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Ghost of tsushima Mask, feel the strong power and spirit of the Samurai! I would like to propose you to use samurai mask with the medical masks to protect against COVID-19. Stay safe and unique! Ghost of Tsushima Mask fun Art and made from cosplayer to cosplayera ???????????? made from eco-friendly material PLA, which is made from corn. This mask is light wearable and durable, inside the mask comfortable paddings. Game accurate mask. An external enemy, the terrible Mongol Empire, decides to invade Japan. Tsushima Island is conquered and destroyed, and the local population is subjected to various humiliations. The player will take on the role of one of the last surviving samurai, who resists the monstrous invasion using different samurai masks. But the usual tactics will not lead to the victory. It is necessary to go beyond the cosplay samurai tradition to create a new way of fighting - the way of the Ghost. You will be satisfied with Ghost of Tsushima Mask, hand paint with a beautiful details ! FanArt

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Movie Accurate replica prop for cosplay The Marshal - Cobb Vanth Blaster. The Marshal's blaster, is made by me based on season 2 ep:2 screen shots, considered "Fan Art" does not attempt to break any legal right of original concept. Marshal Cobb blaster based on a Hebel 1894 Blaster can be purcha in raw kit or painted prop like in movie All my props are made of bio PLA plastic, assembled and primed Blaster prop with two moving parts or they can be static. If you will order UPS express shipping method, price 25$ 4-6 days delivery time  Standart Ukraine postal  service takes from 21 days to 35 days  thank you for your support 
Vendor: 3dplanetshop
Beskar armor jetpack and blaster, paint ( like in movie) copyrighted fan-made prop items This all armor parts 3d modeled, 3d printed, molded and casted and painted by me Blasters and jetpack not included you can order them separately  Gloves also not included! Beskar armor ad jetpack can be available in 5 colors, choose what you need It will be 3d printed with individual measurements Prepared polished and primed After cover with expensive paint. Covered inside with breathable fabric and velcro attached to the armor Standard helmet size up to 58cm (22.8 inches) around the head If you need bigger one please inform us for custom size  In price include standard free shipping up to 35 days in duringpandemic situation all over the world  But if you don't want to wait take fast shipping options UPS express fast shipping 4-8 days +150$ extra Price include standard shipping --Orders could be cancelled only within 3 days after order placement. --Our products are copyrighted fan-made prop items, modelled, printed, molded, casted, painted and assembled by me. ---Due to custom nature of the product, ETA dates are not guaranteed and should be considered as guidance only because there may be breakage or defect, mistake by crafter, bad material, and so on ----When you are placing the order, you are accepting and agree with our production, shipping terms, cancellation terms and conditions. If you have any questions - write me please! Thank you for your interest and support ❤
Vendor: 3dplanetshop
Beskar helmet from the cult movie series beskar armor It is fan-made prop items 3d modeled, 3d printed, molded, casted and painted by me This replica helmet is very comfortable to wear and fits perfectly on your head Standard size fits up to 58 centimeters around the head If you have bigger head choose from options custom size please  Has soft paddings inside with breathable fabric  In Real life beskar helmet looks much better ( Based on opinion of our clients and reviews ) from cosplayer to cosplayer with love  Fun made prop art Handmade helmet kit polished one time, primed one time and it includes, padding and visor to assemble it (Kit is NOT PAINTED ) You have a chance to buy amazing screen accurate helmet, made of real expensive mirror Chrome ( estimate market price 400-600$ ) for price Less then 300$ Also in our shop you can order full set beskar armor made of mirror chrome it will reflect on the sun and any lights, you will look amazing! Or beskar paint with weathering or cleen version, send message to us and we will answer all questions. Here the link for full mando armor season 2 beskar paint version It can also be used perfectly for din djarin cosplay. This helmet is almost an exact copy and is contained in our various variations: mirror chrome, beskar paint, beskar + weathering, graphite paint, graphite + weathering, black chrome, gold chrome. We have done paint job with black color on all our helmets, black stripes on ears parts Also our helmet movie