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They can be used with DENAS, COSMODIC and other devices. 

Surprisingly, but the  most powerful and the effects of a deep penetrating electrode turned out -  schungite plates 1x5x10 sm. The effect is achieved due to  the masses, and  the biggest area .


Here is first feedbacks for this  electrodes

They are the most powerful thing I have experienced  since buying the denas.
They seem to run circuits of energy through the body and around the body
in a powerful way. Energy goes everywhere,and they work very deeply!
Thanks again.. /Alex/


I use since May , before tried almost all  electrodes DENAS and COSMODIC better-nothing. Conductivity, despite the large  size of most paradoxical. Feelings have heard at work DENAS units / screen /.  Thank you very much for your creative work! /Irina/


An important feature of shungit.
Shungit conducts current. As a result, many studies have established that the  stone structures the molecules of water environment. For this reason, DENAS signal when exposed to the human body is much softer and the "depth" and  "wider".
Electrodes Shungite allow to reach very soft deep impact. They are very  convenient for processing large surfaces (back, legs) and surfaces with a  complex "relief" (face, neck, joints, fingers).


You Can choose a port for your device. 


Given that the Karelian healing stone shungite is conductive electrodes of it can be used effectively with a variety of physical therapycosmetology and massage appliances. Need them only connect the appropriate connector for interfacing with your machine.

Shungit - a unique natural mineral, environmentally friendly, containing more than 20 beneficial to the human body trace elements, including silicon and carbon in the active globular form with a sorptioncatalytic and antibacterial properties, anti-inflammatory, analgesic effecttreats skin and joint disease.

We have a new exciting addition to  our array of remote DENAS and COSMODIC attachments – remote electrodes made out  of SHUNGITE, a Russian miracle stone.

Shungite is a natural mineral of unusual composition and structure, an ancient  rock formation that is said to be 2 billion years old. It is extracted only in  Russian region of Karelia and has unique healing and purifying properties.

“Shungite cures, rescues, purifies, heals, protects, normalizes, restores and  even stimulates the growth. Amazing rock: it kills and devours anything that  harms people and other living beings, and concentrates and restores all that is  good. The scholars who have studied shungite in one voice declare, it is a  miracle!” From the book by A. Doronina “Shungite – the stone-savior”

Shungite receives its healing power  from one of its elements, fullerenes – a globular hollow molecule consisting of  several dozens of carbon atoms. Fullerenes, getting in our body, behave as the  most powerful and most long-acting antioxidant. When fullerenes were discovered  in shungite a few decades ago, it became a sensation.
The importance of this discovery is that until that time, scientists were aware  only of three modifications of carbon – diamond, graphite and carbyne. The new  molecule shows amazing healing properties. It slows down the growth of cancer  cells, and substances from fullerenes can slow down the activity of the AIDS  virus. The discovery of the fullerene was a real breakthrough in nanotechnology  and was declared a sensation of the 20th century. The scientists who have made  it received the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1996.

Shungite is:

  • shungite spheres on the facea natural  antioxidant that can increase human immunity many folds and suppress the  development of many allergic diseases;

  • a sorbent, purifying air and water from  many organic and inorganic compounds and from excess of free radicals;

  • a catalyst, which ensures decomposition  of organic substances and restoration of the sorption properties;

  • a carrier of wide range of microelements  and biologically active substances;

  • a material actively interacting with  electromagnetic fields of harmful nature (anthropogenic high-frequency,  solar, geopathogenic, biofields) and neutralizing their negative impact;

  • and on top of that, despite the fact that  it is a stone, shungite is extremely electro-conductive!


Remote shungite electrodes  specifically designed for DENAS and COSMODIC devices are now being manufactured  in Europe with patented proprietary technology.

Unfortunately, shungite is a really difficult stone to work with, due to its  fragility. The manufacturing process results in a lot of wasted material (see  the picture on the left). As a result of that (and of the uniqueness of the  stone as such), the electrodes turn out pretty pricy – but THEY ARE WORTH IT!

Why are the shungite electrodes so  expensive?
There are several reasons. First of all, because shungite is a rare mineral.  Second of all, because it is very fragile and a lot of material is wasted before  one electrode is made. And third, only the quality shungite is high-priced.

