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SOVIET GAS MASK PMG-2 (GP-5m) Mask is in good condition, ready to use and have  FULL SET  of accessories: THIS IS NEW OLD STOCK FROM MILITARY WAREHOUSE >>> ALL SIZES ARE AVAILABLE  After order please wrote which size you need  S, M, L, XL, otherwise you will get random size !!! ATTENTION !!!  The filter  do not contain asbestos  and are absolutely safe for humans The filter consists of pure activated carbon and cardboard plates with special impregnation *** DELIVERY IS FREE ***  and usually takes  7-12 days  and depends or work of your carrier ||| 30-DAYS MONEY BACK ||| if something wrong with your order. Customer is always right! ??? IF HAVE QUESTIONS ??? - just write to us and we will try answer ASAP
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This is Badge "Shock worker of communist labor". The badge is in ideal state. The badge was given of members Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
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Badges and buttons
It's badges and buttons made in the USSR in 1960-1980 years.
Original mark in very good collectible condition, enamel. A s a gift two badges Ready for work and defense of the USSR III category badge University diamond for graduation from the USSR University heavy, sample 47-56 years The practice of handing badges to University graduates was interrupted with the revolutions of 1917. It was revived only after the Great Patriotic War during the period of relative restoration of the traditions of classical university education and state symbols in general. In accordance with the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of September 4, 1945 (the day of end Second World War) newly established breastplates were issued to graduates of USSR state universities.