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The device of complex therapy EL The device of complex therapy ELITON Description ELITON has a tremendous treatment potential. We present to your attention an effective remedy to combat a wide range of  diseases, modern physiotherapy device ELITON, designed specifically for self-use  in the home. Due to its device, the medical device ELITON has the widest  treatment possibilities, since it is able to exert a complex effect on the human  body. Our online store presents you with robust, comfortable and compact ELITON  devices, whose spectrum of action includes the generation of several types of  radiation at once, which have a diverse effect on the state of organs and  tissues of the human body, including: Low frequency pulse current Pulsed electromagnetic oscillations of low intensity Infrared radiation Ultraviolet radiation Mechanical sound wave oscillations All this provides ample opportunities for the treatment of  various diseases, while the control of the ELITON device allows ordinary users,  without special medical education, to customize the device independently. In  addition to alleviating the condition in various diseases, the ELITON device can  be used as a prophylactic agent for improving body resistance, as well as for  acupressure on biologically active points - electroacupuncture reflexotherapy,  using special electrodes that are included in the product package. In our store  you can at an affordable price buy original ELITON devices with the capabilities  of quantum, vibro-acoustic, electro-puncture, electromagnetic effects on the  body, the use of which will allow you to cure the widest range of diseases at  home, as well as provide invaluable support to your immunity.   ** Effective in treatment: ** - hypertension, angina pectoris, heart failure. - chronic and acute bronchitis, bronchial asthma. - obesity, headache, neurosis, encephalopathy, Raynaud's syndrome. - gastritis, ulcers, intestinal dyskinesia. - cystitis, pyelonephritis. - dermatitis, urticaria. - osteochondrosis, osteoarthrosis, arthritis. - post-traumatic syndromes, after fractures, complex operations related to  trauma. How to treat? Affects the skin with light and vibrational vibrations. The treatment involves low-frequency currents (as in the offices of  electrotherapy clinics), thermal effects, electromagnetic oscillations. The impact of the device on the nerve endings of skin cells and acupuncture  points. According to eastern medicine, each acupuncture point has its own organ. What result? Among 147 patients who used the device, 85% had a cardiac spasm and a heaviness  in the heart. With daily use, 71% of patients got rid of insomnia, 78% had a general  irritability. The device increases the body's defenses, is relevant during recovery and during  off-season periods. With daily use, relieves pain in muscles and joints, eliminates hemorrhage,  swelling. Restores the lumen of blood vessels in otosclerosis and atherosclerosis. Regulates and normalizes metabolic processes in the body, eliminates the effects  of obesity, which leads to natural healing. Relieves spasms of different origin: intestinal colic, recurrent pain in women,  headache and toothache, thereby reducing the negative impact on the body of  traditional medicines ... Relieves spasms during an attack of bronchial asthma. Stimulates cleansing of the skin, liver and bile ducts. Regulates the liver and  biliary tract. Normalizes blood pressure. "Eliton" is used to enhance the effect in the treatment of traditional methods. Contraindications - Oncological diseases - Pulmonary tuberculosis (active form) - Myocardial infarction (acute period) - Cyst (to affect the area of ​​cyst formation) - Pregnancy - The presence of an implanted pacemaker - Severe renal failure FREE SHIPPING  WORLDWIDE  Thanks and good  luck!