Let me explain the last sentence. The unique qualities of shungite depend on the  concentration of fullerines in it, and this varies quite a bit. The higher the  concentration the more “healing” is shungite, the more fragile, and the more  expensive. The highest quality shungite is called “elite”, and it is very rare,  because the natural resources of it are practically depleted.

Keep the above in mind when you are weighing pros and cons of buying cheaper vs  more expensive shungite electrodes. The good deal here may not be the cheap one.



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  BRAND NEW ELECTROSTIMULATOR "DiaDENS COSMO"   XXI  centure medicine and BEAUTY   XXI century medicine   D e s c r i p t i o n It is no secret that facial skin loses its attractiveness with age. This process is aggravated by adverse environmental conditions, which directly or indirectly effect open skin areas, drying them, causing pigment spot formation, exfoliation, wrinkle formation and poor elasticity of skin. And if it is impossible to stop time, protection of the skin and reduction of the effects of constant environmental exposure to the skin is within the power of modern cosmetology.   The DiaDENS-Cosmo effects are based on weak current (microcurrents) exposure to the skin, which results in restoration of muscle and vessel tone, improvement of microcirculation processes, normalization of skin nutrition and, as a consequence, activation of all metabolic processes, which, in its turn, causes skin rejuvenation whereby the skin looks fresh and attractive again. DiaDENS-Cosmo microcurrents effect the facial skin through an electrode mask with a current conductive coating. To ensure steady and quality exposure of microcurrents and to improve cosmetic effect, one of the specially formulated beauty masks should be applied to the skin under the electrode mask.   The following four types of beauty masks are formulated for application with the DiaDENS-Cosmo: — Nutritional mask with oceanic fish roe extract – for application in the ‘Nutrition’ mode of the device. Promotes moisturizing and nutrition of the skin, prevents its premature aging. — Nutritional mask with swallow’s nest extract - for application in the ‘Nutrition’ mode of the device. Shows whitening, nutritional and rejuvenating effect in the skin. Enzymes of this mask softly peel cellular debris off the skin surface, smoothing it out. — Moisturizing and purifying mask - for application in the ‘Nutrition’ mode of the device. Softens the skin epilayer, promotes pore contraction and prevents inflammation through its antibacterial properties. — Napkin mask – for application in the ‘Lymphodrainage’ mode. Before application the mask is to be dampened with a saline solution (0.9% NaCl solution) or 1% solution of Carlsbad salt. The DiaDENS-Cosmo should be fastened to the hand and connected by a cable to the electrode mask. DiaDENS-Cosmo has two modes of exposure – ‘Nutrition’ and ‘Lymphodrainage’. The use of the ‘Nutrition’ mode: - activates the skin’s metabolic processes; - stimulates production of collagen and elastin by cells; - enhances the effect of the active ingredients of a beauty mask; and - makes the skin look fresh and healthy. The ‘Nutrition’ mode can be used both for prompt achievement of cosmetic effect and for a continual preventive skin treatment. The use of the ‘Lymphodrainage’ mode: - alleviates puffiness and pastosity of the facial skin; - enhances microcirculation processes; - lifts the facial contours through enhancement of skin elasticity and strengthening of face muscles. Specifications of the DiaDENS-Cosmo: Power supply - LR6/AA battery – 2 pcs. Pulse repetition frequency: – in the ‘Nutrition’ mode – 100Hz; – in the ‘Lymphodrainage’ mode – 50 & 100Hz. Weight of the device—less than 0.3 kg. Dimensions: 300x100x35 mm.    Integration: DiaDENS device with a cuff electrode 1 pcs Electrode mask* 1 pcs Cable * 1 pcs ‘Nutritional and purifying’ ‘DiaDENS-Cosmo beauty mask 6 pcs Cuff extension 1 pcs Operating Manual 1 pcs Battery 2 pcs * you can order many additional masks and accessories from us for this device WHOLESALE buyers are Welcome! We have wholesale quantity of this items for you   Thanks  and good luck!   ATTENTION FOR VERO AGENTS  ALL TEXTS IN THIS LISTING HAVE BELONG ONLY "DENAS MC" CORPORATION AND NO ANY OTHER SELLERs ON EBAY   CERTIFICATIONS: DENAS is certified by the Russian Ministry of Health both for home application by non-specialists, and for clinical application by specialists with special medical training (Certificate of Registration of the Ministry of Health #29/23 020 701/2051/ 01 dated December 6, 2001). "DENAS" is included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG)   ARTG Number:   169570    The apparatus also has international certificates:   mdc medical device certification GmbH Kriegerstraße 6 70191 Stuttgart, Germany for DENAS and DiaDENS devices   Copyright © 2003-2004  "DENAS MC" Corporation  Distributor  # 225314 We are an  official distributor of Denas MS Corporation with own ID  225314 We  guarantee full customer support and best prices  for all production by DenasMS Corp®.    HERE is FAQ: 1) Are all manuals and videos in english? Yes all manuals videos and BOOKS in english 2) What type of product support do you offer? We offer 1 year full manufacturer warranty.   The items will be shipped on second - third day after payment by registered priority airmail. Delivery typically takes 10 to 14 days (about a week for Europe). If you want to use other methods of shipment email to me. ALL international buyers are Welcome!   The shipping is flat for all world:   FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE  WE WILL COMBINE MULTIPLE WINS TO SAVE ON SHIPPING Guarantee of qualitative packing 30 days guarantee:   We guarantee you complete satisfaction with all my products. If you receive an item you did not order or if an item you ordered is received damaged or defective.  We will refund you the price you paid for it or replace it with identical one. We accept returns in U.S.A. Item for returning must have the original tags and packing, otherwise it won't be accepted.   Thanks and good luck!  
