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LED lamp Amphisbaena V3 on a clamp

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  • Hi! We are from Ukraine.
  • We have been engaged in the production of LED rings for 4 years.
  • Each product is made by hand.
  • Our main website
  • See reviews and photos on Instagram @paziuk_led_ring

What does Amphisbaena mean?

Amphisbaena - in Greek mythology, this is a huge two-headed snake with eyes shining like candles and a hot body that melts snow.

What's new in V3 lamp version?

Amphisbaena V3 is the third version of the lamp. In version 3, the changes affected primarily the luminous ceilings, which have completely changed. Let me remind you that the problem of Amphisbain V1 and V2 lamps was in heavy wide shades, the weight of which was very difficult for goose necks to hold. As some customers responded, sometimes over time it happened that the lamp itself slowly lowered onto the client’s head. Even in older versions, it happened that with a strong pressure on the diffuser glass, it could fall inside.Lampa-Amfisbena-V2-300x252.jpg

In the new V3 version, the shades are much lighter and also 8 cm longer. Despite the fact that they have become narrower, the brightness has practically not changed, because due to the presence of cooling fins at the back with a narrower luminous element, we were able to use more powerful LEDs!


  • Two lampshades with rounded diffuser for even softer and more diffused light. The size of the shades is 330 x 35 mm.
  • The power of one ceiling lamp is 17 watts. Total - 34 watts.
  • The lamp has a constant light temperature of 5600 K (daylight), which is ideal for long-term work under light with eye strain. Eyes are less tired with this shade of light. Only the brightness of the lamp is adjustable.
  • The lamp has segments of Premium class LED strip. LED resource - 50,000 hours.
  • The number of LEDs is 222 in one lampshade, 444 in total.
  • The total brightness is about 3500 lm.
  • Flexible 40 cm long goosenecks and movable hinges make it possible to bend, tilt, rotate the lamp to any position independently.
  • The lamp does not give light pulsations, that is, you will not see any dark stripes on the camera and your eyes will not get tired and your head will hurt after a long time.


  • Clamp with aluminum rod - for quick and secure fastening of the lamp to a table or couch.
  • All elements are made of aluminum and steel.
  • Warranty - 6 months.

In box

  1. Double lamp with adjustment block.
  2. Clamp.
  3. Power supply adaptor.
  4. Phone holder - optional (please contact us).

