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Fascinating Embroidery – And How to make one!

by Lavky Admin
Fascinating Embroidery – And How to make one! In the previous blog I talk a little bit of the history of embroidery and how embroidery can embellish your home. Now lets talk about tools you need. What would you need to start? Before you can start on a very detail oriented project like embroidery, you need to think about...

WELCOME to Lavky.Com Marketplace!

by Lavky Admin
Welcome to Lavky! We are excited to announce that we are launching a brand new marketplace! “Lavky” – Definitions: 1. A marketplace with small boutiques offering high quality products with excellent service (Russian). 2. A sturdy, well-built pedestrian bridge linking two shores (Czech) There is a reason why we choose this name for...

Part 2 - 2016 Fall Cross-Body Bags Trends

by Lavky Admin
PART 2 - 2016 Fall Cross-Body Bags Trends! In my last Blog I talked about the benefits of cross-body handbags. There are so many styles of these bags that finding perfect match for you could take some time. It’s no secret that handbags are considered a style and fashion investment, and so let’s check out a few cross-body bags that...

Part 1 - 2016 Fall Handbags Trends!

by Lavky Admin
PART 1 - 2016 Fall Handbags Trends! Summer’s gone and that means it’s time to get back to school, work, or whatever you might do when the weather changes and the kids are back from vacation. With lots of events and holiday parties coming up, it’s time to take a look at that fashion accessory we can’t live without…the purse or...

A Little Travel!

by Lavky Admin
A Little Travel! Buy a ticket, grab a suitcase and bring a map, its time to travel the globe! What a pleasure to explore and tell the stories! Think of the best aspect of every city in the world, and image that you could take a little bit of the essence with you. A bouquet not of flowers, but of images and places you admire, some tasty...