Minimalist long wallet for bills, cards and phone. It is made in slim design and is ideal for traveling. Long wallet has 8 compartments for cards and 2 bigger compartments for bills or phone. Wallet gets closed by steel button. The leather is very durable and high quality one. It is nice to touch. Leather is comparably thick, but soft. It is easy to scratch and this improves material with time. You can always remove scratches with slightly wet cloth. This is cow leather which is protected from water, but still it's better to avoid contacts with it. Material has really nice leather smell. Dimensions: - 18x21 cm (opened); - 10x18 cm (closed). If you have any questions, please, don't hesitate to contact us any time! We accept custom orders. InCarne - inspiration that comes from the heart.
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Newborn Headband
Newborn/toddler headbands
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Crochet Pattern: Witch Yaginya-Bereginya. Attention! This is the first part (doll). Crochet Pattern Witch Yaginya-Bereginya dedicated to everyone who loves to create a fairy tale with their own hands. Who likes the world of fantasy and adventure, the world of wizards and sorcerers. In this project, we will create with you Yaginya-Bereginya, who is not only a fairy-tale hero, but also she is called the keeper of the hearth. Crochet Pattern: Witch Yaginya-Bereginya: first part (doll) - consists of 131 sheets and 458 photographs. The complexity of the master class is average. Crochet Pattern consists of two parts: Part 1 - Yaginya DOLL: with a detailed, step-by-step description and photo. Part 2 - Yaginya CLOTHING: tights, pantaloons, T-shirt, petticoat, ugg boots, dress, apron, shower jacket, horned kick, broom, basket. Detailed description with lots of high quality photos. !!! I will send the PDF file with the pattern to your email within 30 minutes. (max 3 hours) ***Knitting instructions are presented in Russian in PDF format (with the ability to copy the text and translate using a google translator)   МК по вязанию сказочной Ягини-Берегини. Внимание! Это Первая часть (кукла). МК по вязанию сказочной Ягини-Берегини посвящается всем, кто любит создавать сказку своими руками. Кому по душе мир фэнтези и приключений, мир волшебников и чародеев. В этом проекте мы создадим с вами Ягиню-Берегиню, которая является не только сказочным героем, а так же её называют хранительницей домашнего очага. МК по вязанию сказочной Ягини-Берегини - Первая часть (кукла) - состоит из 131 листов и 458 фотографий. Сложность мастер–класса средняя. Общий МК состоит из двух частей: 1 часть - КУКЛА ЯГИНЯ: с подробным, пошаговым описанием и фото. 2 часть - ОДЕЖДА ЯГИНИ: колготки, панталоны, майка, подъюбник, угги, платье, фартук, душегрейка, кика рогатая, метла, корзина. Подробное описание с большим количеством качественных фото. !!! PDF файл с выкройкой отправляю на Ваш email в течении 30 минут. (макс 3 часа)
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