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Scorpion mask is made of model polyurethane. The mask is painted with an acrylic paint. Has a four-point attachment with the ability to adjust the tension. The mask may differ slightly from the photos shown, since each mask is manufactured exclusively by hand. The mask is suitable for most adults. This mask is made to order within 3 - 10 days, please consider this when ordering. Dear Customers! Due to the current situation regarding coronavirus infection, postal services around the world are working with delays. The average delivery time for parcels at the moment is 18-31 days. Unfortunately 3-5% of all deliveries happen, which can last more than 1.5-2 months, but they are delivered to the recipient in any case. These delays cannot be predicted in any way and you need to be prepared for the fact that you can fall into this 5%. For my part, I do my best to deliver parcels as quickly as possible. I think this is due to the very large number of parcels that pass through the postal services during the quarantine period and the coronavirus pandemic. If your parcel is delivered for more than 31 days, then let me know and I will create a request to search for the parcel, and if after that within 2 months they do not find your parcel, then I will compensate its cost. Dear customers! The price of the product already includes shipping costs, so the price is a little more expensive than it was before. Since products with free delivery are higher in the search list, I had to include the cost of delivery in the base price. Any questions you are interested in you can ask me in the message. If you choose my product, it will be a very big support for my creativity.
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Toiletry tote bag
Beautiful genuine leather Totes Bag with laser engraving.
Vendor: Rachiba
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Hi! Thank you for visiting my store! The costume maker is now very popular among children. They will be happy to receive such a costume or mask as a gift.  You can order a separate mask or a complete costume, choosing the age of the child. I have a fast delivery service
The cute tail of a rabbit is artificial fur. Very fluffy and soft. The tail can be tied with a ribbon as shown in the photo or attach to the shatans (to the tail in the set includes a large bow) Pink tail 10 cm red tail 8 cm