Cold enamel Imagic. Enamelling Powder.

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Imagic cold enamels are termosetting melting powder. Cold enamel is good alternative to hot enamels and liquid paints (solvent or waterborn) and can be used in different projects like jewelery, bijouterie, furniture, glass painting, ceramic painting, lead bullets or lures and so on.
Cold enamel may be applied in different ways like sifting over hot or cold part, dip hot part to enamel or applied with help of our special gel that make application of enamel as easy as liquid paint but saving all properties peculiar to cold enamels like durability, scratch and water resistance highest adhesion to most surfaces. After the application cold enamel necessary to be baked in regular kitchen oven with temp 125C-35 min (if your item heat sensetive) or 150-180C for 10min for regular metal items.
Imagic offer wide range of cold enamel colors and effects as well special gel for application and fixing.
We offer cold enamel in
- standard opaque colors;
- trasparent colors and clear coat;
- metallics & pearlescence colors;
- matte colors.

The pots hold 12g of powder.

Item is covered in powder and then placed in oven for 3 to 5 minutes.

The instruction are pretty basic;.
Imagic enameling powders are fired at just 150º, so there is no need for a specialist kiln. They can be placed in your home oven. Cold enamel can be used on a wide range of surfaces including polymer clay,wood, porcelain, glass, metal, stone, ceramic or any surface that can be fired at 150º. Time is not long once it gets to the right temperature before it melts and OK to cool.

It is based on plastic but the end result looks like the real glass enamelling.

Evailable to range colors:

000 Crystal transparent
00/1 Brilliant transparent
00/2 Matte transparent
001 Ivory
002 Yellow
003 Orange
004 Rybine
005 Tea Rose
006 Hot Red
007 Lavender
008 Purple
009 Ultramarine
010 Sky Blue
011 Mint
012 Green
013 Grey
014 Chocolate
015 White
016 Ultra Black
017 Fuchsia
023 SunsetOrange
028 Coral
029 Flower Blue
024 Amethyst
025 Tiffany
026 Spring Green
027 CherryRed
030 Vitrage Red
031 Vitrage Blue
032 Vitrage green
033 Vitrage Grey
034 Vitrage Ocean Blue
035 Vitrage yellow
036 Vitrage pink
037 Vitrage Scarlet Red
039 Vitrage Peach
050 Neon yellow
051 Neon orange
052 Neon Green
053 Neon pink
054 Neon red
070 Silver
071 Diamond Silver
072 Gold
073 Bronze
075 Copper
074 Bronze Dark
080 Emerald
081 Turkish blue stone
082 Lazurite
083 Onyx
084 Amethyst
091 Chameleon1
092 Chameleon2
093 Galaxy Black
094 Velvet Black
095 Rainbow Silver


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