Vintage Travel bag Moscow red USSR. 1976 release. Excellent condition


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Travel bag Moscow red USSR. 1976 release. Excellent condition. Condition is Used. Bag in perfect condition, I set the value as was in use only because it is so many years old.  Visible minor defects caused by time.  The photo shows the perfect condition.  This is a real time capsule for history buffs.

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ELECTRIC ELECTRICAL BUTTER CHURN MAKER 1.6 GALLONS 6 LITTERS WORLDWIDE. Condition is New. Shipped with Economy Shipping from outside US.
                                   Recommended for children aged 3 to 12 years. In some cases, by prescription, can be used for infants and children younger 3 years. Irradiator bactericidal household BactoSfera SUN BABY is intended for sparing the quartz treatment (exposure) in pediatric practice used in the home and in hospitals UNIQUE DESIGN: A NOTE for US and UK customers: you will need to convert US voltage from 110V AC to 220-240V AC   UNIQUE DESIGN: • Removable tubes with different diameters and cuts Convenient for quartz treatment of cavities of the ear, nose and throat. • Extendable front flap for tubes Allows increasing the area of the quartz treatment in the local treatment of the skin. • Stepless tilting Makes the process of quartz treatment convenient and comfortable. • Compactness and portability Small size, light weight and durable stand gave the opportunity to carry and install the device in any convenient location. APPLICATION:  Intracavitary kvartsevanie otolaryngology (ear, nose, throat). By using tubes of different diameters and sections. Local (local) kvartsevanie areas of the body. When you open the front flap without tubes. CONTENTS: BactoSfera SUN BABY - 1 PC. Tube with cut Ø 5 mm - 1 PCs. Tube with cutoff Ø 15 mm - 1 PC. A tube with an oblique cut 60° - 1 PC. Damper tubes - 1 PC. Glasses to protect the eyes from UFS-radiation - 1 PC. User manual (Passport) - 1 PCs. Warranty card - 1 PC. Packing - 1 PC. BactoSfera SUN BABY allows saving considerably on all known high-performance and expensive dental procedures and General kvartsevanie the surface of the human body, which is conducted only in specialized medical institutions. Detailed usage (sessions, duration of exposure, contraindications) for treating specific diseases or preventive procedures ONLY as directed BY your DOCTOR.
Inexpensive metal detector UKRAINIAN production. There are no analogues! Prost in management, is effective in work! metal detector pulse LCD display + frame 40x60cm (15x23 inch). There are no analogues to this device in terms of both the build quality and the technical part! It responds well both to small items (such as coins, rings), as well as to large ferrous and non-ferrous metals, suitable for searching through war. It has a LCD display, ergonomic bar, which you can adjust to your height!  Also, the metal detector has a built-in lithium-ion battery, which continuously operates 8-10 hours. You save money on batteries - charged from the outlet and went to look!  The ability to adjust the sensitivity using the buttons "+" and "-". There is also a very necessary function of ground detuning, by pressing only 1 key, which will give you confidence in searching both along the sandy beach and in the field! This metal detector is durable. SPECIFICATIONS: Type - unpaved; For whom - both for beginners and experienced search engines; Frequency of operation - 7.8 kHz; Search mode: Static and Dynamic; LCD display - there is; The speaker is there; Soil balance is; Sensitivity adjustment - is; Adjust the speaker volume - there is; The charge level is; Food: lithium-ion battery; Number of hours of a cop from the battery - 8-10 hours of continuous work; Weight in assembled form - 1.1 kg. DEEP CHARACTERISTICS WITH A COIL: Coin 5cop - 32cm (12.5 ") Gold and silver ring - 20-25cm. (7.8 "-9.8") Helmet - up to 85cm. (33.5 ") Barrel - up to 140cm. (55 ") Maximum depth with a standard coil 25cm (9.8 ") - up to 2 meters (78") DEEP CHARACTERISTICS with a frame 40x60 cm (15 "x23"): Helmet - 1.2 m. (47 ") Grenade - 80 cm. (31.5 ") Pistol - 90 cm. (35.5 ") Car - 2.5-3 m. (98 "-118") Maximum depth with depth coil up to 3 meters! (118 ") EQUIPMENT: the electronic unit ergonomic bar (video instruction for the assembly of the bar) strong, waterproof coil, diameter 25 cm (9.8") depth frame 40x60cm (15 "x23") lithium battery Charger fixing bolts instruction Made in Ukraine! Quality, reliability, good depth indicators, ease of use! Free Shipping insured from Europe with Tracking number. Carefully package.   World Wide shipping 10-45 working days.
You buy what you see in the image!!! Underwater and land metal detector with an immersion depth of up to 10 m    Underwater metal detector is able to search for metals in the ground and under water at a depth of 10 m, and, of course, in shallow water. In addition, it is a full-fledged dirt detector. Underwater is a unique metal detector to search on the ground, the beach and under water.    This MD is equipped with a waterproof Aqua sealed box that reliably protects the detector from water ingress into the control unit. Hermobox possesses thick walls and is assembled with utmost care. The control unit enters the box without a gap and is fixed in it as tightly as possible, which protects it from water and, on land, from snow, rain, dirt and physical damage if dropped from a height or in the case of the unit itself striking the ground, etc. P.     Characteristics of the device: Immersion depth: to 10 m. Depth of search under water: up to 2 m. Waterproof germoboxing Aqua. Sensor DD 30x32 cm: 6.8 kHz. Ability to connect a search sensor: 5-20 kHz. Adjustable multi-level display illumination. Multi-tone dubbing, with a choice of options for voice acting in relation to the search conditions. Pinpoint (target designation function). 16 sectors of necessary metals: three sectors go to the ferrous metal, the rest to the nonferrous. The possibility of masking each of the 16 sectors, masking unnecessary metals. Soil balance: automatic / manual. Microprocessor device based on STM32 (fast signal processing). VDI numeric display on display. Information is displayed on a liquid crystal display and contains readings: power supply voltage, battery charge, VDI scale (upper), "slider-scale" distance to the target, mask (metal type). The bar is adjustable in length, it is covered with factory paint. The ability to install / change software, provided in-circuit programming of the device (this item must be performed by a specially trained person who has the necessary equipment and skills). The main parameters of this assembly: lithium-ion battery 2200 (real capacity) mAh 3.7 V; adjustable strong folding bar; quality board, factory-made, double-sided, with a protective mask and plating holes. Contents of delivery: Waterproof pressure box (box + lid) for the control unit. Adapters for hermobox. Headphone output (headphones are not included). The functional unit of the device. Collapsible long bar. Charger. Sensor. Battery Note! We insure all shipments. Therefore, open and inspect the parcel immediately upon receipt (in the carrier or courier). If suddenly something broke, crumpled or lost appearance, be sure to make on the spot with the employees of the carrier company the relevant act. Only in this case, we can help you. Made in Ukraine! Quality, reliability, good depth indicators, ease of use! Free Shipping insured from Europe with Tracking number. Carefully package.   World Wide shipping 10-45 working days.


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