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Women's Dark green HANDMADE embossed LEATHER bag lady's Handbag LUBISTOK


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Women's Dark green HANDMADE embossed LEATHER bag lady's Handbag LUBISTOK

The best handmade leather goods of various shades and textures first hand from the manufacturer.
Here are the original products made of genuine leather.
There are many models, among which it is easy to choose the right one.
Color tones may differ from the photo on the screen of devices depending on the type of screen and color reproduction. In any case, we try to do our job as best we can, and if you like our products in the photo, then with a high degree of probability you will like them in reality.

We offer exclusive items of a higher quality level than a mass product. This is due to the fact that manual work implies strict control at all stages of production and an individual approach. It is thanks to this approach that "things with a soul" come out of the hands of our masters, which will serve their owner for more than one year.

We guarantee you complete satisfaction with all my products. If you receive an item you did not order or if an item you ordered is received damaged or defective, I will refund you the price you paid for it or replace it with identical one.
Item for returning must have the original tags and packing, otherwise it won't be accepted.
DO NOT ship the item back to us without contacting us first.
Return shipping is responsibility of buyer.

Please leave 5 Star positive feedback when you receive your order.
Your 5 Star positive feedback is very IMPORTANT to me which makes me keep improving.
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D e s c r i p t i o n     The MIT-1 EF reflex therapy combined device is used for applying electrophoresis or other options of electro treatment with the help of impact or direct current. MIT-1 EF   Device represent the newest development in non-invasive, high-performance medical technology for implementation of a cutaneous method in therapy. Medical electrophoresis is a method of the combined simultaneous effect on the patient with the electric current and a certain pharmaceutical substance brought into tissues with the help of the current. The preparations that don.t lose their pharmacological properties in the electric current falling apart into ions or absorbing ions are used during electrophoresis. Owing to the ionic form of the medication and the increase of the organism reactivity under the influence of the electric current even such small amounts of the medication have desired effect. Moreover, deposit of the medication in the form of an active ionized form in the skin enables a considerable effect prolongation. Applying the impact mode of influence at therapeutic frequencies additionally provides: Taking down skin spastic reaction to the external irritants such as the electric current of the preparation Simultaneous fulfilling of the electric frequency therapy with the Foll..s currents Strengthening the effect of the preparation owing to the specific resonant current action. The device is the most effectively applied for: the peripheral nervous system affections (intercostal neuralgia, sciatica) traumatic injuries dynamic diseases of the central nervous system the cardiovascular system diseases the digestic apparatus diseases the support and motor organs diseases rheumatic affections of joints and tendons skin diseases, etc.  We recommend to apply the device at medical and rehabilitation establishments, insurance and sports medicine centres, cosmetology centres.     This is like you have  own doctor at home  !      Specification: Channels amount . 2 Currents alteration range (independent or each channel), mA . 0.30 Note: You can set two current ranges - 0.3 мА and 0.30 мА for each channel. Electrode voltage, W, not more - 40 The set up therapeutic frequencies range, Hz . 0-99 Note: in the 0-10 Hz range the discrecity of frequency setting is 0,1 Hz, in the 10-99 Hz range the discrecity of frequency setting is 1 Hz. Frequency deviation on the second channel (when DEVIATION mode is on), per 10 sec, % - 10 Power consumption, W, not more . 20 Weight, kg, not more . 2,5 Size, mm . Width 240 x Length 140 x Thickness 75 Procedure duration range . 1.30 min. Suppl y voltage or Europe Australia and other countries  A С  220 V 50 Hz.+- 15%   for USA Canada e.t.c  AC  110V 60Hz +- 15%    Integration: 1.Generator "MIT-1 EF". 2.Original factory box. 3.English instruction manual. 4.110V to 220V adapter (for USA Canada and other country customers with 110V ) WHOLESALE buyers ar Welcome! We have wholesale quantity of this items for you    FOR MORE MEDICAL DEVICES  Thanks and good luck! HERE IS FAQ: 1) Q: Can this be used with United States  and Canada electric outlets 1 1 0 V-120V ? A: Yes. you will need an adapter   we will provide all our devices with this adapters for free.     
Vendor: a-store
