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Crochet knitted Slippers shoes yarn, mens Slippers warm socks Slippers, knit Slippers,knitted Slippers men women children various colors double thick knit
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The original bag in ethnic style, Bohemian style.Backpack,purse,bag. Practical convenient original In the presence of 3 pieces of each model. If you buy 2 pieces the shipping cost for one Wonderful holiday gift for people of any age
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Cardigans will hardly ever lose its relevance, because it is almost universal variant light outerwear, and perfectly matching with a romantic dress, and sporting with jeans and with business pants. It brings comfort, but it may "sound" the same as the other parts of the ensemble, adapting to them. Now this model is in my shop To order any color. Woolen cardigan associated spokes.The size of oversize.Length 75cm under the order varied according to the customer ,the period of performance under the order of 2 weeks. Made to Order Model another color - MANY YEARS of KNITTING EXPERIENCE - HUNDREDS of SATISFIED CUSTOMERS. - PREMIUM QUALITY YARNS - ORDER WILL BE DONE IN 1-2 WEEKS. - ANY SIZE and ANY COLOR.(SEE PICTURES) If You have a photo or drawing of the item that You dream of, We will knit it.
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set of sewing accessories