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WHOLESALE LISTING FOR FIXATION CLIPS FOR CARMATS Product Description : Fitting systems for car floor mats 2500 pcs/set car fixation clips for Hyundai / Kia new models floor mats Each part consist from 2 parts: upper and lower parts 1 set = 2 pcs (2 upper + 2 lower parts) That is wholesale price (0.28 USD * 2500 pcs = 700 USD). EXW price. Shipping is BUYER RESPONSIBILITY! Material: PA Plastic Colour: Black Quantity: 2500 pcs Sutable for floor mats: HYUNDAI / KIA new models (hook fixation) The item is exactly as on pictures in listing! FOR WHOLESALES QUANTITY, PLEASE CONTACT US! WORLDWIDE SHIPPING
Vendor: Texcarmats
Hello, I invite you on a trip. You can open a whole world of a far oriental country in the heart of Asia. Household objects, clothes, textile, decorations tell a story better than any guide! This is traditional Uzbekistan dress. Made in 1960's MATERIALS real natural silk IKAT atlas of the high quality (not printed silk or rayon) CONDITION excellent SIZE length-40 in, chest-49 in, from one sleeve to another-57 in. Such design was very popular in 1960-80' in late soviet epouch. In Central Asian hot climite it is the best for summer because of its oily, light, cool tissue. Ikat is one of the most interesting part of Central Asian Applied Arts and the most prestigious and beautiful fabric. It is also known in Persian as 'abr' for 'cloud', in Turkic as 'ipekshahi', in Arabic as 'asab', in Hindi as 'patola'. Like a cloud Uzbek Ikats display a great variety of patterns, may be composed of several combinations of materials and may be woven in both simple and complex structures. The single features shared by all of these extraordinary textiles is the complex dyeing process which is undertaken before the individual elements are arranged upon the loom. All ikat cloths have either their warps, their wefts, or, in rare cases, both warps and wefts dyed only in selective areas and only before those threads have been placed before the loom. The process of preventing the dyes from penetrating the entire warp or weft is known as 'reserving' or 'resist dye' and this produces the essential characteristics of ikat cloth. At the points where the reserved undyed areas meet the dyed sections, carefully controlled amounts of color merge with one another, randomly creating subtle, slightly blurred patterns. This dyeing technique ensures that each abr (cloud) is unique, and it is this aesthetic quality which suggests an analogy with clouds. Thank you !!!