The device of complex therapy EL The device of complex therapy ELITON Description ELITON has a tremendous treatment potential. We present to your attention an effective remedy to combat a wide range of  diseases, modern physiotherapy device ELITON, designed specifically for self-use  in the home. Due to its device, the medical device ELITON has the widest  treatment possibilities, since it is able to exert a complex effect on the human  body. Our online store presents you with robust, comfortable and compact ELITON  devices, whose spectrum of action includes the generation of several types of  radiation at once, which have a diverse effect on the state of organs and  tissues of the human body, including: Low frequency pulse current Pulsed electromagnetic oscillations of low intensity Infrared radiation Ultraviolet radiation Mechanical sound wave oscillations All this provides ample opportunities for the treatment of  various diseases, while the control of the ELITON device allows ordinary users,  without special medical education, to customize the device independently. In  addition to alleviating the condition in various diseases, the ELITON device can  be used as a prophylactic agent for improving body resistance, as well as for  acupressure on biologically active points - electroacupuncture reflexotherapy,  using special electrodes that are included in the product package. In our store  you can at an affordable price buy original ELITON devices with the capabilities  of quantum, vibro-acoustic, electro-puncture, electromagnetic effects on the  body, the use of which will allow you to cure the widest range of diseases at  home, as well as provide invaluable support to your immunity.   ** Effective in treatment: ** - hypertension, angina pectoris, heart failure. - chronic and acute bronchitis, bronchial asthma. - obesity, headache, neurosis, encephalopathy, Raynaud's syndrome. - gastritis, ulcers, intestinal dyskinesia. - cystitis, pyelonephritis. - dermatitis, urticaria. - osteochondrosis, osteoarthrosis, arthritis. - post-traumatic syndromes, after fractures, complex operations related to  trauma. How to treat? Affects the skin with light and vibrational vibrations. The treatment involves low-frequency currents (as in the offices of  electrotherapy clinics), thermal effects, electromagnetic oscillations. The impact of the device on the nerve endings of skin cells and acupuncture  points. According to eastern medicine, each acupuncture point has its own organ. What result? Among 147 patients who used the device, 85% had a cardiac spasm and a heaviness  in the heart. With daily use, 71% of patients got rid of insomnia, 78% had a general  irritability. The device increases the body's defenses, is relevant during recovery and during  off-season periods. With daily use, relieves pain in muscles and joints, eliminates hemorrhage,  swelling. Restores the lumen of blood vessels in otosclerosis and atherosclerosis. Regulates and normalizes metabolic processes in the body, eliminates the effects  of obesity, which leads to natural healing. Relieves spasms of different origin: intestinal colic, recurrent pain in women,  headache and toothache, thereby reducing the negative impact on the body of  traditional medicines ... Relieves spasms during an attack of bronchial asthma. Stimulates cleansing of the skin, liver and bile ducts. Regulates the liver and  biliary tract. Normalizes blood pressure. "Eliton" is used to enhance the effect in the treatment of traditional methods. Contraindications - Oncological diseases - Pulmonary tuberculosis (active form) - Myocardial infarction (acute period) - Cyst (to affect the area of ​​cyst formation) - Pregnancy - The presence of an implanted pacemaker - Severe renal failure FREE SHIPPING  WORLDWIDE  Thanks and good  luck!
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Radiation dose   meter   -   personal dosimeter MASTER- 1,   RUSSIA     Odie   from   small   household   dosimeters   for the population.   weight   -   150 grams .   Worn   in the   pocket Used by   personnel   at the   Chernobyl   nuclear   power plant   and   the population   in the  30   -   kilometer   zone   around the   plant .   Very   reliable   in use .   To control the   population of   the radiation   situation   in   the external   gamma   radiation.       Measurement ranges and basic relative errors Equivalent dose of gamma radiation   - 0,1 ... 999,9; ± 25% µSv/h An equivalent dose of gamma radiation   - 10 ... 9999; ± 25% mSv Determining time   dose   of radiation   - 5   ...   36   seconds Continuous operation of new batterie s -   300   Hours Operating temperature   -5 ...   +40 ° C Nutrition   -   4   batteries Mass   - 0,15 kg Dimensions   -   143   x   61   x   20   mm Very reliable   and   easy to use   a dosimeter .   Dosimeter   can   useeven   a child . New ,   with   instruction .
Vendor: a-store