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Acupressure AMBER INSOLES   Acupressure  INSOLES ''ROSA'' The composition of insoles "Rosa" includes the  following components: myrrh, alfalfa extract, oak leaf, clover, rose essential oil. Healing properties: Insoles have a common  harmonizing preventive and therapeutic effects on the body. Rose essential oil enhances alertness, relieves  spasms of cerebral vessels, relieves migraine headache, weakness, dizziness. Indications: *adaptation to climatic conditions; *depression, neuroses; *bronchial asthma; *insomnia, menopause; *atherosclerosis; *cholecystitis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, gall and  kidney stones disease; * osteochondrosis. INSOLES in sneakers - it's a miracle! Useful - one))) In summer, when the foot sweats - just a nice coffee and herbal flavor. The fact that the extracts from the meadow grass merged with a transparent  polymer and insoles brown - the color of the extracts. Insoles of bioplastics has antibacterial properties - bacteria emits a foul odor,  killed. Let stop sweating, but it does not stink))) If I'm tired of the foot massage, I flip smooth side and get the same benefit to  the body in a softer impact ... Econika   insoles are made of bioplastics, which includes aromatic resins - frankincense,  myrrh; extracts of meadow grass - alfalfa, chamomile, oak leaves, yarrow,  melilot, clover; essential oils of rose, sage, etc. Insoles Econika lead to the harmonization of all organs and body systems:  improve immune protection, regulate energy balance. To live in harmony with nature - the best protection against disease! Remember how good you felt after walking barefoot on the meadow. Contact with  the ground is always a beneficial effect on human health. The structure of the insoles and the Earth's surface has a similar lyotropic  inclusion plant (Gr. 1uo- dissolve; trope - turn, turn), lyotropic state has  always existed in nature, and it is actively used for self improvement. Putting insoles in shoes, you have to constantly walk "across the meadow" or "fallen  leaves" in the forest and at the same time feel the healing aromas of plants. For the first time succeeded in combining artificial materials with natural  vegetable raw materials. In such a combination of medicinal plants began to  operate a totally different way. They not only neutralize the negative  properties of synthetic polymers, but also give them a recreational and  therapeutic activities. Insoles Econika embodied the achievements of Chinese and Tibetan medicine, as  well as knowledge of ancient healers, so they were showed the best properties of  massage and energy insoles. Thus, they can be worn upper (massage) and the lower  side. Power action with the same. Extracts of medicinal herbs meadow - a biologically active part of insoles. Use  the insoles, the healing power of plants affects the active area of ​​the  internal organs through the energy meridians that govern the body's vital energy,  which focus on the feet. This herbal compound suppresses alien microbes, fungi and microbes. Medicinal  herbs have anti-inflammatory, healing, resolve, cough and stimulating, antitoxic  properties. For us it is very valuable that the healing properties are beginning to manifest  itself in the first days of use of insoles. Of course, different people -  different, but in all cases there is improvement due to activation of metabolic  processes in the body and cleansing of toxins, toxins and excess salt, and this  results in an adjustment of the biofield, improve immune protection and energy  balance. How to use: Cut the insoles to your size and Insert them  into shoes, slippers or simply use them without shoes. It is recommended to  periodically wash the insoles with a soap solution. Insoles can be worn upper  (massage) and the lower side. This is  like you have  own doctor at home  !   WHOLESALE buyers are Welcome! We have wholesale quantity of this items for you      
