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Uzbek national costume is quite varied. In Soviet times, it was almost forgotten. When I opened a clothing boutique my goal was to attract the attention of men and women to the traditional Uzbek costume. It is not only beautiful, but also functional, comfortable, composed of natural materials. For example, women's tunics highlight the most beautiful in the figure and hide flaws. Men's outerwear, as well as women, loose-fitting, does not hinder movement. A variety of styles stimulate my imagination and inspire the members of my team. This stylish top is made of natural cotton knitwear and natural silk ikat. Dyed naturally. Will fit for S, M and even L sizes. Excellent condition. Never used. Size: length-24 in, chest-37 in, or in CM length-61 cm, chest-94 cm. Feel free to contact me. I can send any size you need. Just let me know. Thank you for your time and interest.

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Uzbek printed cotton Caftan. Natural (fully organic) cotton. Colors will not run or fade because of the high quality dyes. New, never used. Dimensions: length 49 in (124.4 cm), chest 52 in (132 cm), from the end of one sleeve up to another 67 in (170 cm).
We are proud to offer traditional Uzbekistan natural cotton ikat scarf. Handmade Cotton 100% natural Washable Measurments: 14 x 55 in Ikat-weaving technique emerged in different parts of the world, often independently. India and Indonesia have their own long traditions of ikat making, however, it is ikat fabrics from Uzbekistan which have become a late hit in fashion and interior design industries for their large and bold patterns, and for mixing unimaginable ikat colors you would originally think would not work together. Ikat fabrics are often used as a chic upholstery fabric, curtains, pillow covers, throws and quilts. Ikat from Uzbekistan, defined as abrabandi, meaning “bound cloud”, which is the most captivating, using a resist dye process whereby the warp yarns (vertical threads) are bound and dyed by hand before being woven with the weft yarns (horizontal threads). It is a very ancient way of creating designs in fabric by resist-dyeing the threads before the fabric is woven. Uzbekistan silk ikat fabrics have their own names: shoi, khan-atlas, atlas, podshokhi. These types of fabrics are produced from pure silk. The fabrics made of cotton weft and silk warp are called adras, bekasab, pasma, banoras. Patterns are named after shapes they resemble. Traditionally, the most wide-spread ornaments “tumorcha” – amulet, “tarok” – comb, “gadjak” – jewelry, “bodom” – almond, “darakht” – tree, “anor” – pomegranate, “Oy” – the Moon, “shokh” – horn, “chirog” – lampad, “ilon izi” – snake trail, “kapalak” – butterfly, “chayon” – scorpion, and etc. Due to the special properties, these versatile fabrics keeps cool in the summer and heat in the winter.
Suzani, hand embroidery Origin: Nurata Materials: natural silk on hand-loomed silk Condition: excellent Size: 86-57 inches (220-145 cm) Nurata silk embroidery is a miracle of art which holds a particular place among the numerous forms of art in Uzbekistan. From time immemorial things that make life more beautiful have brought joy to people. The skill of of the master who created things of aesthetic and material value is retained in them forever. That is why the significance of perfectly made articles of this kind is intransient. Silk embroidery in Nurata has a style of its own, and its best specimens came into being where the great masters found patterns which were logic in composition, figurative in needlework and masterly performed. Works of art of this kind stand out and create a school of popular applied art - a school which all creators of things of beauty have striven to complete with and which should be an example for them in future. Despite the antiquity of silk embroidery in Nurata, nearly all specimens found are believed to date from the 19th century-the 20th century. No earlier articles have been found to date. Offered Nurata embroidery with natural silk threads on hand-loomed silk foundation. Composition consists of the pomegranate shrubs with winding branches and ripe pomegranates. There are wonderful saturated colors, exceptional design, meaningful symbolical images, absolutely perfect stitches. Thank you!
Vintage Uzbekistan Suzani. Natural silk chain stitch. The base of embroidery is natural cotton velvet. Size: 18 x 138 in/45,5 x 350,5 cm. Excellent condition. Weight: 0.500 kg. High quality Made in 1990's "I don't want to live in the past, but I want to live in a present which is rooted in the past... the world is constructed for us by its history, and the constructors live on in their work". - Philip Glazebrook, Journey to Khiva: A Writer Search for Central Asia, 1994. "Suzanis have enormous sophistication. They are earthy, vital, energic: designed to wow you. They seem to arise from the earth." Robert Kushner, 2012. This is the very long suzani wall frieze from Tashkent. Designed with blossoming shrubs medallions.
Uzbek printed cotton Dress. Natural (fully organic) cotton. Colors will not run or fade because of the high quality dyes. Dimensions: length-35 in, chest-36 in, from the end of one sleeve up to another-59 in. length-89 cm, chest-91,5 cm, from the end of one sleeve up to another-150 cm.
Beautiful Uzbek Long Jacket made of handmade cotton ikat 'adras'. Two pockets. A belt. Could be hooded by order. All sizes available XXS - chest around 31.5; length from top to bottom 47.6; from one shoulder to another 14; sleeve length 23.2; hips around 33.8 XS - chest around 33; length from top to bottom 48; from one shoulder to another 14.5; sleeve length 23.2; hips around 36.2 S - chest around 34.5-36.2; length from top to bottom 48.5; from one shoulder to another 15.7; sleeve length 23.5; hips around 37.8 - 39.3 M - chest around 37.8-39.3; length from top to bottom 49; from one shoulder to another 17; sleeve length 23.5-24; hips around 41-42.5 L - chest around 41-42.5; length from top to bottom 50; from one shoulder to another 18; sleeve length 24; hips around 44-45.5 XL - chest around 44; length from top to bottom 51.2; from one shoulder to another 19.3; sleeve length 24; hips around 46.5-47.2 XXL - chest around 45.5; length from top to bottom 52.3; from one shoulder to another 20; sleeve length 24.5; hips around 48.8 Important: After purchase, please, kindly let me know your size. Ikat is one of the most interesting part of Central Asian Applied Arts and the most prestigious and beautiful fabric. It is also known in Persian as 'abr' for 'cloud', in Turkic as 'ipekshahi', in Arabic as 'asab', in Hindi as 'patola'. Like a cloud Uzbek Ikats display a great variety of patterns, may be composed of several combinations of materials and may be woven in both simple and complex structures. The single features shared by all of these extraordinary textiles is the complex dyeing process which is undertaken before the individual elements are arranged upon the loom. All ikat cloths have either their warps, their wefts, or, in rare cases, both warps and wefts dyed only in selective areas and only before those threads have been placed before the loom. The process of preventing the dyes from penetrating the entire warp or weft is known as 'reserving' or 'resist dye' and this produces the essential characteristics of ikat cloth. At the points where the reserved undyed areas meet the dyed sections, carefully controlled amounts of color merge with one another, randomly creating subtle, slightly blurred patterns. This dyeing technique ensures that each abr (cloud) is unique, and it is this aesthetic quality which suggests an analogy with clouds.


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