Vest made of genuine sheepskin wool! We meet autumn and winter cold in the warmth! Bologna sheepskin vests An elegant vest with a top made of Bologna waterproof fabric and an interior made of natural sheep’s wool warms in cool weather and protects from wind, snow, rain. The vest is fastened with a zipper, has two patchpockets, roomy pockets. It is convenient and comfortable to spend time in the fresh air, it does not constrain movements, reliably retains heat. Advantages of a bologna sheepskin vest:     aesthetic;     light     warm     universal;     wearproof; Warm sheepskin vests The sheepskin vest keeps heat well and becomes indispensable not only at home, but also on the street. Before ordering a product and choosing a size, please take measurements of your chest and hips! Thank.
Vendor: a-store
Laser head emitting 445-450 nm 50 mW blue spectrum MATRIKS- LAZMIK 2016 NEW Characteristics Laser power: 120 mW Laser wavelength: 0.405 m Light mode: Continuous application Photodynamic therapy with 5-aminolevulinic acid. Biology (stimulation of stem cells and tissues in culture) Neurology: stimulation of regeneration of damaged nerves, rehabilitation  of patients with spinal trauma, cosmetology: laser phoresis hyaluronic acid (laser or laser skin gialuronoplastika biorevitalization)  for introducing bezinektsionnogo specially made of hyaluronic acid in the skin Laser biorevitalization The technique developed laser phoresis hyaluronic acid proved to be so effective,  and the results are so impressive that it has received its own name  - the technology LAZMIK ®, which is fundamentally different from their foreign  counterparts not only the price (on average ten times cheaper),  but significantly better results, which is provided by several factors: administration to the skin up to 100% of hyaluronic acid in the gel composition; delivery into the skin not only hyaluronic acid, but also other components  required skin, including inorganic (copper, zinc, etc...); delivery of active ingredient from the gel into the deeper layers of the skin,  providing a more stable effect that lasts a long time (up to 6 months.) a much broader range of indications for use; strong synergism of the drug and the low-intensity laser radiation, which also provides a prolonged effect. Immediate visible effect occurs immediately after the first treatment  and lasts for 2-3 weeks, the course results are stored up to 6 months.,  And for the regular (monthly) supports the effect of constant care. A noticeable smoothing of the surface and the average depth of wrinkles,  excellent results can be seen immediately after the procedure. Unprecedented Performance treating periorbital wrinkles (around the eyes, in t. Ch. "Crow's feet"). Restoring physiological hydration of the skin, neck, décolleté and hands. Return the volume and density of the skin, giving it a healthy shine and velvety. Fast skin recovery and solar thermal burns. Accelerated healing of fresh traumatic and operational scars. The volume distribution of hyaluronic acid in the skin is much more even  and deeper than other methods of injection and injection of hyaluronic acid. The results of the course LAZMIK® far exceed the effects of similar foreign techniques. Excellent results on cellulite and other programs cosmetic procedures. The absence of contraindications, side effects and recovery period. The procedure can complement and extend the action to other methods used in cosmetology. The items will be shipped on second - third day after payment by registered priority airmail. Delivery typically takes 10 to 14 days (about a week for Europe). If you want to use other methods of shipment email to me. ALL international buyers are Welcome!   The  shipping is flat for all world:   FREE SHIPPING  WORLDWIDE  WE WILL COMBINE MULTIPLE WINS TO SAVE ON  SHIPPING Guarantee of qualitative packing 30 days guarantee:   We guarantee you complete satisfaction with all my products. If you receive an item you did not order or if an item you ordered is received damaged or defective.  We will refund you the price you paid for it or replace it with identical one.  We accept returns in U.S.A. Item for returning must have the original tags and packing, otherwise it won't be accepted.   Thanks and good luck! Powered by eBay Turbo Lister The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.
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 Applicator MC 37.1 Zirconium magnetostimulating Nevoton It optimizes the respiratory and cardiovascular system It stimulates the body at the cellular level Strengthens the immune system It relieves fatigue and emotional stress, normalizes sleep and blood pressure Recovers resources of the nervous system It protects the body from the negative impact of a sharp change of climatic conditions It removes muscle tension in the back, in the spine It helps to cope with the distractions and improve concentration and memory Before use, it is recommended to consult a doctor Applicator magnetostimulating NEVOTON Nevoton MK-37.1 Meteomag - it magnetostimulating applicator shaped molded cylindrical capsule  inside which is placed a specially treated material ferrokeramichesky.  In fact, it is a powerful source of the magnetic field with the characteristics which allow  a positive effect on energy processes in humans.  