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The device of complex therapy EL The device of complex therapy ELITON Description ELITON has a tremendous treatment potential. We present to your attention an effective remedy to combat a wide range of  diseases, modern physiotherapy device ELITON, designed specifically for self-use  in the home. Due to its device, the medical device ELITON has the widest  treatment possibilities, since it is able to exert a complex effect on the human  body. Our online store presents you with robust, comfortable and compact ELITON  devices, whose spectrum of action includes the generation of several types of  radiation at once, which have a diverse effect on the state of organs and  tissues of the human body, including: Low frequency pulse current Pulsed electromagnetic oscillations of low intensity Infrared radiation Ultraviolet radiation Mechanical sound wave oscillations All this provides ample opportunities for the treatment of  various diseases, while the control of the ELITON device allows ordinary users,  without special medical education, to customize the device independently. In  addition to alleviating the condition in various diseases, the ELITON device can  be used as a prophylactic agent for improving body resistance, as well as for  acupressure on biologically active points - electroacupuncture reflexotherapy,  using special electrodes that are included in the product package. In our store  you can at an affordable price buy original ELITON devices with the capabilities  of quantum, vibro-acoustic, electro-puncture, electromagnetic effects on the  body, the use of which will allow you to cure the widest range of diseases at  home, as well as provide invaluable support to your immunity.   ** Effective in treatment: ** - hypertension, angina pectoris, heart failure. - chronic and acute bronchitis, bronchial asthma. - obesity, headache, neurosis, encephalopathy, Raynaud's syndrome. - gastritis, ulcers, intestinal dyskinesia. - cystitis, pyelonephritis. - dermatitis, urticaria. - osteochondrosis, osteoarthrosis, arthritis. - post-traumatic syndromes, after fractures, complex operations related to  trauma. How to treat? Affects the skin with light and vibrational vibrations. The treatment involves low-frequency currents (as in the offices of  electrotherapy clinics), thermal effects, electromagnetic oscillations. The impact of the device on the nerve endings of skin cells and acupuncture  points. According to eastern medicine, each acupuncture point has its own organ. What result? Among 147 patients who used the device, 85% had a cardiac spasm and a heaviness  in the heart. With daily use, 71% of patients got rid of insomnia, 78% had a general  irritability. The device increases the body's defenses, is relevant during recovery and during  off-season periods. With daily use, relieves pain in muscles and joints, eliminates hemorrhage,  swelling. Restores the lumen of blood vessels in otosclerosis and atherosclerosis. Regulates and normalizes metabolic processes in the body, eliminates the effects  of obesity, which leads to natural healing. Relieves spasms of different origin: intestinal colic, recurrent pain in women,  headache and toothache, thereby reducing the negative impact on the body of  traditional medicines ... Relieves spasms during an attack of bronchial asthma. Stimulates cleansing of the skin, liver and bile ducts. Regulates the liver and  biliary tract. Normalizes blood pressure. "Eliton" is used to enhance the effect in the treatment of traditional methods. Contraindications - Oncological diseases - Pulmonary tuberculosis (active form) - Myocardial infarction (acute period) - Cyst (to affect the area of ​​cyst formation) - Pregnancy - The presence of an implanted pacemaker - Severe renal failure FREE SHIPPING  WORLDWIDE  Thanks and good  luck!
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                                                MIT-11  ULTRASOUND MAGNETIC MICRODERMABRAZY                                                                          VIBRO THERAPY  DEVICE                                                                             REJUVENATION  THERAPY BRAND NEW IN ORIGINAL BOX Device «MIT-11» can carry out the cosmetological procedures with use of low-frequency ultrasound waves and of pulsed magnetic field in a combination with an optical stream of a red and an infra-red (or dark blue) range of spectrum for executing of microdermabrazy and vibro massage.   left on the photo is module for microdermabresing and vibro massage in center is MLT magneticlaser module right is ultrasound module for US pilling US fores it has changeble applicators for different procedures made from titanium The device can do the following procedures: With application of ultrasound waves: ultrasound pilling, the micro polishing of a skin and smoothing of wrinkles, the deep clearing and humidifying of a skin, ultraphonophorezis of a medical materials and creams, lifting and correction of an oval of face, lymph draining, the elimination of kamedons and the normalization of work of sebaceous glands, clarification of pigmentary spots, corrections of weight and treatment of cellulites; With application of a pulsed magnetic field jointly with an optical stream of red and infra-red (or dark blue) range of a spectrum: Removal of hypostases and inflammations of a skin, Increase in sensitivity of a skin to application of creams, Strengthening of creams absorbency and increase of their efficiency; With application of an vibro module: microdermabrazy. vibro massage. Brief characteristics: Working frequency of ultrasound oscillations - 44 kHz. Amplitude of ultrasound oscillations - 2, 3, 4 and 5 microns. The maximal magnetic induction at a surface of the inductor-solenoid - 15 mTl Length of a wave of an optical stream in a red range of a spectrum - 0,67 microns, in infra-red range of spectrum - 0,78 microns (under the additional agreement, inductor of the infra-red range can be replaced on the inductor of dark blue range). The maximal output of an optical stream: in a red range of spectrum - 25 mWt, in an infra-red - 100 mWt. The device provides the fixed change of a magnetic induction at a surface of the inductor - 2; 8; 12; 15 mTl, the output of the optical stream can be set equal to 25, 50, 75 and 100 % from the maximal output. The device provides the setting of modulation frequencies of ultrasound oscillations, of an optical stream and a magnetic field in a range from 0,1 Hz up to 9,9 Hz with step - 0,1 Hz, and in a range from 10 Hz up to 99 Hz with step - 1 Hz. The device has a mode of scanning of modulation frequency in a range from 1 up to 10 Hz and from 10 up to 100 Hz with the period - 10 second. Duration of procedures can be set by the timer of the device within 1 - 99 minutes. Average time between failures - 4000 procedures. Average durability of the device is not less than 5 years. Weight of the electronic bloc is no more than 3 kg.       