quality can serve as an excellent decoration of your room and emphasize that you are a real fan of this this amazing saga. This attribute is made of injection molded plastic and it is environmentally friendly, has comfortable soft paddings inside. And of course beskar helmet could be a great gift! Just imagine the fan, who gets this beskar or chrome helmet. We are sure he will be satisfied ???? Thanks alot for your interest! We will be happy to make the helmet for you and we will make it with love! Important information!!! --Orders could be cancelled only within 3 days after order placement. --Our products are copyrighted fan-made prop items, modelled, printed, molded, casted, painted and assembled by me. ---Due to custom nature of the product, ETA dates are not guaranteed and should be considered as guidance only because there may be breakage or defect, mistake by crafter, bad material, and so on ----When you are placing the order, you are accepting and agree with our production, shipping terms, cancellation terms and conditions. If you have any questions - write me please! Thank you for your interest and support ❤
Vendor: 3dplanetshop
leather gloves one of highest quality and professionally made on the market gloves made from high quality Italian leather very soft and strong special gloves leather Cosplay gloves has very comfortable lining inside the gloves Velcro is installed on top of the gloves for armor parts ( will be included in gloves ) painted as original paint UPS EXPRESS FAST SHIPPING TAKES 3-6 DAYS ONLY  STANDARD  FREE UKRAINE POSTAL COMPANY TAKES TIME  25 DAYS  Thank you for your interest and your support ❤
Vendor: 3dplanetshop
Handmade Wolf skull mask that has been sculpted in the 3d programm by the talented 3d modeler with a lot natural details to fit the human head with the moving jaw. Sits nice on the human head size by puting more paddings we can adjust how it will seat on your head, face mask have a wide vision area while wearing. top part weight is 380 grams second part 190, and both 560 grams 1.2 lb Made of PLA - eco friendly plastic which is made of corn. It is not afraid of water, direct sun lights, light weight and very durable. We can make custom size ( send us your head measurements ) Comes fully weareble with paddings inside and adjustable straps. Can be painted by your request (black, white, natural bone or we can make unique design reach looking real chrome or gold chrome) Thank you for your support ????
Vendor: 3dplanetshop
Deer head skull wall decoration gives a stylish decor, which will be nice to any room and it looks like the traditional deer skeleton into a beautiful resin sculpture! And deer skull could be perfect addition to the man cave) If you really needed something interesting over the fireplace and you didn't want a picture or mirror, deer skull will be perfect idea. Maybe you are still thinking which present will be nice for your family and friends on Christmas or birthday, deer mask will be perfect present and nice piece of art. Dear friends, it can be also your unique design, we can create something on your taste, for example white head and gold horns, or we can make different bright colors for good mood, different creativities, many colors available or maybe you are an artist and planned to make your own paint, so we can create diifferent variants and different styles, just write us what you really wish and we will be happy to make something special for you! Introduce an element of the wild in your home! Our deer skull wall masks are 100% animal friendly and unique designed, so wish you to enjoy this nice decorations!
Vendor: 3dplanetshop


I very excitedly ordered this on 8/27/21 and it is now 10/18/21 and have still not gotten my items. I was assured on 10/27 that it would be ready and shipped out to me in a few weeks and here we are. The seller has my email and has given me 0 updated on the status of the item until I asked, tracking on the website is useless, feels like an absolute scam.
Got an Amazing helemet that i ordered but the Armor i ordered too 3 months ago didnt come and i cant contact her so i see a problem because its quiet expensive
Inna and her amazing staff at 3dpp have outdone themselves once predator helmet is nothing short of stunning, amazing. Phenominal...she and her crew are the most talented crafts / prop makers on earth...attention to detail 10 stars, workmanship 10 stars, shipping speed, 10 stars, customer service 10 stars, desire to please the customer, 10 stars...quality of props, 10stars...that's on a five star rating system!!!! 3dpp can't be beat. If you're a prop collector, you've found your heaven in 3d planet props!!! The best on planet earth...period.

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