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leather bag the size 20х20х9 см This shoulder bag is decorated with the difficult multi-level 3D leather stamping of made manually. The bag is a perfect for daily usage! It will be a great gift for her!
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Home shoes made from 100% sheep wool. The sole is suede. Very warm and cozy. Dress, as a rule, in the cold season, because the sheep wool has good insulating qualities. Suitable for both men and women. Such chuni will allow you to keep your feet always warm, this is very important because all important points of our organs are placed on the feet and you need to take care of them, this creates the effect of "dry heat", that is, your feet do not sweat, because the wool absorbs moisture and feet remain dry. Many famous doctors strongly recommend wearing such home shoes as it helps to improve our blood circulation, relieves fatigue from the legs and gives vigor for the whole day. Sheep wool from which these chuni are made has good wear resistance, does not get dirty thanks to special fibers, the design attracts. If you do not know what to give to friends, then feel free to order the chuni and be sure that such a gift will please the recipient.
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children's warm slippers, take care of the warmth of the legs and cheer up your baby:)
$42.00 $21.00
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leather bag the size 20х20х9 см This shoulder bag is decorated with the difficult multi-level 3D leather stamping of made manually. The bag is a perfect for daily usage! It will be a great gift for her!
$270.00 $135.00
A skirt is a necessary subject of a base wardrobe of a young pupil. This product goes well with a blouse, a funny T-shirt, a cashmere sweater and demi-season turtlenecks. In this case, the child will not feel stiffness, but will be pleased with his spectacular appearance
Incredibly gentle milky anorak with bright patches. Stylish and functional. Available size on height 134 cm.
Super cool silver anorak. Zipper, deep pockets hood drawstring, everything is stylish and functional. Anorak made of Turkish three-thread footer. Available size on height 128 cm.
Materials: leather, metal fittings Sizes: 16-18-6 Production time: 7-10 days Leather bag leather bag. The ornament is made by hot stamping bag measuring 18-16-6 cm Belts are not adjustable in length 150 cm The natural belt of skin is 3.5 mm thick the color of the skin is painted on a paint soaked in factory leather
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BAG WOMAN LEATHER DARK BLUE THROUGH SHOULDER CROSS BODY Materials: genuine leather Dimensions: 22 * 23 * 10 cm Handbag made of soft-touch, warm and supple leather of premium class. The pattern is applied by hand, in the technique of burning, tinted with specialized paints. The pattern is sturdy and durable. The shoulder strap is adjustable in length, lies comfortably on the shoulder. Behind and inside - on a pocket. The bag is divided into 2 fairly roomy department. Used leather type "Crazy horse" - this skin is wax soaked, decorated in vintage style, she breathes, lives and changes in the process of wearing. Stylish wear and darkening appear, color uniformity is easily restored with a sponge with transparent shoe wax. The skin is very durable.
$380.00 $165.00
Cloak-a beautiful and stylish alternative to the wind for small fashionistas and fashionistas. After all, the outerwear should be not only warm, but also stylish, comfortable and practical. Cloaks presented in our store emphasize the individuality of your child. The material of which the cloaks are cut is practical and hypoallergenic. Sewing of products is carried out on German equipment, which once again speaks about the quality of TM Attention Kids products.
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children's warm slippers, take care of the warmth of the legs and cheer up your baby:)
$42.00 $21.00
Джинсовая юбка - базовый элемент в гардеробе девочки. Всегда модно и стильно, удобно и практично. Юбка выполнена из белого итальянского коттона, удобно садится на талию и для функциональности имеет два кармана. В наличии размер на рост 122см A denim skirt is a basic element in a girl's wardrobe. Always fashionable and stylish, comfortable and practical. The skirt is made of white Italian cotton, sits comfortably on the waist and has two pockets for functionality. Available size on height 48 inches
Шикарный малиновый костюм для девочки. Укороченные пиджак и брюки в гусарском стиле - стильно, модно, оригинально. Изделие выполнено из итальянского коттона малинового цвета. В наличии размер на рост 110 см. Chic raspberry suit for the girl. Cropped jacket and trousers in the hussar style - stylish, fashionable, original. The product is made of Italian cotton crimson color. In stock size on growth of 43,3 inches.
