order. The box is small in size and weight, allowing you to place it anywhere, and most importantly, its beauty will delight you for a very long time! The box is made of real noble wood, high quality walnut, and is waxed. The box smells like freshly cut wood, bringing back the feeling of being in the woods. Clean the box from dust, do not drop it on the floor and then it will serve you a very long time and will become a family heirloom! With love, your craftsman. *PLEASE NOTE THAT EVERYTHING SHOWN IN THE PHOTO EXCEPT THE JEWELRY BOX IS NOT INCLUDED. WHAT HAPPENS AFTER I ORDER? I take the time to make your order. It usually takes me about 1-3 days to make a box like this, as I am kind of a perfectionist and want you to be happy with the item. I send the product to you. For your own convenience, I use express delivery, which allows you to deliver the product within 2-10 days (please note - during pandemics and difficult weather conditions terms can be increased by several days). PERSONALIZATION I understand that we all want to have something intimate and personal or to give something so individual to a loved one. That's why I provide free engraving. To do the engraving, you need to: Determine the location of the engraving (in the photo there is a photo showing the places where you can do the engraving). The size of the engraving. The type of engraving (engraving or name engraving, font and images from my examples, which are in the photo or approval of your sketch). Approval of the "layout". If everything is in order, you will soon have a personalized custom box. If you still have any questions, please write. It's important to me that you be happy that you get what you want. And I will be happy that you appreciated my work.
Diamond Dresser for Prosharp mashine for shaping grinding wheel from the manufacter "Ukrainian Diamond Tool" Only for professionals!!! This diamond dresser uses CVD diamond 3 mm wide. Made in Ukraine. See the picture, please. A few words about our company. We produce instrument and tools for machine-building, stone-working, jewelry and clock industry from natural and syntactic raw materials. PC «Ukrainian Diamond Tool» accepts orders for manufacturing products according to GOST, ISO and individual technical customer specifications. We are also able to produce instrument/tools from materials supplied us by customers. Our professional and engineering staff provide free technical consultations that would help to make a proper choice of tools based on a technical specification provided by customers. If you have any inquiries, please contact us! You will be satisfied with your purchase, and more than once come into my store. SHIPMENTS DETAILS : I will ship worldwide only registered sending. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me:)
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