This is like you have  own doctor at home  !     Suppl y voltage  or Europe Australia and other countries  A С  220 V 50 Hz.+- 15% for USA Canada e.t.c  AC  110V 60Hz +- 15%    Integration: 1.Device. 2.Original factory box. 3.English instruction manual. 4.110V to 220V adapter (for USA Canada and other country customers with 110V ) Special offers for winner! If you purschase this item using Buy It Now, You will obtain discount 5% for any therapy devices in our  store     WHOLESALE buyers are Welcome! We have wholesale quantity of this items for you    FOR MORE MEDICAL DEVICES  VISIT OUR STORE ! Thanks and good luck! HERE IS FAQ: 1) Q: Can this be used with United States  and Canada electric outlets 1 1 0 V-120V ? A: Yes. you will need an adapter   we will provide all our devices with this adapters for free.
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.BOP-01/27 NANEMA IRRADIATOR UV Mercury quartz   The irradiator UV quartz mercury-BOP-0127-NanEMA (BOP-4)  shortwave portable table is designed for local, abdominal irradiation and contact the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx,  tonsils and small areas of the skin with therapeutic and prophylactic purposes ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength range of 230-290 nm in the physiotherapy room. Now becomes a generator of themselves ultra-high frequency feeding mercury-quartz lamp  BPM-1 or PRK-4 - a source of ultraviolet radiation.  High-frequency vibrations produced by the generator are fed to a filter and then output to the lamp, causing it to glow. Unlike similar devices (individual Sunny OUFK-01, a group OUFnu / ENT-1)  Mercury quartz lamps which are powered with a frequency of 50 Hz, MEDPRIBOR BCP-01/27 gives a more selective emission spectrum that provides the best effect of the therapeutic effects. The integrated electronic timer unit length of 1, 2 or 3 minutes. After a specified time,  the irradiation is switched off and a beep sounds. Portability illuminator allows to use it in fizioteravpevticheskih offices hospitals and at home,  as well as the organization of therapeutic procedures in remote or hard-accessible areas. Areas of use: therapy; surgery; psychiatry; pediatrics Exposure to UVR radiation has the following properties: painkillers; anti-inflammatory; desensitizing; It stimulates the immune response; improves the trophism and tissue regeneration The source of radiation: Ultraviolet lamps Mercury quartz BPM-1 (PRK-4) This medical equipment allows for therapeutic sessions for 8 hours in an off  and on operating mode 30 minutes of work and 15 minutes break.  The average life of the appliance is designed on the basis of the operation in this mode. BCP-01/27 should be operated at ambient temperature 10-35 ° C and relative humidity 80% at 25 ° C and atmospheric pressure of 750 ± 30 mm Hg. Art. The set of the irradiator BOP-01/27 are: 3,293,001 apparatus on a suitcase with a lid for carrying emitter head tD 5,097,004 with ultraviolet mercury-quartz lamp BPM-1 steel crank or flexible rack tD6.150.004 for fixing and positioning the head TD6.480.009 screw in a quantity of 2 pieces for fixing the radiator head three tube for intracavitary irradiation: №3 tD6.647.000 for tonsils,  №4 tD6.647.001 nose or external auditory canal and №5 tD6.647.002 for throat goggles ZN18-78-B-2 insert fuse (fuse) VPT6-1 (2 pcs) datasheet NA3.293.001 PS SPECIFICATIONS: Voltage (V) 220 + 5% -10% Frequency Hz) 50 Power consumption (in VA) 60 The main oscillator frequency (MHz) 27,12 ± 0,16 Operation mode setup time, no more than (min) 3 The value of the effective irradiance in the spectral range at the output of the emitter head (W / m²) 10 ± 5 Time to failure, not less than (h) 2000 The average service life, not less than (years) 5 Overall dimensions, mm) 310h280h125 Weight (kg) The items will be shipped on second - third day after payment by registered priority airmail. Delivery typically takes 10 to 14 days (about a week for Europe). If you want to use other methods of shipment email to me. ALL international buyers are Welcome!   The  shipping is flat for all world:   FREE SHIPPING  WORLDWIDE  WE WILL COMBINE MULTIPLE WINS TO SAVE ON  SHIPPING Guarantee of qualitative packing 30 days guarantee:   We guarantee you complete satisfaction with all my products. If you receive an item you did not order or if an item you ordered is received damaged or defective.  We will refund you the price you paid for it or replace it with identical one.  We accept returns in U.S.A. Item for returning must have the original tags and packing, otherwise it won't be accepted.   Thanks and good luck! Powered by eBay Turbo Lister The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.
