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Black Womens Boots From Soft Genuine Leather And Real Fur Lining, Cowboy, Vintage, Western, Size 6

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Elegant black boots made of genuine patent leather with fur lining Will not only delight you and others, but also warm you in cool and cold weather. The original graceful image will delight you and make you stand out from the crowd. I will decorate your legs.
Material: top 100% genuine leather, lining 100% natural merino wool.

Will go well with:

Size 6 boots
Heel height 3 inches, 7.5 cm.
The height of the boot is 17.5 to 45 cm.
insole length approximately 9.5 inches 24.5 cm

Seasonality: perfect for fall Winter and spring, or travel, or whatever you like.
Boots for lovers of original and vintage things!
The insole is also made of merino fur. Nice new thing for the soul.

Excellent condition.
Has slight traces of use.

There may be slight color distortion in the photo. There are flaws in the photo.

Take a good look at the photo!

Ask all the necessary questions before buying!

I propose to make this thing a unique gift.
select the type and color of the skin for the embossed patch. and pick up those words that come from your heart. And tell me where to sew or send everything separately at your discretion.
Personalization is done with capital letters, numbers, and symbols such as & #. ♥ ♡ size 2/5 ".
It is possible that something at your request is negotiated individually

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Our pleasant, delicate, fluffy, soft, thick fur pillow made of 100% merino fur is a pleasure to keep your feet in. Our fur lining for shoes of your choice is a great and pleasant place to rest your feet or the feet of your loved ones. Our thick fur pads are very delicate and soft and protect you from the cold. A woolen rug is special because it consists of very fine fibers that naturally intertwine with each other. This makes the shoe stand elastic. This is natural fur, which means that it does not contain harmful substances and has a beneficial effect on your body. when ordering, get a pair of sheepskin lapels with the length specified in the order and the width required for cutting the insole just under your foot Composition: 100% Merino fur brown Merino fur gray Natural light merino fur 8-9 Inches merino fur gray USD 23.00 Enabled 8-9 Inches merino fur brown USD 23.00 Enabled 8-9 Inches merino fur natural Enabled 10-11 Inches merino fur gray USD 24.00 Enabled 10-11 Inches merino fur brown USD 24.00 Enabled 10-11 Inches merino fur natural Enabled 12-13 Inches merino fur gray USD 25.00 Enabled 12-13 Inches merino fur brown USD 25.00 Enabled 12-13 Inches merino fur natural Enabled at your request Inches merino fur gray USD 9.00 Take a good look at the photo! Ask all the necessary questions before buying SUBSCRIBE TO OUR STORE and DO NOT MISS NEW PRODUCTS Stamping will be done in capital letters or numbers 2/5 inches, if you want something personal, write to discuss
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We bring to your attention a wooden carved icon "The Tenderness of the Mother of God" Many in need resorted to this shrine, and after the ascension of prayer to it, various miracles were performed. The grace of the Mother of God strengthens faith and gives willpower, helps to resist sinful temptations, protects from evil and powerful devilish power. There is also evidence that he has repeatedly contributed to solving real estate issues. Thus, it facilitates the conclusion of transactions for the purchase and sale or exchange of an apartment, allows you to identify a trick with documents in time and solve problems with inheritance. At the same time, your thoughts must be pure, and your actions must comply with legal and moral standards. The icon is carved from wood. Handmade
$216.00 $169.99


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