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Travel comfortably, like a Pro!

by Lavky Admin
Travel comfortably, like a Pro! Summer is now in full swing and it’s time to make sure your backpack, duffle bag, handbag, or even a cosmetic bag is ready for any situation! To make sure you have everything you need for your next trip check out these travel essentials and put your mind at ease. Your Must Haves One of...

5 Reasons You Need a Backpack!

by Lavky Admin
5 Reasons you Need a Backpack! Backpacks, those wonderful storage bags for people on the go, have been a part of all of our lives since we were big enough to strap one on and, lunch bag in hand, head off to school. Go to any campus or campground and you will see backpacks of every size and shape, and in most cases, emphasizing function...

Thanksgiving Holiday and it's Necessities!

by Lavky Admin
Thanksgiving Holiday and It's Necessities! Ahhhh, the sights, sounds and smells that remind us of Thanksgiving. Be it the changing colors of Autumn leaves, the good cheer of family and friends gathering for a meal together, or the smell of fresh baked pies, the season helps reminds us of home. So, how did the custom of...