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Latrine Extreme Funnel Gag The name says it all! Pour the liquid of your choice down your slaves throat, forcing them to swallow every drop! This innovative and unusual gag adjusts around your submissive lovers head, tightening and even locking so that they cannot escape your twisted desires. The flexible funnel is held upright by a strap that snaps in place, but can be removed so you have more control. The funnel that emerges from the gag allows you to fill your plaything up with whatever you want! Take things up a notch with this sick and sadistic device! Measurements: Head Strap adjusts from 16.5 to 22 inches. Gag portion is 1.85 inches insertable, 1 inch in diameter. Cool guide with different positions for BDSM and SEX: Mysterious box with different sex items at a discount:
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NATIVE UKRAINIAN 10pcs USSR Vintage Glass Fire Cupping Cups Jars Set Health Medical Massage Original Vintage SET of 10 Glass Fire Cupping Cups cupping-glass for Medical massage Made in USSR Excellent condition, no defects, like new. Dimension: approx Diameter: 1.70 inches (5.0 cm) approx Height: 2.15 inch (5.5 cm) wieght - 3 oz (90 g)/pcs. Important: Cups are produced in the USSR 30-40 years ago. The highest quality glass manufacture! Shipping and tracking Items are delivered via Ukrpochta. Delivery is carried out by the sender worldwide (international economy shipping). Shipping cost included in the price of the lot. Immediately after shipment you receive a full photoreport of the sent parcel, including the photo of the parcel with sticker with your address, receipt of the postal service (and) the track number. The dispatch is made within 24 hours after payment. The delivery of item usually takes 14-45 days depends of destination. Please, be patient!) Payment Policy Note that our store only accepts PayPal as a payment method, however PayPal accepts all major credit cards. Payment must be received within 3 days after the auction is closed. In the Spirit of the Lavky Marketplace, your Bid or Buy-It-Now selection is a commitment to purchase the item as advertised! Return Policy Buy-It-Now only items may be returned in an UNUSED condition within 14 days. Return shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. A trackable & insured shipping method is strongly recommended as we are not responsible for merchandise that has not reached our facility. Important Return Facts: All returns will be inspected prior to a refund being issued to ensure the item is in unused condition. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs and any applicable duties and taxes. Refunds will be issued within 7 business days of inspection of the item. Feedback Dear buyers, we appreciate your business, if you are satisfied with our service, please rate the details of the transaction (Detailed Seller Ratings) on eBay. If you have any questions, please contact us first, simply leaving negative or neutral feedback can't solve the problem. Contact Us If you have any questions or problems, we are very glad to help you. Please contact us for free. Please note other our auctions. We offer wholesale discounts and combined packages.
BDSM Headgear * Slave Mask Hood * Bondage Mask * Hood with eye mask * Blindfold * BDSM Toys * Sex toys * Adult Toys * Disguise BDSM This lightweight hood is designed to be comfortable, stretching completely over their head and obscuring their view while leaving their mouth accessible. It features a built in padded blindfold and will not hamper breathing. The exposed mouth leaves open all kinds of naughty possibilities. Perfect for some roleplaying, or insertion of a mouth gag, sex toy, or any other exciting object... Measurements: One size fits most Cool guide with different positions for BDSM and SEX: Mysterious box with different sex items at a discount:
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Squat Anal Impaler with Spreader Bar and Cuffs BDSM * Bondage Furniture * Ankle Cuffs * BDSM Furniture * Restraint * Sex Dungeon * Anal Toy This devious Spreader Bar features a detachable impaler for you to thrust and impale your lover! Wrap your partners ankles with the included padded ankle cuffs so you can spread em wide and hold them there for your enjoyment. Made with heavy duty materials for a sturdy and authentic feel, this Anal Impaler is built to be used and abused! The impaler bar can be removed so you can use the spreader bar on its own if want to open up your lover for your own enjoyment. Perfect for BDSM enthusiasts with a penchant for devious devices that restrain and please! Lock your lover in a vulnerable split position and see how long they can stand before inevitably lowering themselves on your choice of dildo. Combine this Spreader Bar Impaler combo with other restraints, a blindfold, and gag for a full-body lockdown! The spreader bar, impaler bar, and ankle cuffs are fully adjustable so you can adjust the spread and fit to your or your partners body type. The impaler bar can be removed so you can use the spreader bar on its own if want to open up your lover for your own enjoyment. Made with sturdy stainless steel and PU Leather for a durable collection designed to last. This set of spreaders comes with two dildo adapters for a variety of ways to play: use the vac-u-lock adapter for compatible dildos or the flat base for your favorite suction cup dildo. Great for both vaginal and anal penetration! Measurements: Spreader Bar: Width adjusts from 27.5 inches to 35.25 inches Impaler Bar: Height adjusts from 20 inches to 37.5 inches Ankle Cuffs: Adjusts from 8 inches to 11.5 inches in circumference Dildo Connector Base: 4 inches in diameter Materials: Stainless steel, PU leather, and ABS Plastic Color: Black cuffs, metal bars Note: Dildo not included Cool guide with different positions for BDSM and SEX: Mysterious box with different sex items at a discount:
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Sex Stool * Face Sitting Chair * Sex Chair * Queening Stool * Queening Chair * Spanking Bench * Sex Toys * Bdsm toys * Adult Toys Attach your favorite dildo and this sex stool will give you the ride of your life! The Bangin Bench allows you to simulate sex from the top as you bounce up and down, aided by the stretchy straps of the seat. Use it on your own for penetrating intensity that is easy to control, or put on a show for your partner! You can even remove the red raiser bar and use it to straddle your lovers face while they pleasure you from below! Use the included strap-on harness to secure a dong, or simply attach a suction-cup dildo to the raiser bar. The Bangin Bench is easy to set up and discreet to store, with a durable steel frame that is built to last. Measurements: 14.5 inches in height, 19 inches in width, 18 inches in depth. Note: Dildo not included. Cool guide with different positions for BDSM and SEX: Mysterious box with different sex items at a discount:
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Pussy Spreader Straps with Clamps BDSM Spread Labia Spreader Straps with Clamps Turn up the intensity of your kinkiest scenes with these unique straps, designed to wrap around your thighs, clamp onto your labia, and spread them open! Perfect for humiliation play, gynecological roleplay, or whatever wicked fantasies you want to bring to life, this unique set keeps your partners genitals ultra sensitive and helplessly exposed like never before. The straps are lined on the interior with a velvety softness and have buckles to adjust the fit around your thighs. The rubber-tipped clamps have thumb screws that adjust their pressure. Get creative with your BDSM scenarios! Measurements: Adjusts from 16 to 28 inches between the tip of each clamp. Cool guide with different positions for BDSM and SEX: Mysterious box with different sex items at a discount:
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Mask BDSM * Bondage Blindfold * Fleece Mask * Fetish Mask * Eye Mask * Sexy Mask * Adult Toys * Sex Toys * BDSM toys Deprive your lover of one of their most essential senses when you slip this luxuriously comfortable blindfold over their eyes. The soft fleece interior will feel lush and sensual on their face. Without their sight, every touch of your finger, slap of the riding crop, lick, suck, pinch, or bite will be amplified. They will not even know what is coming as you tease and please every inch of their body. Surprise your play thing with an adventure into unknown sexual territory. Measurements: 18.5 inches in circumference, unstretched. One size fits most. Cool guide with different positions for BDSM and SEX: Mysterious box with different sex items at a discount:
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Vibrating Panties * Remote Control * G spot Vibrator * Femdom Clothing * Clitoral Stimulation * Adult Toys Burlesque 10 Mode Vibrating Panties with Remote A sexy little French cut number with a naughty hidden secret…These lace trimmed vibrating panties are set in motion with the push of a button on the wireless remote control. Whether it be by yourself having a stimulating night on the town, or your lover controlling your pleasure from the across the room, the perfectly positioned inner pocket keeps the mini vibrator right on your sweet spot. Works from up to 20 feet away. 10 orgasmic levels of pulsation and vibration are just a click away. Panties have never been this sexy! Measurements: Stretches to fit from 24 to 36 inches around Cool guide with different positions for BDSM and SEX: Mysterious box with different sex items at a discount:
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BDSM Leather Collar * Slave Collar * Bondage Collar * Submissive Collar * BDSM Slave Collar * Slave Choker * BDSM Toys * Sex Toys * Fetish Strict Leather Narrow Fur Lined Locking Collar This skin friendly bondage tape sticks to itself, not to your hair! Use it to create enticing wraps and bondage restraints. The shiny PVC allows your partner to shine through, and can be used to bind, gag, blindfold, or dress the object of your affection. It is easy to use and visually stunning. Wrap your lover up tonight. It is bound to please you both! Measurements: 2 inches in width, 65 feet in length Cool guide with different positions for BDSM and SEX: Mysterious box with different sex items at a discount:
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Cocks Ring BDSM * Penis Ring * Gifts For Him * Cock Toys * Adult toys * Sex Toys* Curved Penis Ring * Fetish Ring * Male bdsm Tighten up your tool with this Cock Ring! The super stretchy material allows it to be used as a simple cock ring, or worn behind the balls for additional grip. Any way you choose to wear it, your hardware will be ready to go to work with this ring! Measurements: 1.03 inch internal diameter (unstretched) Cool guide with different positions for BDSM and SEX: Mysterious box with different sex items at a discount:
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BDSM Headgear Latex * Slave Mask Hood * Bondage Mask * Hood with eye mask * Blindfold * BDSM Toys * Sex toys * Adult Toys * Disguise BDSM This latex hood adds a sexy and extreme element to your repertoire, whether you are into bondage, fetish clothing, or just looking to try something new and exciting! This tight-fitting mask has holes for the eyes, mouth, and nose so that the wearer remains comfortable while the other partner has access to certain areas. Enjoy the heightened senses and newfound sexual excitement this Latex Mask will bring! Measurements: Tight-fitting, one-size-fits-all. Allow for stretch. Cool guide with different positions for BDSM and SEX: Mysterious box with different sex items at a discount:
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????BDSM MYSTERY BOX * For millionaires * Toys for sex * Gag * Handcuffs * Dildos * Falas * Penis ring * Clitoris stimulator???? A box with different cool sex toys, specially selected for your option! Make your choice and buy now! ⭐️For beginners - 99$ Five to ten cool beginner BDSM toys. ⭐️⭐️For experienced - 249$ Ten to twenty BDSM toys for experienced couples. Lashes, gags, dildos and more! ⭐️⭐️⭐️For the madmen - 499$ From twenty to forty different BDSM items in one box. Gag, handcuffs, dildos, falas, penis ring, clitoris stimulator and more! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️For the cruel - 879$ More than forty dangerous BDSM toys in one box. It's a mystery - find out how you get it! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️For the elite - 1 489$ A large box of luxury BDSM toys for wealthy couples. Only high quality materials and a lot of fun! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️For millionaires - 4 449$ A huge box with a big doll of a woman and a man + a set of all kinds of bdsm toys! Only rich people can afford this set! ????Try your luck! ????Free shipping ????Fast shipping ????Worldwide delivery!