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Denas Cardio-3 generation SPECIA Denas   Cardio-3 generation SPECIALIZED UNIT FOR CORRECTION OF BLOOD PRESSURE DENAS SCENAR technology   The device DENAS-Cardio is  designed for therapeutic non-invasive (without breaking the skin) exchange rate  effects on biologically active zones - dynamic electric in order to correct the  blood pressure (BP) and the normalization of the general state of the organism.  The device is shown to persons older than 14 years with a labile form of  arterial hypertension and patients with persistent high blood pressure (hypertension)  as an additional impact on the background of drugs taken. Electrical apparatus  DENAS Cardio helps to normalize the tone of the vascular wall, the expansion of  capillaries, improve hemodynamics in the microcirculation system. In this way: -  stabilizes blood pressure to an acceptable level for the patient; - Improves  overall health; - Improve the psycho-emotional state; - Increased efficiency; -  Reduced risk of developing complications of hypertensive disease; - Improving  the quality of life of the patient. Denas Cardio device is designed for a course  of treatment of patients with hypertension as a complementary treatment to the  background of the basic drug therapy. In exchange application Denas Cardio  device stabilizes blood pressure, improves overall health, which leads to lower  drug load. In addition, regular use of the machine - is prevention of  hypertensive crises, life-threatening complications and the possibility of  extending the lives of patients. The device is very easy to use, it is equipped  with an informative display with large icons, a wide and soft collar for fixing  the wrist and shin, a case for storage and transportation. application Denas Cardio has two automated treatment programs that are intended to affect  the area of ​​biologically active points on the forearm (program number 1) and  the tibia (program number 2). According to the program number 1 is carried out on the impact of biologically  active point-guan it on the inner surface of the wrist (3 cm from the  radiocarpal fold). Stimulation of her weak-guan pulse current, which produces  Denas Cardio, has sedative, anti-stress effect, by which normal blood pressure.  Before a session in the program number 2 device DENAS-Cardio is put on the foot.  On the inside of the lower leg is biologically active point-san yin jiao, which  adjusts the stimulation of blood pressure due to the normalization of renal  blood flow. One program perfectly complements the other, so to obtain a greater  effect on the session, it is recommended to treat first the program number 1,  then - in the program number 2. To conduct this session you need to change the  location of the unit (with wrist shin) and manually change the treatment program  - with first to second - via the front panel buttons. Programs Denas Cardio can  be used not only together, but separately. Recommendations for use in the course  of exposure: spend 1-2 sessions a day for 10-15 days regardless of blood  pressure before treatment indicators. When a stable form of hypertension repeat  courses monthly. There are contraindications. For proper devices DENS procedures,  as well as to determine the optimum combination with other treatments is  required to read the instructions for use and consult with a specialist. DENAS-Cardio. application   Characteristics The kit includes: - Apparatus DENAS-Cardio, - manual, - Plastic case, - Elements LR6 / AA batteries. Specifications: Power supply: 1.5 V LR6 / AA (2 pcs.) Weight: 0.35 kg Dimensions: 120 × 110 × 110 mm The programs Denas Cardio device used frequency of 9.2; 8.1; 3.3; 77; 20; 10 Hz,  which is traditionally recommended for the treatment of hypertension, blood  pressure correction and obtain general sedative, calming effect.    
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I am very satisfied with this seller. He had patience with me and patiently answered all my questions. Everything was done to the max and the delivery to Europe was very fast.
Excellent product, good communications, fast shipment! thank you, will buy again
Order was in good shape when it came in. Included paper manual is in Russian but electronic version is in English and unit was programmed to English. Attachments were as ordered and were in good shape. It took just over 5 weeks from ordering to arrival, but given the significant challenges the country is in, this is realistic. Seller was responsive to questions. Had to pay extra shipping here given the current challengs.
The Seller was friendly and cooperative and my order eventually made it through. Shipping for the order leaving the Ukraine was substantially delayed, probably due to the war. Ordered 22 Apr; shipped Apr 26, processed April 29, finally processed by mail destination in Kiev May 27, finally received June 9. The order was as expected other than the add saying it would include an English manual and Practical Guide and that was not what arrived, and I was not notified of the change. Hence the 4 star rather than 5 star rating. The manual that was received is in Russian not English, and no practical guide was included. I suspect that the seller is doing his best under extremely challenging circumstances and shipping delays due to the postal service are outside his control.
pretty good and excellent considering the circumstances.
may we all live in uninteresting times

