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You get: Speed of cooking. In just a few minutes you can cook on a comfortable stove. It is possible to put both a pot and a pan. Careful attitude to nature and fire safety. Closed flames leave no fire. Made of carbon steel, total weight about 1.55 kg, wall thickness 1 mm, thickness of racks and bars 2 mm dimensions of the combustion chamber 32 x 10 cm, diameter of the hotplate is 18 cm, cover 160х110х30 mm. Designer - is put into the ready oven at the place of rest. It is interesting to collect, as if a puzzle, and can serve as an unsurpassed gift for anyone. Ruddy Stove is made of steel, so due to the action of high temperatures it is subsequently covered by corrosion, so after use I recommend to clean the carbon black with a stiff brush and cover with oil, or WD-40. Fuel Savings - Fuel is very small ten times less than a fire. As cones, twigs and more are used as fuel, it is easily loaded into a special hopper, even when cooking. The most efficient fuel, dry chopped bars. The lightest and most compact rocket stove. Fits into a 160x110x30mm complete case and weighs 1.6 kg. Included: - oven - a cover - instruction - gloves
Vendor: Ruddy Stove
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