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Warning: the difficulty level is medium. The tutorial is designed for an experienced beadworker.  THIS IS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, NOT A PHYSICAL ITEM! This is not a patch, this is not an applique. Materials are not included. This is a Digital file! 1.The tutorial includes diagrams step-by-step petals of peony, leaves, and the base on which the flower is collected, and photos of the flower, instructions. 40 pages of tutorial in PDF format, 24 photos, 45 schemes. 2.With the tutorial you will receive my free consultations as well. I would be happy to give you all the support I can give with the process step by step. 3."Electronic goods cannot be exchanged or returned."
Vendor: Rosabead
Кристалл аметиста, покрыт медью, серебром и родием. Частичное покрытие черным рутением. Бог виноделия Бахус однажды обиделся на людей. Те, по своей привычке, совершенно перестали его почитать. Оскорбленный Бахус решил отомстить людям: первый встреченный им человек будет растерзан тиграми. Первой оказалась нимфа Аметист. Она шла в храм богини охоты Дианы. Когда свирепые звери набросились на нежную нимфу, она взмолилась: "О прекрасная богиня Диана, спаси меня!" Тогда Диана превратила Аметист в статую из чистого камня. Увидев это чудо, Бахус пожалел о своей жестокости. Он словно кровь влил в статую виноградное вино, пытаясь оживить нимфу. Но девушка не ожила. Камень лишь изменил цвет и стал багряно-фиолетовым. Материалы: медь, аметист, серебро, родий, рутений Размер: около 5 см
SOLID 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Large Big Medal Round Sword in Nine Rays Star Oxidized Detailed Fine and Faith Jewelry 940 Weight - 5.01 grams. Metal and stamp - 925 Sterling Silver (stamped). Item code - P-940. Dimensions: length (with bail) - 37 mm or 1.45" inches, width (medal diameter) - 23 mm or 0.90" inch. THE PHOTOS ARE ACTUAL - THAT MEANS THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE EXACTLY THE SAME ITEM YOU SEE ON THE PICTURES Feel free to ask any questions or contact us for more photos. Shipping cost is from $9 to $16 for the first item (depending on the dimensions), each additional item + $1. It usually takes 3-4 weeks for a package to arrive. The shipping terms depend on the season and some other reasons (holidays, customs' check, country laws). As a rule, it's faster in summer. 5 weeks are OK for the winter season during the New Year rush.
This is DIGITAL item for instant download No physical item will be posted, only digital download You need to have 3d printer to use this 3d model stl file This digital 3d items was made in ZBrush program. I used Anycubic Photon hobbyist resin printer. Printing Technology: LCD-based SLA Printing. STL file has no color. It gonna be printed in color of resin you use for your 3d printer. You can choose any size you need in settings of your slicer program. You need to make supports for printing item in any slicer program. Items Skull pendant, Skull beads horizontal and vertical holes can be used for bracelets, beads, pendants, earrings. Items Skull (no holes) and Skull and bones can be perfect for miniature dollhouses, rooms and different dioramas. Skull and bones vase can be used as a stand for pencils, pens or even as a flower pot. Each 3d model stl may be downloaded for personal use. You are able to use ready printed objects for your own commercial purposes. Please do not upload exclusive 3d print file anywhere else. Don't share, distribute, sell, rent, host, or transfer digital 3d print file.
Vendor: AridaBJD