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About us Hi! We are from Ukraine. We have been engaged in the production of LED rings for 4 years. Each product is made by hand. Our main website See reviews and photos on Instagram @paziuk_led_ring Who is suitable for Reportage photographers Wedding, club photographers Videographers (product photography, interview recording) Specifications Manufacturer Oleksandr Paziuk Country of Origin Ukraine Diameter of LED ring 60 cm Body material Anodized aluminum, painted aluminum Color temperature ≈ 5600 K Luminous flux ≈ 7050 Lm Color rendering index (CRI) ≥ 96 LED’s quantity 420 pcs Estimated power 65 W Power supply Built-in li-ion battery 14.4 V, 70 Wh Brightness adjustment Yes (smooth regulation 5…100%) Tripod clamping Optional (contact me) Phone clamping Optional (contact me) Charger adapter included Yes  Net weight 1130 g Features LED ring Energy V3 Shortlist of pros Energy  V 3 vs Energy V1 New frame with T-profile. Visor for LEDs to protect against impacts and increase light efficiency. High color rendering index CRI>95, light temperature 5500 K. Two rows of LEDs. New LED matrices instead of LED strips. Power is 44% higher than Energy V1. The design of the battery has been completely changed, new li-ion elements, reinforced attachment to the handle, aluminum case, rubberized charging plug, heat-resistant wires, power connector. Faster charging in 2 times. More convenient location of the power button. Brightness knob with a switch for reinsurance. A new convenient shape of the brightness knob. The handle and battery are painted black. A cover is available to order (contact us to check availability). Detailed description of LED ring Energy V3 New frame The Energy V3 LED ring is made of aluminum. The frame, where the LEDs are located, has an anodized silver coating, and the handle and battery pack are painted with black polymer paint - this type of painting is the most reliable and wear-resistant, so it will not peel off in a short time. We deliberately did not paint the frame with LEDs for two reasons: The paint layer impairs heat dissipation from the LEDs to the frame, therefore, they can overheat, become dimmer over time and shorten their life. Let me remind you that the frame plays the role of a heatsink for the LEDs. The original anodized finish is much harder than paint and comparable in hardness to glass. This means that scratches on the anode layer will appear much less than on the paint. Protective visor The LED circle now has a new T-section circle profile on which the LEDs are located. Let me remind you that all our previous LED rings had a square in cross section. Why T-profile? – Firstly: it allowed to place two rows of densely spaced LEDs; and secondly: we got a protective shelf for LEDs, which also doubles as a visor. The visor has two functions: Protective "bumper" from impacts on all possible objects on the set. That is, the blow will fall on the protruding visor, and not the LEDs. Often the LED rings of club photographers die prematurely for this very reason. Reflective curtain for outdoor LEDs. It helps to direct forward a small fraction of the side diffused light, which is simply lost. Don't worry, this won't make the light hard, and an extra few percent to the brightness will never be superfluous! LEDs with improved color rendering New professional level LEDs with the highest color rendering index CRI>96. We also have a clear color temperature of 5500 Kelvin, just like on a bright sunny day. With these settings, you'll get rich, natural-looking photos, no green skin tone, no red and magenta dips. 95" width="720" height="667" class="lazyloaded" /> Increased power The Energy V3 LED Ring has 432 LEDs, 65W of power, which is 44% more than the Energy LED Ring of the first version. As always, there are smooth brightness control on board and the absence of harmful flickering (pulsations) of light on camera. New battery The batteries of Energy LED rings first version had a plastic case with a narrow neck, which, as the experience of many photographers shows, brokes upon the first fall. As a result, an unpleasant situation and incredible difficulties with repairs, especially if you are not from Ukraine. The Energy V3 battery has been radically redesigned: The light brightness does not reduce when the battery is discharged! Aluminum body 3 mm thick. Inside Li-ion batteries of 21700 format. Increased resource of charge-discharge cycles up to 2000-6000 cycles. Total battery capacity 70 Wh. The body is assembled with screws, not glue. Everything is easily disassembled, that is - maintainable. Reliable connection with the handle + additional fixation with M3 screws. Heat resistant soft silicone wires. Reliable power connector. The battery level indicator located at the top - it is convenient to check the charge during operation and charging. Faster charging with 2A charger (some times 4A is availeble to order). "What is operating time of battery?" - you will ask. For 1 hour 5 minutes glow continuously at maximum brightness. Naturally, if you are a photographer, you will not constantly walk around with the light ring on. And the maximum brightness is not always needed, which saves battery power. Let's say you spend 2 seconds per shot. In this way, you have enough charge for 1950 shots! Ergonomics Now On/Off and brightness control is carried out without changing the grip of the hand. The controls have become even more convenient. The design is sharpened for the left hand, since you usually have a camera in your right hand. The button has a raised shoulder for quick and easy button locating by touch. An elegant brightness knob made of oversized aluminum ensures smooth rotation and a more accurate dosage of brightness. The entire brightness range from 0 to 100% is adjustable with a single roll of the thumb. Additional safety shutdown on the twist, so that the ring itself does not accidentally turn on when carried by pressing the side button. Also, the construction is designed so that the center of mass is in the grip of the hand - that is, the LED ring is well balanced and you will not need to strain your hand. In box LED ring. Battery 14.4 V, 70 Wh. Charging adaptor. *Case and tripod adapter sold separately (write to me if it is interesting).
About us Hi! We are from Ukraine. We have been engaged in the production of LED rings for 4 years. Each product is made by hand. Our main website See reviews and photos on Instagram  @paziuk_led_ring LED ring diameter 60 cm Frame material Anodized aluminum Light temperature Pure white (≈5600 K) Light flow 7050 lm CRI color rendering index >96 Number of LEDs 420 pcs. Power 65 W Dimer (brightness control) With rotary knob (no ripple to camera) Tripod mount Yes (1/4" thread) Stand/tripod Yes (rack height 85…200 cm with inclined head) Smartphone holder Optional (contact us) Power supply from 220V Yes Net weight 1.7 kg with tripod / 0.75 kg without tripod Features of the ring lamp T-prof Ø60 The T-prof ring lamp is not China production, it is handmade in Ukraine. The lamp is made in the style of minimalism, no unnecessary details. As always, strong and light  anodized aluminum construction  . To break this ring lamp, you need to try hard. New improved  professional grade LEDs with the highest color rendering index CRI>96. The lamp also has a clear color temperature of 5500 Kelvin. With these settings, you will get bright, saturated photos with natural colors. Forget about the green skin of the face! You will always have the correct reproduction of colors at the photo as in sunlight. The T-prof ring lamp  has a new T-section circle profile  on which the LEDs are located. From here, and the prefix T-prof in the name of the lamp. Recall that all previous LED rings had a square in cross section. What is the reason for this design decision? “Firstly, it allowed for two rows of densely spaced LEDs. Secondly: we got a protective shelf for those same LEDs. It also concurrently plays the role of a visor or a reflector of side diffusing light, which is usually lost in vain. All this made it possible to squeeze even more rationally used light out of the ring lamp. A 1/4″ tripod thread is made of steel, located inside a one-piece cast aluminum block. You won't have problems with stripped threads, as is often the case with Chinese plastic ring lamps. As you understand,  the lamp has become very bright  and produces 7050 lumens of luminous flux. This is enough with a margin for all your tasks, even for filming! It makes no sense to compare it by wool with a Chinese factory lamp, since in the latter  the diffuser can eat up to 50% of the light.  Unfortunately no one mentions this in the specs. Smooth brightness control and the  absence of harmful flickering  (pulsations) on the photo and video camera. Heavy duty  metal tilt head  that won't loosen up and your lamp won't spontaneously drop down on your or your client's head.


Thanks a lot for your professional communication.
Product received / very good quality / very nice product. Next order
Ongoing. Thanks a lot again
Dat is 2e ringlicht die ik besteld heb! Erg tevreden ???? beste kwaliteit, snel reageren en snel verzenden!
Alexander, super bedankt ????????
Заказывал в мае 2022 в Германию , 4 недели шла посылка.

Support Service всегда на связи , моментально отвечают по любим вопросам.

Упаковано было очень надёжно и аккуратно и компактно .

В этот же день испробовал в клубе LED кольцо и очень доволен остался.

На 1/4 мощности уже очень ярко светит.
- Удобная рукаятка
- легко по весу
- удобная кнопка вкл/выкл
- аккумулятор даже ни на одно деление не спустился.

Рекомендую на все 100%

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