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Hairpin "Papaveri selvatici". Made in the technique of Wire wrap, made of copper and brass with natural stones - labradorite and pyrite. Patinated and partly polished. The size - 12 x 6 cm, the size of the flower 6 x 5,5 cm, length of teeth 8 cm .

Elegant hair ornament will create a unique romantic image, very light and not bulky clip, firmly holding the hairstyle. It will become Your favorite ornament every day, and on a certain event.

Please, contact me in case there are any questions about payment or shipment.

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Luxurious hanging hammock chair in Oriental style, with an openwork, lace back; soft, like a cloud, pillows, sewn with a royal, carriage screed. In such an armchair you feel like an oriental princess Shakhirizada from the fairy tale "1000 and 1 night". This chair is so roomy, you can lie on it and dream, meditate, doze off, and if you hang it somewhere on the terrace, in the garden, or by the pool , or on the beach by the ocean, where palm trees and sand are just relaxation and pleasure, lying and swaying drinking Pina-calada, watching the sunsets, or a cup of aromatic coffee in the morning-- and let the whole world- wait... The hammock is woven from an expensive, special hammock cord that does not stretch and has a static core. One thread can withstand a load of 70 kg, each knot is woven with high quality and tightly, by my hands, all photos are exclusively mine, taken in my room (with characteristic wallpaper on the wall ...) I can send additional photos. Also, at the request of the buyer, I weave a hammock of a different color, and I can also choose the color of the fabric, texture and shade for sewing the pillow. The hammock has a metal loop at the top that protects the threads and weaving from chafing. On this loop, the hammock can be attached to the ceiling, or to any beam or metal rack, with a metal chain with a carabiner, which can be used to adjust the distance of the hammock from the floor. The length of the hammock itself is 210 cm. "Lace"- macrame hammock chair. ☘ ???? diameter 110cm; -It's possible to manufacture with a diameter of 100cm, or 90cm; ???? max.load 150 kg; ???? Khaki color (execution in other colors is possible);???? ???? for home, and for terrace, garden, courtyard
Vendor: jewelr
This hanging hammock chair can be placed on the beach by the ocean, or near the pool, in a cafe, or in a hookah. This is the perfect place to unwind, you can drink your favorite drink, and enjoy a luxurious holiday. This is a luxurious, comfortable, solid, high-quality, cozy, roomy hanging hammock chair, in which you get so much pleasure and enjoyment, you want to relax and sway... A gentle marshmallow armchair, soft as a cloud, comfortable and roomy, it will not leave indifferent any family member! I just want to swing in it, and dream! Children will especially appreciate this chair, because for them it is also a comfortable swing in which you can swing as much as possible! Hanging hammock chair, beautiful, rich violet color with large, cloudy cushions with small houndstooth pattern, graphite velor with a water-repellent effect, and with pink buttons to match the small, decorative cushion. The chair is woven with chic tassels on the sides, and also has a beautiful wicker element with a tassel on the back of the chair. The hammock can be placed in the children's room, by the fireplace in the living room, on the terrace, in the garden, on the balcony, by the pool. Yes, anywhere!) The main thing is who will be the first to take a place!) He will immediately create an island of extraordinary comfort and relaxation around him. The hammock is woven from a special polyester, hammock cord, it does not stretch, does not fade in the sun and does not attract dust. A thread with a beautiful silk sheen shimmers in the sun and looks very nice in weaving. Each knot is tightened tightly and with high quality, the seat is strong - stretched like a drum! This is what the buyers say! This is a high-quality wicker hammock, with tight knots, each turn of the cord tightly wraps around the metal frame, without gaps, and also with a beautiful lace fringe, each cord ends with a neat knot. The seat is tight, like a drum! This is a very comfortable chair with insanely soft, rich cushions. In such an armchair, each of you will feel like a queen, immersed in a cloud of comfort and coziness. One thread of a hammock cord can withstand a load of 70 kg, and each sling on which