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Bedroom Restraint System BDSM * Adjustable * Bed Bondage * Wrist Restraints * Sexual Wellness * BSDM System Bed * Adult Toys * Sex Toys The Restraint System is portable and easily restrains with H shaped straps which fit underneath any size bed and reach around to securely cuff ankles and wrists, restricting movement. The faux fur finish cuffs are soft and comfortable, yet close securely with heavy duty Velcro. Adjustable buckles allow you to tighten your partner down, putting your partner in compromising positions as you tease and please them until you decide they have earned their release! Measurements: Four restraint straps and connector strap adjust up to approx. 48 inches in length, cuffs adjustable up to approx. 14 inches around Note: Fits most standard size mattresses Cool guide with different positions for BDSM and SEX: Mysterious box with different sex items at a discount:
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Sex Machine * Dildo Machine * For Deep Penetration * Vagina Machine * Anal Dildo * Vagina Dildo * BDSM Sex Machine * Sex Furniture * Robo FUK Adjustable Position Portable Sex Machine This versatile fucking machine comes equipped with an adjustable speed remote, so you get to choose your ideal thrusting level at the turn of a dial. The angle and height of penetration can quickly be adjusted with easy twist knobs located on the frame. Comes with two screw-on attachments: a flexible, bendable dildo, and a plush pink pussy. To experience realistic, multi speed thrusting action that is sure to satisfy, simple screw on the attachment of your choice, turn up the speed, and enjoy amazing penetration or hands-free fucking action! Robo FUK is lightweight and pre-assembled, with a plastic shell and aluminum arm, cutting down on extra weight and making it ideal for travel. There is no complicated set up or confusing parts to set up. It is practically ready to go straight out of the box! While it may not be as hardcore as some of our other machines, its compact, lightweight, and versatile design makes it ideal for couples, small spaces, travel, and on the go pleasure! It operates quietly and is ideal for those seeking discretion. The thrusting arm has a curved handle, a perfect grip for a partner to use to angle it into you, or for solo use to brace yourself against. It also comes with 4 suction cup feet which will help anchor it in place on a hard, smooth surface. Ideal for vaginal or masturbatory use. For more hardcore anal penetration, see our other love machines Measurements: 20 inches in length, 7.5 inches in width, 7.25 inches in height; Dildo measures 6.5 inches in length and 1.65 inches in diameter; Pussy measures 9.5 inches in length and 4 inches in diameter. Stroke length is approximately 2.5 inches. Max strokes per minute is 180, RPM is 190 Note: Ideal for vaginal or masturbatory use. For more forceful anal penetration, see our other love machines Cool guide with different positions for BDSM and SEX: Mysterious box with different sex items at a discount:
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Vintage Woman Eyeglasse Frame Oversized Butterfly Black Blue Soviet Spectacle  ♦   Lovely Eyeglasses Frame from the 70's  ♦ Good vintage condition. See the photos. ♦ Payment: PayPal. ♦ Buyer pays for handling/airmail registered shipping worldwide - $9.50  ♦ Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question or wish to combine shipping with other items.  ♦ Please look around my shop to save on postage ;-) Antiques is an excellent financial investment, always raising its value! ♦ Please look carefully through the pictures in order to get better idea of the item. I always sell what is shown in the pictures except when there is more than one from the same item. ♦ Please if you find a mistake in the listing description do not buy or bid the item but write me via email for it.  Thank you in advance.
