"Continuous crochet patterns" part 1 Duplet magazine Special Release

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Printed edition with soft cover A4 format, weighing 360 grams, number of pages - 192, text in Russian.

All schemes are linked to internationally accepted symbols.

Crochet fabrics without tearing the thread.

21 master classes, 285 patterns. The development of the most experienced crochet masters. Three-row motifs in an openwork canvas, regular motifs, floral motifs. Cloths of small floral, the same type and octagonal motifs. Lacy canvases of hexagonal and square motifs, with complex patterns. Openwork canvases of hexagonal and round rosettes, square and octagonal motifs. Step-by-step execution of the canvas from squares and patterns. Corners in a seamless crocheted fabric. Grid of floral motifs. Crochet openwork square motifs. Original mesh. Openwork three-row squares. Technique of corn grain. Dense rings with a checkerboard linear arrangement in an openwork canvas. Intersecting six-, eight-, twelve-angles and canvases of them. Floral canvas of identical triangles. Intersecting regular motifs. Floral canvas and straight and beveled edges. Intersecting circles of multi-row "cones". Composite lace. Connecting motifs in the form of a "bug".

This special edition contains the most popular patterns, previously knit by individual motifs, which had to be stitched to produce linen, which took a lot of time. Detailed patterns of knitting such patterns are given in one piece at a time, which saves time and effort for more creative work.


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