go well
Great fast service!
Everything was OK, thank you!
great service, they went out of their way to expedite shipping to me. Highly recommended group of people to deal with. A++

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We always ship parcels with a tracking number. We will update you on the tracking number once your order has been prepared and shipped.

Usually delivery takes between one a half and four weeks.

Please note that delivery times may vary depending on your location and customs clearance, so we cannot guarantee the exact time of arrival.

Here are the approximate delivery times:

- USA: 1.5 - 2.5 weeks

- Canada: 2-3 weeks

- Europe: 1-2 weeks

- Australia: 2-3 weeks (sometimes longer, depending on Australian customs)

- The rest of the world: 2-3 weeks

Delivery method

We ship all the parcels from Ukraine (from our logistics centers in Kyiv and Chernivtsi) via international services (FedEx, UPS) in two stages. 

First a parcel is sent by express delivery service to Europe, and then, it is shipped by air mail to the United States, Canada or Europe. 

You can see the movement of the parcel by a tracking number only in the second stage - 4-6 days after sending your order from our center. We estimate the delivery time to 12-18 days.

Express delivery is available only on individual request. Please contact us if you need Express delivery before placing an order so we can update shipping options.

Customs duties and taxes

Customers are responsible for any fees, taxes and duties related to delivery and ordering products to their country of destination.


Your order will arrive in a safe cardboard box, with due packaging and protection from damage.

Refunds and Exchanges

I want my clients to be happy, so let me know if you have any problems.

If you are not satisfied with your items / service for any reason, please contact me with the problem before leaving a feedback.