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Dremura was established in 1998. The Dremura is located in Ukraine. We stand behind our...
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CHERNOBYL LIQUIDATOR USSR Soviet Union Russian Medal original medal from Soviet era which was awarded over to people - to liquidators of consequences of tragedy on the Chernobyl Nuclear power station, in Ukraine. LIQUIDATORS were Soviet soldiers and officers, policemen and many civilians who participated in the first days of clarification of this disaster. Condition : new old stock
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Veteran of the Special Forces 20 Years of Alfa Security Service of Ukraine antiterrorist operation participant Ukrainian Military Medal Condition: new
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Set of 30 chernobyl awards Condition : new
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Vintage Christmas Tree Decoration Ornaments Set 7 Lot 30 Glass Animals Balls mashroom clock Lighthause Soviet Russian 1960s 90s A lot of old Christmas ornaments. . They measure from 2” to to 6” in size Some are heavy glass. These were all bought in Russia in the mid 1990s and used on our many Christmas trees over the years. Almost all are hand blown and hand painted. DAMAGE. There are no caps. Many have holes in them. A lot of paint is worn off. Comes with: ornaments All photos are actual, so you buy what see on the photos. Message Seller
Vendor: dremura
Dremura was established in 1998. The Dremura is located in Ukraine. We stand behind our products and guarantee authenticity. Dremura specializes in selling the wide variety of Russian art, gifts, souvenirs, handmade jewelry, antique, and USSR Soviet Union collectibles: such as USSR Soviet Union Russian, Ukrainian collectible coins and paper money, Ukrainian medals and badges, original Soviet memorabilia : uniforms, hats, caps, medals, badges, and much more