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Printed edition with soft cover A4 format, weighing 360 grams, number of pages - 200, text in Russian.

All schemes are linked to internationally accepted symbols.

Bruge lace - crochet technique, which originates in Bruge (Belgium). In essence, these are bobbin patterns that are crocheted. Special issue “Bruge laces” are dedicated to learn and practic of these technique. There are many diagrams and descriptions of the basic crocheting of Bruge laces in this edition. Also, here are a lot of developments of new patterns and methods of knitting fabrics continuously, that is, without breaking the thread.

The series of special issues with such a name is devoted to the technique of Bruge (Brussel) laces, which involves the formation of a complex pattern of the canvas through a cord (strap) from a certain number of high columns in the row and the presence of side arches on both sides, with the help of which the adjacent ribbons are interconnected.

The editions are full of author's drawings of Ukrainian craftsmen, the initial impulse for which in many cases were photographs of lace, taken from a variety of sources. Those of the craftsmen who have reached a certain level of professionalism, were based on the development of new drawings on the elements of patterns of tablecloths, napkins, etc., presented in world literature. And the most experienced were guided in their work on the drawings of lace fabrics woven on the quilts, since historically the Brugge lace developed on the basis of the bobbin lace.


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