Biocorrector This falls into the category of magnetic applicators,  it is designed to act on the acupressure points and biologically active databases simultaneously  low magnetic radiation and pressurnymi nozzles that work on acupuncture. Low-frequency magnetic field - a source of therapeutic effect of the applicator,  because it is a biophysical adaptogen that stimulates non-medicated by the human body work,  strengthening its energy shell and making it immune to natural and anthropogenic factors affecting negatively.  Under the effect of MK-NEVOTON 37. 1 Meteomag increases immunity and harmonizes all the systems and functional elements of the body,  restored the respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems. Nevoton MK-37.1 Meteomag looks like an ordinary medallion can be worn around the neck,  affecting the reflexology zone - a vital area of the body responsible for the energetic interaction with the environment. Lifetime medallion applicator is not less than ten years, however, this does not apply to a rubber  cord that fixes the device to the user's body.  Dimensions of the medallion is extremely compact, it is light and almost imperceptible  wear - it does not bring discomfort in your daily life.  Thus, the applicator dimensions are 12 by 37 millimeters, more weight is 25 grams. The range of magnetic field induction on the surface of the operating unit of the module does not exceed 12 mT. For the treatment of complex pathologies, we recommend the use of two or three biocorrector  Nevoton Meteomag (Nevoton MK-37.2). placing them in areas of pain. At a cold, throat diseases capsule should be placed respectively on the nose and on the neck in the vicinity of the painful area Cough is removed, if the capsule is located in the area of the throat or bronchial In diseases of the cardiovascular system to relieve stress,  strengthen the sleep capsule is recommended to place on the head,  cervical thoracic spine or neck area (worn as a medallion) In defeat musculoskeletal, osteochondrosis, radiculitis capsule biocorrector recommended  to fix the sacral region and in areas of acute pain When applied as capsules biopotentsera (impotence - and anorgasmia male - female)  is within a few days alternately located in the groin area of the sacrum and pubis. Nevoton Meteomag (Nevoton MK-37.2) -chudesny apparatus is an indispensable source  of the magnetic field with specific parameters, giving a favorable stimulating therapeutic  effect on the human body and correcting all sorts of energetic phenomena in the human body. The items will be shipped on second - third day after payment by registered priority airmail. Delivery typically takes 10 to 14 days (about a week for Europe). If you want to use other methods of shipment email to me. ALL international buyers are Welcome!   The  shipping is flat for all world:   FREE SHIPPING  WORLDWIDE  WE WILL COMBINE MULTIPLE WINS TO SAVE ON  SHIPPING Guarantee of qualitative packing 30 days guarantee:   We guarantee you complete satisfaction with all my products. If you receive an item you did not order or if an item you ordered is received damaged or defective.  We will refund you the price you paid for it or replace it with identical one.  We accept returns in U.S.A. Item for returning must have the original tags and packing, otherwise it won't be accepted.   Thanks and good luck!
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Excellent product, good communications, fast shipment! thank you, will buy again
Order was in good shape when it came in. Included paper manual is in Russian but electronic version is in English and unit was programmed to English. Attachments were as ordered and were in good shape. It took just over 5 weeks from ordering to arrival, but given the significant challenges the country is in, this is realistic. Seller was responsive to questions. Had to pay extra shipping here given the current challengs.
The Seller was friendly and cooperative and my order eventually made it through. Shipping for the order leaving the Ukraine was substantially delayed, probably due to the war. Ordered 22 Apr; shipped Apr 26, processed April 29, finally processed by mail destination in Kiev May 27, finally received June 9. The order was as expected other than the add saying it would include an English manual and Practical Guide and that was not what arrived, and I was not notified of the change. Hence the 4 star rather than 5 star rating. The manual that was received is in Russian not English, and no practical guide was included. I suspect that the seller is doing his best under extremely challenging circumstances and shipping delays due to the postal service are outside his control.
pretty good and excellent considering the circumstances.
may we all live in uninteresting times

go well
Great fast service!
Everything was OK, thank you!
great service, they went out of their way to expedite shipping to me. Highly recommended group of people to deal with. A++

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