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Shoemaker tools 11pcs

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img_20200304_221754Edge Iron EI-A: Walnut, natural RW-B 0.5mm 6mm1

r-glaserhBottom Glaser BG-H: Beech, natural1
img_20200304_224843_1149628836Seam detailer SM-Z: Walnut, natural RW-B 16spi1
img_20200304_233353Bevel Iron BI-A: Walnut, natural RW-B 1.0mm1
img_20200304_234044Seat box wheel BW-A: 1.3mm 1.0mm1
img_20200304_233806Fudge wheel FW-S: RW-B Walnut, natural 16spi1
img_20200304_233841Fudge wheel FW-S: RW-B Beech, natural 14spi1
img_20200304_233841Fudge wheel FW-S: RW-B Beech, natural 12spi1
img_20200304_233841Fudge wheel FW-S: RW-B Beech, natural 11spi1
img_20200304_222217Edge Iron EI-B: RS-A Beech, natural 6mm1
img_20200304_230028Waist iron WI-S: Walnut, natural RW-B 6mm1

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Product Quantity Square awl with handle 3 Square awl for welt 10 Channel opener CO-A : Walnut, natural RS-A 1 Fudge wheel FW-S : RW-B Walnut, natural 8spi 1 Seat box wheel BW-A : 1.3mm 1.3mm 1 Feather knife FK-A : Walnut, natural Left 1 Seam detailer SD-Z : Walnut, natural RS-B 1 Seam detailer SM-Z : Walnut, natural RS-B 8spi 1 Seam detailer SP-V : Walnut, natural RS-B 4mm 8spi 1 Seam detailer SP-A : RS-B Walnut, natural 6mm 1 Bottom Glaser BG-H : Walnut, natural 1 Bevel Iron BI-A : Walnut, natural RS-B 2.0mm 1 Heel Iron HI-P : Walnut, natural RS-B 40mm 1 Heel Iron HI-C : Walnut, natural RS-B 1 Edge Iron EI-A : Walnut, natural RS-B 1mm 8mm 1 Edge Iron EI-B : RS-B Walnut, natural 8mm 1 Waist iron WI-A : Walnut, natural RS-B 8mm 1 Waist iron WI-B : Walnut, natural RS-B 8mm 1 Waist iron WI-S : Walnut, natural RS-B 8mm 1 Waist iron WI-F : Walnut, natural RS-B 8mm 1
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Инструмент сапожный 2шт Название Арт Размер Количество Стоимость Урезник талии WI-S 8мм 1 20 Биговщик подошвы BI-A 1мм 1 15 35
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Product Quantity Seam detailer SP-V : Beech, natural RS-A 5mm 10spi Ring color: Brass 1 Seam detailer SP-V : Beech, natural RS-A 5mm 8spi Ring color: Brass 1 Seam detailer SP-V : Beech, natural RS-A 5mm 12spi Ring color: Brass 1 Bevel Iron BI-A : Beech, natural RS-A 2.0mm Ring color: Brass 1 Bottom Glaser BG-H : Beech, natural Ring color: Brass 1 Glazing iron GL-B : Beech, natural RS-B Ring color: Brass 1 Heel Iron HI-P : Beech, natural RS-A 40mm Type B Ring color: Brass 1 Edge iron EI-D : Beech, natural RS-A 4mm Ring color: Brass 1 Edge iron EI-D : Beech, natural RS-A 6mm Ring color: Brass 1 Edge iron EI-D : Beech, natural RS-A 8mm Ring color: Brass 1 Cutting knife CK-A 1 Organizer OT-D : Natural RS-A(12) 2 Square awl for welt  : 65mm 1
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SD-L 25 SD-Z 25 SM-Z 8, 10, 12 75 BI-A 1, 1,5 2 75 HI-C 26 HI-P 3,4 64 OT-B11 12 скидка 10% 302 271,8
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Name Size Price Discount Number 1 BW-A 60 54 2 BW-A колесико 15 13,5 3 SD-Z 25 22,5 Shipping 21 21 Total $121,00 $111,00
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Hand made Shoemaker tool set 3pcs: Seam marker Z 14spi Seam marker Z 18spi Fudge wheel S 18spi
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This is my second order from Starko Tools, and I hope to place another order with them. Here is why:

* The tools are well made and a pleasure to use.
* The custom box is well constructed, beautiful, and perfectly complements the tools it contains.

Victor was incredibly helpful through the ordering process, communicative in answering questions, and he kept me updated on the status of my order.

I absolutely recommend ordering from Starko Tools. Victor truly makes great products.
Everything was perfect like always.
Thank you very much Victor
It is perfect. I will buy again.
Everything went smoothly. Great tools. Thanks.
Also great communication.
The tools are high quality, at a great price. I’m a repeat customer.
I've purchased a good amount of tools from Starko and can say unequivocally, they are excellent. They work, they're beautiful, and they're very well made. It makes shoemaking a joy.
exellent Tools and service, i am very happy sith the shoemaker knives
I liked how it came , very well packed , the ordering process was excellent, loved the fact that the costumer is just charged when the order is completely crafted and ready to ship , the only thing not as good its the fact that the tool i ordered is not 100% the same as the picture, telling by the starko tools logo not appear in my tools as the tool in picture does appear, but the overall quality is not affected i believe. Still very happy how it came and i will be looking forward to buy more from starko tools, the quality is just unbelievable and everything is customisable,something very important especially for me as a left handed person that sometimes need tools made especially for me.
Victor is easily the best shoemaking tool maker, the best I have ever seen. And, I have been in the trade for over 50 years. It is such a pleasure to use his superior quality tools. I recommend Starko without hesitation to everyone I know........10 stars!!!!
The quality and finish of these tools are incredible! I look forward to ordering more from Starko Tools!

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