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Bondage cuffs are used to hold a subordinate partner. Leather handcuffs, can be used as Leather cuffs / bracelets and worn in everyday life. Most importantly, handcuffs are a powerful psychological attribute of submission. A person who wears leather restrictions has a feeling of complete dependence and obedience. He falls into the Master's sexual slavery, BDSM handcuffs brings a vivid unforgettable experience to both partners. It can be used for fixing in the most different positions. Very comfortable bdsm toys for safe and quick fixation. We keep your secrets! All our products are packed in boxes without identification marks. Leather Handcuffs: → A pair of bracers width 5 cm (1.96 inches) → Colored black → Note: Not suitable for hangers and strong pull-ups Double fixation: - Restraints in the amount of 1 piece - leather has a thickness of 1.9 mm - strong carbines - Total length 17 cm (6.69 inches) Thank you for visiting my store!
Shibari rope / BDSM Bondage Rope 8m (26ft) 6mm Jute - is designed for BDSM slavery. The rope is made of 100% natural jute. Long ends at the end node. All our products are packed in boxes without identification marks. SPECIFICATIONS - rope length 8m (26ft) - 6mm - 100% jute - 3-strand cable - the ends on top are tied - 100% natural premium jute Color may vary (some examples are presented) MAIN ADVANTAGE Flexibility and the ability to turn into fairly rigid knots without causing too much damage to the skin. Wet treated rope is the best that gives the softest and smoothest finish. Completely ready to use! Maybe you need more ropes: Thank you for visiting my store!
~ Ukrainian Souvenir ~ VINTAGE Soviet electric razor shaver KHARKIV-101 in souvenir case 1970s Produced in USSR, Ukraine, Kharkov The legendary Soviet electric razor in a chic wooden souvenir case and original packaging. A beautiful lacquered case, inlaid with inscriptions and photographs of tourist places in the Ukrainian city of Kharkov. On the photo there is a monument to Taras Grigorievich Shevchenko in Kharkov Specification: Case 8.0x5.0x2.5 inch / 20.0x12.5x6.0 cm Electric Razor ~127-220 V or -/-- 110-220 V, 50-60 Hz Vintage condition, has small scratches! The electric shaver is fully functional, there are traces of use and time on the case and boxes. The souvenir box is slightly torn, the wooden case shows signs of wear, there is a slight crack. The opening button is stuck, making it a little difficult to open and close the case. See real photos! VIDEO - If you have any questions or doubts about this electric razor shaver, or you have additional information - feel free to send me message! Wonderful exhibit in the collection! From Ukraine with love!
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Chest of drawers Makeup organizer Brush holder Wood table decor Pink Blush Cream Ivory Cosmetics Desk storage Women Jewelry box sister gift Chest organizer for cosmetics in a delicious sweet Cream and Pink color scheme with fleur-de-lis decor It is great gift for sister, girlfriend, daughter, mother, friend. In the upper open part of 9 compartments you can place cosmetics, perfume, brushes, lipstick, pencils. At the bottom there are two large capacious boxes in which you can store jewelry, watches, hair accessories, notes, small items. MEASURES and COLORS Size: length - 30.5 cm (12 inches), depth - 16.5 cm (6.5 inches), height - 26.5 cm (10.5 inches) at the back and 15 cm (6.0 inches) in front Please note that real colors of this wooden tea box may slightly vary, as it depends on your monitor settings. Photos are enlarged to show detail; please review the measurements carefully and, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. In handmade can not repeat a pattern of one to one. .. The idea and the line will be the same, but there may be slight differences. MATERIALS In my work I use only eco-friendly professional materials, such as water based acrylic paints and varnish. CARE Please, do not put this wooden tea box into dishwasher. You can gently wipe it using a clean wet rag. Do not dunk, do not scratch it, do not use abrasive cleanser on decorative side of this tea box. If you have any question - ask me, don't be shy! If you need another colors of this item - please write to me and I will make for you a special order) If you are in a rush or have a tight deadline, please message me, I'm happy to do my best efforts to accomodate your order.
