A miniature figurine of a girl with a cat is a wonderful gift for a cat lover, a tea figurine.

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Figurine height 2.20 in, width 2.44 in.  A very interesting figurine. I call her Geisha with a cat. Sometimes you are going to blind one thing, it turns out completely different. So it happened with this figure.

This girl is a cat lover. She is gentle and charming.  I think everyone can put their own meaning into the figure.

The girl with the cat is made of clay, covered with engobe and the details are highlighted with black glaze. All materials from which the figurine is made are natural and safe. The product is not afraid of water, but it does not need to be washed in the dishwasher. The figure is very cute, but fragile.

The girl figurine will be well packed in a designer box. You will also receive a product passport as a gift (a sketch of a girl drawn by me).

 Thank you for your interest in my products. I will be glad to see you again in the Terracotta GRYF workshop.

Best wishes, Igor (author and craftsman).



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