Men's Bags

UNIQUENESS. The exclusive and high-quality leather bag for men is a completely author's work, so this bag is the only in the world! LEATHER. The genuine dark grey (almost black) leather is of high-quality. STAMPINGS. The bag is decorated with a small stamping of a wind rose on the front side. SYMBOLIC MEANING. The “Wind Rose” was born as a symbol, a scheme that allowed the use of the forces of nature in the interests of travelers, at a time when stars and air currents were the main friends of sailors. According to experienced travelers, the amulet "Wind Rose" was the very beacon that allowed them to stay on their track, not to get lost, not to disappear. The symbol was painted on security talismans or on their own bodies. The main thing in the sign of the "Wind Rose" is the concept of a "wind". The wind is a symbol of time, space, speed, as well as the rebirth and life-giving breath of the deity. The symbol of the "Wind Rose" has a special sacred meaning, which should be considered not only by sailors. All human life is a journey to the heights of success (in career, business, creativity or love). The "Wind Rose" will help in walking along your road without slowing down in front of obstacles, the magic enclosed in the amulet will allow you to choose the right direction intuitively. FEATURES: - 1 adjustable long shoulder strap; - 1 big zipped compartment inside; - 3 flat pockets for small things inside; - 4 flat pockets for bank and business cards inside; - 1 flat zipped compartment on the front side; - 1 big pocket with a magnet closure on the front side. Dimensions:  Width: 140 mm  Height: 210 mm  Depth: 75 mm  This compact leather bag for men is a perfect bag for daily usage!  It will be a great gift for him for any occasion! P.S. You may also order your own handbag. OUR CONTACTS E-mail: furmani.exclusive@gm­  Viber: +380968192375 FB: Pinterest: Instagram: Worldwide shipping
Vendor: Furmani