Стильный костюм для девочки - пиджак + юбка. Выполнен из итальянской ткани ( 100% хлопок). Нежный костюм с воздушными бабочками подарит прекрасное настроение вашей девочке и придаст неповторимость образа. В наличии размер 6 и размер 7 Stylish suit for girls - jacket + skirt. Made of Italian fabric (100% cotton). A gentle suit with airy butterflies will give a beautiful mood to your girl and give a unique look. Available size 6 and size 7
Уникальное платье для девочки. Выполнено из итальянской ткани ( лен прошва ). Подарит вашей принцессе индивидуальность и стиль, как в повседневные дни так и в праздники. Unique dress for the girl. Made of Italian fabric ( linen embroidery ). Give your princess a personality and style, both on everyday days and on holidays.
Шикарный сарафан для девочки. Выполнен из итальянской ткани (лен прошва ). Сарафан можно носить как отдельно, так и в сочетании с блузой или гольфиком. Сарафан станет любимым в гардеробе вашей девочки и создаст ей неповторимый образ. Chic sundress for girls. Made of Italian fabric ( linen embroidery ). Dress can be worn both separately and in combination with a blouse or turtleneck. The sundress will be loved in the wardrobe of your girl and will create a unique image for her.
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HANDBAG, BACKPACK LEATHER PURPLE CROSS BODY WITH ORNAMENT Materials: natural skins Dimensions: outside, closed: 17 cm * 19 cm * 6.5 cm. Can be worn: - by the handle - over shoulder - like a backpack Original small handbag from high-quality genuine leather. - The shoulder strap, which can be detached, is adjustable along the length of the buckles. - The additional thong extender, is passed through rings below to carry a handbag, as a backpack. - Inside - a pocket for your phone, - The keychain is fastened on the side inside. Handbag solid construction of belt leather. In due course from a sock skin will become softer, will get deeper color. Handbag will be worn for years. Sending in a gift package.
$219.00 $99.00
Костюм для настоящей маленькой леди. Говорят, что вкус нужно прививать с детства и мы поработали над такой моделью. Очень элегантный костюм в тоже время удобный и функциональный. Пиджак имеет карманы и юбка тоже, что делает костюм гармоничным и совершенным. Suit for a real little lady. They say that taste needs to be grafted since childhood, and we have worked on such a model. Very elegant suit at the same time comfortable and functional. The jacket has pockets and a skirt too, which makes the suit harmonious and perfect.
Шикарный жаккардовый костюм для юной леди - короткая юбка и пиджак с карманами. Легкий, мягкий функциональный, идеальный вариант для школы. Ткань - итальянский жаккард. В наличии размер на рост 128 см A chic jacquard suit for a young lady - a short skirt and a jacket with pockets. Easy, soft functional, ideal option for school. Fabric - Italian jacquard. Available size on height of 128 cm ( 50,39 inch)
Милый сарафан с карманами на все случаи жизни. Нежный, практичный - все что нужно для активной юной леди. Nice sundress with pockets for all occasions. Gentle, practical - all that is needed for an active young lady.
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Handmade Leather Bag. Material: genuine leather. Sizes: 18-16-6cm Ornament on the bag is made in the technique of hot stamping on the skin. The shoulder strap is not adjustable. Skin thickness 3,5mm
$180.00 $75.00
Pants for a boy. Cotton fabric on the oil. Ideal for school and celebrations. They sit well, are pleasant to the body, comfortable and stylish - everything that a young fashionist needs.
Enrich your son’s wardrobe with stylish and elegant pants of a classic cut from the brand Attention Kids. They fasten with a zipper and a button. Front and back pockets. The product is made of cotton and is of impeccable quality. Pants in dark blue will be perfectly combined with shirts, sweaters, longslivami.
Necklac Czech beads Handwork
fluffy panda 20 cm plush toy bag, children's gift keychain plush toys.
Оригинальная куртка - дождевик. Станет незаменимой вещью в гардеробе ребенка на осень и зиму, когда погода такая непредсказуемая. Модная и стильная альтернатива дождевикам. Original jacket - raincoat. Contrary to the weather, when the weather is so unpredictable. Fashionable and stylish alternative to ordinary cloaks.
Шикарная рубашка для мальчика. Выполнена из 100% хлопка с вышивкой. Стильная, оригинальная для настоящего джентельмена. В наличии размер на рост 122см и 116см Smart shirt for the boy. Made of 100% cotton with embroidery. Stylish, original for this gentleman. Available size on height 122cm and 116cm
Ukrainian souvenirs, products , clothes.