the hammock chair weighs consists of 8 threads, tightly and tightly woven knots. Therefore, a hanging hammock chair can withstand a load of 150 kg or more. These are my personal works, woven by my hands, my photos were taken in my room and in the yard, as all the photos of hammocks speak about. Furniture fabric is used for sewing pillows: flock and velor. Furniture fabrics practically do not wrinkle, do not form pillows, can be easily cleaned with Vanish soap solution. When making the pillows, I use fabric-covered buttons and a so-called coach tie, which gives the chair a sophisticated look. I fill the pillows with holofiber, this is a hypoallergenic, practical material that does not absorb odors and moisture, and also keeps its shape perfectly. - seat diameter -70x90cm (maybe 60x80cm - optional); - max. load - 150 kg; - the height of the hammock is 187 cm; - soft purple or pink fuchsia color (execution in other colors is possible). The length of the hammock can be adjusted with a metal chain and carabon, all of which can be purchased from any construction store. And also, I can weave the hammock lines a little longer, at the request of the buyer. How to attach and to what? For fastening you will need a carabiner # 8 or # 9, and a chain for adjusting the length of the hammock, with your ceiling height. Ceiling fixing depends on the type of your floor: - for concrete, brick, stone - you will need an anchor bolt with a ring (drill a hole, remove dust, insert a bolt, hammer in, and tighten using a wrench or ring); - for wood - ring screw or hook; - for the street and at home - you can use the racks for the hanging chair, but you need to take into account the height of the hammock.
Vendor: jewelr
The ring on the toe "Snake". Made in the method of wire wrap bronze wire or silver 925. The ring size can be adjusted. The ring can be made of 925 sterling silver and add stones on your choice: turquoise, garnet, rhodochrosite, etc. (on demand). Pay attention!!! If You like thicker and more powerful rings, my rings are made of 0.8 mm thick wire, very elegant, completely weightless, almost not felt on the toes, keep this in mind !!! So if You want a thicker and more powerful toe ring or You want a bigger size, contact me, I will consider all your wishes individually. Please, contact me in case there are any questions about payment or shipment.
Vendor: jewelr
Earrings "Beetles". Made in the Wire wrap technique, with elements of coinage, using brass, natural wings of a beetle, malachite, opals and rainbow hematite. Earrings artificially aged chemically polished and coated with protective varnish. Size of earrings - 5,5x3 cm The jewelry is made of high quality, gently - small job, almost jewelry. All made by my hands, on my sketches, and is the copyrighted work. Earrings not to quit, not to beat, it is desirable not to wet with water. Wipe occasionally with a woolen cloth. If you have any questions please write, I will answer.
Vendor: jewelr
Hair comb handmade. "Oriental motifs"-amethyst. Made of brass and copper wire with natural stones: amethyst, malachite, jade and Ethiopian opal. Comb patinated, partly polished. The size of the comb - 12,5х6см, length of teeth 8.5 cm Amethyst is a nice purple-pink color. Barrette holds a great haircut, will decorate Your casual look and will be original jewelry for any event. A hair comb is a great gift for Your favorite women, beautiful and bright hair accessory, decorate a casual outfit and make You irresistible and unique with an exclusive decoration for the hair. Clip will not leave indifferent passers-by and others, You will not remain without attention. All my Jewelry is delicate, sophisticated, fine hand work, my idea, my sketches, my designs. Therefore, wearing these decorations is with care and respect: not to hit, not push, do not scratch, do not put in the pockets, not to wet with water. In these jewelry do not clean the house, wash the dishes, not washing clothes, not to sleep, not to fill bed linen. Refer your jewelry very gently, diligently, and my work will delight You and those around long enough.
Vendor: jewelr
The wooden candlestick in the shape of a maple leaf , with mounting on walls, under a tea candle, handmade, unusual design. Candle holder made of wood - pine. Partially tinted, varnished. Candlestick is an original decor, walls, corridors. It is possible to manufacture several candle holders in the set. Dimensions: height - 17.5 cm, width - 15 cm
Vendor: jewelr


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