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Printed edition with soft cover A4 format, weighing 420 grams, number of pages - 224, text in Russian.

All schemes are linked to internationally accepted symbols.

Bruge lace - crochet technique, which originates in Bruge (Belgium). In essence, these are bobbin patterns that are crocheted. Special issue “Bruge laces” are dedicated to learn and practic of these technique. There are many diagrams and descriptions of the basic crocheting of Bruge laces in this edition. Also, here are a lot of developments of new patterns and methods of knitting fabrics continuously, that is, without breaking the thread.

Patterns combining tight and lace braid.

Openwork border for round cape.

Original firmware, made on the basis of fragments of napkins.

Crocheted Butterflies .

Ideas for tops - ways making lace braid.

Finishing border.

Round, triangular and polygonal motifs based on Bruge braid.

Author's layouts of lace collars, coquette and pelerine.

Variants of assembled canvases from round motifs with braid.

And this is only a small part of the material that is placed in this issue!


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