Slippers made of natural sheepskin wool

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Home shoes made from 100% sheep wool. The sole is suede. Very warm and cozy. Dress, as a rule, in the cold season, because the sheep wool has good insulating qualities. Suitable for both men and women.

Such chuni will allow you to keep your feet always warm, this is very important because all important points of our organs are placed on the feet and you need to take care of them, this creates the effect of "dry heat", that is, your feet do not sweat, because the wool absorbs moisture and feet remain dry. Many famous doctors strongly recommend wearing such home shoes as it helps to improve our blood circulation, relieves fatigue from the legs and gives vigor for the whole day.

Sheep wool from which these chuni are made has good wear resistance, does not get dirty thanks to special fibers, the design attracts.

If you do not know what to give to friends, then feel free to order the chuni and be sure that such a gift will please the recipient.


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