"Irish Laces" Part 4 "Flowers and Leaves" Duplet magazine Special Release

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The print edition A4 format, weighing 0.5 kg, contains 276 pages.

Educational and practical manual on crocheting flowers and leaves in Irish lace technique.

This technique bases in knitting a certain number of motifs in the form of flowers, leaves, grass or geometric motifs. Further, the motifs are collected in the canvas or arbitrarily placed on the canvas.

Products related to this technique are like works of art, they are always unique. The result will exceed all your expectations, despite the complexity of implementation.

The issue is saturated with unique authoring developments, schemes, patterns, master classes by the crochet masters from Ukraine. Photos of vintage lace from world literature were used as ideas for their creation. Among them: the patterns of tablecloths, napkins, collars, etc. But, the major task in this issue, was re-created the natural elements, such: leaves, flowers, plants in crochet.

Printed in Russian. All schemes are linked to internationally accepted symbols.


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