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Mirror can: - tilt up, down - turn left, right - push it away from yourself or bring it closer to you at 51cm - move vertically to 41cm Thanks to the built-in gas microlift, the mirror can be smoothly and lightly moved up and down within 325mm, as well as fixing the mirror in any intermediate position. Reliable aluminum construction. Built-in concealed cabling system
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Mirror can: - tilt up, down - turn left, right - push it away from yourself or bring it closer to you at 51cm - move vertically to 41cm Thanks to the built-in gas microlift, the mirror can be smoothly and lightly moved up and down within 325mm, as well as fixing the mirror in any intermediate position. Reliable aluminum construction.
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470.00 380.00
Electric shaver Kharkov Made in the USSR Vintage 1960 Vintage razor Soviet retro gadget Device 1960 Electric shaver Soviet antiques Gift for man Male accessory Collectible items Vintage souvenir Ukraine The electric shaver Kharkov was made in the Soviet Union. Good old state. Well-groomed, working. A great gift to the collector. Rare model. The size of the box: 15.5 cm - 10 cm - 6 cm (6.1 '-4' -2.4 ') Weight - 500 g. Thank you for visiting my store. Wishing you a Pleasant shopping! Visit my store
Generator negative ion chloride sodium Halogenerator «IONNA» (Microclimate simulator of the hydrochloric mines) Nowadays treatment of the patients, who are suffering with a bronchial asthma, is recognized as highly effective speleotheraphy (when patients stay in hydrochloric mines). The specific microclimate is the basic operating factor, which is created by high concentration of sodium chloride (Halotherapy).Halogenerator «IONNA» (the generator of negative aeroions of sodium chloride) turns the conditions of hospital, sanatorium chambers and premises, the microclimate, which is similar to the hydrochloric mines. The microclimate created by the generator, can be used for complex treatment of the patients, suffering a bronchial asthma as possesses ability to improve bronchial passableness and to sanify the top respiratory ways from relatively pathogenic micro floras (a bacterium of sort Staphylococcus). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Indications for use: Bronchial asthma, asthmatic bronchitis during all periods of illness; Relapsing bronchitis; Acute obstructive bronchitis; Chronic inflammatory diseases of a nasopharynx and the top respiratory tracts; Mucoviscidosis, pulmonary and is pulmonary-intestinal forms in indemnification and subindemnification period. Age restrictions are absent. Contraindications: absolute - are absent; relative - Hypersensitivity to ionized air. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The generator's work is based on reception of highly dispersive aerosol of sodium chloride (the size of parts NaCl is not bigger than 0,4 microns) at passage of an ionized stream, which is warmed up to temperature 55- 60°С, air through a demountable salt cartridge. Depending on the chosen technique, cartridges with sea salt of Black sea (Sacks' hydro-geological mode-operational station), or cartridges with salt of the Solotvinsky deposit from Zakarpatye area of Ukraine can be used. The generator feeds from the network of an alternating current voltage of 220 V +-10 % Power consumption no more than 100 V A (at the included thermal heater). Adjustment air stream: from 5 to 40 m3/h. Adjustment of concentration of ions: from 2*103 to 4*104 ion/sm3. Automatic maintenance to temperature in the heating chamber. Microprocessor management, Digital indication of modes. Overall dimensions: 210х270х240 mm. Weight: 4,5 kg (with a cartridge). Average service life halogenerator - not less than 5 years. Recommendations about using are fulfilled in establishments of Ministry of Health of Ukraine and applied together with "Operation manual" With the Halogenerator sent the warranty for 12 months. Can be used in domestic premises, provided that: - Should not be in the room carpet; - A minimum of lacquered furniture. Test certificate Halogenerator «IONNA» complies with technical requirements of national standard ТУ У 21537844.010-2006 and declared operable. Main technical specifications Voltage and frequency of supply main, V/Hz 220/50 Maximum power consumption, W, no more than 