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Embroidery Then and Now!

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Embroidery Then and Now! Brief History of Embroidery Embroidery has a long history drawn from many countries and sources and has been used on everything from vestments and costumes, to samplers and pictures, and even beds and furniture. Embroidery’s amazing artistry and versatility appeals to anyone who admires beauty, fine...

Summer – Home Décor Collection to play with!

by Lavky Admin
Summer – Ideas to Enthusiastically Decorate your Home! Summer is the time for beaches, barbeques, and doing projects around the house. One project can be improving the décor and look inside your home. Think of home décor as a way to bring a drag room to life, or put your showcase room over the top! Sure, everyone can put in a rug, or a...

Summer – Home Décor Collection to start!

by Lavky Admin
Summer – Home Décor Collection to start! Summer is the time for entertaining! Whether out barbecuing in your backyard, or relaxing with family and friends in the cool of your living room, everyone likes to show off a little and impress their guests with the latest and greatest improvements to their homes. So, why not give folks...

Part 2 – Crochet Modern Styles

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Part 2 – Crochet Modern Styles How Crochet become so popular As promised in my previous blog post, today I will talk about the crochet in modern times, how it evolved and why this technique become so popular. Crochet craftsmanship from the 16 century has found its way into our modern times and comes in...

Part 1 - Crochet Lace Gowns

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Part 1 - Crochet Lace Craft The modern art of true crochet. Crochet designed handmade gowns, hand clutches or wedding veils are all unique and made with great deal of love and attention to details. But how and when did style of crocheting all start and when? According to American crochet expert and world...

Beautify Your Package or Gift

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Beautify your package or gift Part 1 – Beautify your Letter If you’re like me you have a closet full of old maps that no longer see the light of day now that we have all started traveling with the help of our trusty GPS. Printed Maps, I’m sure many kids from this generation would not even know what a printed map looks like unless...