100 Cartridge with NaCl microcrystalline, refined, pcs. - weight, kg - durability, years, not less than 1 1,3±0,2 2 Voltage on ionizator radiator, kW 5÷15 Concentration of negative aerions in 1m. distance from radiator, ions/cm3 2 · 103¸4 · 104 NaCl particle size, µm, not more than 0,5 Ionization area (with concentration of 5K ions/cm3), m2 20 m2 Running time cycle (continuous work), hrs 24 Temperature range in ionization camera, °С +30¸+80 Temperature measurement pitch, °С 5 Accuracy of temperature control in ionization camera, °С +5(-2) Volume of air, passing through cartridge with NaCl, m3/hr 5¸40 Mode indication Light, digital Mode signaling Sound Mode management with saving option Flash-processor Operating temperature of environment, ºС +10+40 Relative humidity, % 60±20 Weight (excl. NaCl cartridge), kg, not more than 4,5 Overall dimensions, mm 210х270х240 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Package contents 1.Halogenerator «IONNA», pcs. 1 2. Cartridge with salt NaCl, pcs. 1 3. Filter gasket «HEMA»-type 4 4. Manual guide 1 5. Four-way screwdriver, dimension-type 3, pcs. 1 6. Fuse link (safety fuse) 1.0 A, pcs. 1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- During transportation, for safety reasons, as well as for mitigation of possible risk of calcification, cartridge filled with NaCl IS NOT INSTALLED. Before starting the device install a cartridge. after 2 years, the salt in the cartridge is getting low-activeFor the good of the generator, it is recommended to replace the salt in the cartridge.Salt can replace yourself. You can also buy a new cartridge from us. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The generator is powered by an AC voltage of 220 V + -10% Power consumption 100 VA. Type of outlet: F it will work without transformer in following countries: To work in USA and others countries must have a transformer: Step Up / Down transformer converts 220-240 volts down to 110-120 Volts or 110-120 volts up to 220-240 volts. We can also buy it and send it to you, but it's individual costs that are not included in the price halogenerators. If you decided to order the transformer from us, please contact us before you purchase halogenerators! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE MAKE PURCHASE, ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE CAREFULLY READ DESCRIPTION!!! Before purchase please contact us! We accept PayPal only. Payments are due within 7 days of auction close. We send very quickly (during 48 hrs from the payment confirmation). We send items worldwide. IN USA, WE SHIP DELIVERY UPS SERVICE!!! 1-4DAYS (free shipping ) We send shipping allways by airmail. We ship to confirmed address. Shipping costs include packaging and logistic costs. Items will be sent by small parcel. For International orders, customs may impose taxes on your purchase prior to delivery, to find out what those rates are, please contact your country's local customs office. We cannot be held responsible for those fees as they are out of our control! Attentional all bidders! We will combine shipping with any other won within 3 days for a reduction in shipping costs! So bid on everything you want to lower shipping costs! We guarantee you complete satisfaction with all ours high quality products. If you receive an item you did not order or if an item you ordered is received damaged or defective, we will refund you the price you paid for it or replace it with identical one. The item should come to the above address within 30 days after you received it. After 30 days we will no longer be responsible and the item won't be taken back! Item for returning must have the original tags and packing, otherwise it won't be accepted. Payments are due within 7 days of auction close. If you don’t pay within this time We will start a case for non-paying winner and if dispute will be not solved, the item will be put on eBay again and the non-paying winner will be punished.
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BDSM Paddle Leather bdsm Slapper daddys girl bdsm Flogger Submissive DDLG bdsm fetish BDSM Whip Spanking paddle Adult toys Femdom Spiked Dual sided: Spiked and clean. Size: Length 30cm (11.8") We need 1-3 days for production and send. We can ship it via express shipping. US and UK may select it in the cart. Other please ask us for terms and price. You can find more necklaces here: Thank you for your interest.
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BRAND NEW ELECTRO STIMULATOR DENAS - COMPLEX  + FREE GIFT LATEST most advanced model   XXI century medicine   Description DENAS complex - a new stage of development of physical therapy, which will achieve the maximum level of comfort and ease of use. The machine is equipped with 16 operating modes, 53 automated treatment programs and the "Screening" program. It implements all the regimes ever used in the DENAS device and includes all frequencies. Built regimes and treatment programs can be fully focused on the treatment, which is geared to long-term tuning of the machine. Menu "Screening" allows several variants of the survey and determine the position of the latent trigger zones. Now you can work more efficiently, paying more attention to yourself or to the patient. 16 new treatment MODES 53 NEW automated program   DENAS COMPLEX - an expert in the field of DENS therapy. Universal Machine is equipped with a range of treatment programs for first aid treatment and course of common diseases and symptoms. The device can be used for a long time without addiction and impact reduction in the treatment of pain, movement disorders, recovery from injury, surgery. By the possibility of creating individual treatment schemes. DiaDENS devices represent the latest development in non-invasive, high-performance medical technology for implementing a cutaneous procedure in electron therapy. They combine the diagnostic possibilities of the DENAS device with the full method. The basis of this therapy is a neuro-like, dynamically altered impulse, unique to the particular state of an organism       16 regimes 1.0 ... 9.9 MHz in steps of 0.1 Hz, 200 Hz, 140 Hz, 77 Hz, 60 Hz, 20 Hz, 10 Hz, tightening, relaxation, universal anesthesia, rapid pain relief, eye fatigue , treatment of vision, runny nose, allergies, myostimulation. 53 automated treatment programs - Musculoskeletal: joint pain; Joint stiffness; Violation of posture, scoliosis; Flat feet; - nervous system: headache; Dizziness; pain in the ass; Back pain; trigeminal neuralgia; Neuropathy of the facial nerve; Movement disorders; Sensory disturbances; Beck disease; meteozavisimost; Insomnia; Malfunction; Speech problems; - digestive: abdominal pain and indigestion; Constipation, flatulence; Diarrhea; - Health: pain; prostatitis; Inflammatory diseases; Erectile dysfunction; - Women's health: pain; Inflammatory diseases; Dysmenorrhea, infertility; Menopause; - Government circulation: arterial hypertension; Hypotension; Venous diseases; Heart disease; - urinary organs: inflammatory diseases; Violation of urination; - The vision: visual fatigue; Myopia, hyperopia, retinal damage, optic nerve; Cataract, glaucoma; - breath: coughing, retching, shortness of breath; - ENT: runny nose, stuffy nose; Pain; Middle ear infection, sinusitis; Hearing loss, ringing in the ears; - Skin: allergies; Skin diseases; - endocrine: hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism; Diabetes; - toothache; Periodontitis, periodontitis; - injuries: soft tissue; Bone fracture; Burns, frostbite; .. application For the first time - all information presented on a large color screen! For each program, and the recommended mode zone and recommended stimulation electrodes therapy session duration and intensity of the electrical pulse. Setting and selecting the parameters with the rotary knob or the buttons. Device DENAS has no built-in electrodes complex, but the kit includes all known jib electrodes. For the proper conduct of procedures on the device DENAS complex, as well as to determine the optimal combination with other treatments, you must read the instructions for use and consult with a specialist. We have everything that is intended to make the work of a physiotherapist as comfortable as possible! The kit contains: Device DENAS Complex Manual power supply Set remote electrodes massage "DENAS massage" (2 pcs comb and FACE) Electrode removed therapeutic point Remote therapeutic electrode DENAS GLASES Therapeutic remote electrode for DENAS-FEET-reflex Set Remote Zone Electrodes DENAS Applicators (3 pcs) Wearer DENAS Complex and work outside the home or clinic kit includes a practical carrying case.   The two-field electro-neuroadaptive stimulator (DENAS-PCM) was developed as a result of clinical trials and pilot tests in clinics of Moscow and Ekaterinburg. Modified data allow the device to improve the efficiency of the result and
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Nevoton Ak 201 beauty device pigment stains bleach Dry and oily skin care NEW   Nevoton Ak 201 beauty device pigment stains bleach Dry and oily skin care NEW Indications for use: Galvanic Facial Cleansing Iontophoresis, improves skin elasticity Removal of rosacea (spider veins capillary) Softening and scar removal Removal of small and large significant smoothing wrinkles Bleaching of pigment spots for dry and oily skin care rosacea Treatment Contraindications: - Acute infectious diseases and fevers of unknown etiology; - Decompensation of cardiovascular disease and other serious physical illness; - Malignant neoplasms; - The presence of an implanted pacemaker; - Individual intolerance of the current; - Systemic blood diseases; - Bleeding and a tendency to bleeding; - Skin rashes, eczema; - Sensitivity of teeth, chronic periodontitis, cysts, granulomas teeth; - Diseases of the thyroid gland; - Cysts and neoplastic breast disease; - The presence of gold thread; Specifications: Supply voltage 9 V; exposure modes: Iontophoresis (constant galvanic current) Lifting (low-frequency pulse current) The voltage at the electrode in the dc mode - no more than 42; The voltage on the electrode in a pulse mode, no more - (+50/50) B; pulse type - Bipolar; Pulse duration - 1000 ms; Pulse repetition rate - from 10 to 50 Hz; Operating mode intermittent - 25 min. work / 5 min. break Overall dimensions - 87x118x30 mm; vehicle weight without battery, not more - 160 g Supply Voltage: 220 volt European standard electric plug.  In the USA, Japan, UK should be used with adapter. 
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