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"He needs only heaven and wind..." Find your inpiration with Pegasu 3DNotebook, made from ecoskin with decor from high-quality jewelry resin with cute pen. It has unique design and elegant color. Journals offer a special and unique connection between your mind and your written words. This beautiful journal will become your constant companion and a prized possession that enriches your life, sparks your creativity, and lets you express your thoughts. Comfortable, practical and longterm. You can use it as a diary or office notebook, for work or leisure, for travelling or home. It can become special gift for your best friend/father/boss/sibling/mom for any holiday and reason. The owner of this set will stand out with creative style of set. We trust that this set will bring success and good ideas. FEATURES: - A5 size 148 x 210 mm (5,70 x 8,26 inches) - Total 250 pages - Hard cover - Weight 350 gm - Pen Please try it and tell us your meaning to make our best for you! Some facts about Pegasus: Pegasus is a winged horse in Greek mythology. Also it is the seventh largest constellation of the 88 known constellations. It takes up about 1200 square degrees in the sky. Closely associated with the Perseus constellation, the Pegasus constellation is quite easy to spot in the night sky due to its symbolic, “the great square”, which is made up of bright stars. Pegasus was a winged horse that was born of Medusa’s neck when Perseus beheaded her. By other legend it was born from mix of Medusa's blood and Poseidon's sea ​​foam. Athena gave Pegasus to Perseus so that he could free Andromeda from Cetus Another story associated with Pegasus is of Prince Bellerophon (51 Pegasi), who was fascinated by the winged horse, Pegasus. On the advice of a fortune-teller, Bellerophon approached Pegasus at its favorite grazing place and was able to tame it. Bellerophon became very proud on seemingly able to fly like the gods. Bellerophon force him to climb to Olympus, Pegasus did not want to get close to the gods because Zeus could punish him because of Bellerophon, so he let him fall, and thereafter, Bellerophon wandered aimlessly through the world, unable to talk to anyone, rejected by the gods. Since then, Pegasus stayed in the stables of Olympus. It was also said that he was the father of the Centaurs, who were born of a slave, with whom Pegasus and Ixion were related the same night. Then it became the constellation that bears his name with the four bright stars that make up the Pegasus Square. Made by AuroraArtStory Create your story with us!
Own your beauty and find your inspiration with 100% handmade set "Plumeria". The notebook and pen dressed in peach&gold&white color combination. New Generation Notebook, made from high-quality jewelry resin with unique design and repleaceable lined sheets. I made this set in September for my mom's birthday and she was very happy with it! Now I can make similar beaty to order) Production time is about 1 week (5-7 days) Plumeria plants, which are also known as Lei flowers and Frangipani, are actually small trees that are native to tropical regions. I like to travel and in Asia I saw often this flowers they are really amazing! They are highly fragrant and bloom freely from spring throughout fall in multiple colors like white, yellow, pink, and red. These flowers stand out nicely amid the large-leaved foliage, which may be evergreen or deciduous, depending on the type. They all smell wonderfull! The flowers of these beautiful plants are used also in making traditional Hawaiian leis. Journals offer a special and unique connection between your mind and your written words. This beautiful journal will become your constant companion and a prized possession that enriches your life, sparks your creativity, and lets you express your thoughts. Comfortable, practical and longterm, because you can change paper and use it again and again. It’s refillable and reorganizable, you can also shift the contents around however and whenever you please. You can use it as a diary or office notebook, for work or leisure, for travelling or home. It can become also special gift for your best friend/father/boss/sibling/mom for any holiday and reason. It will give loving energy and good vibes! FEATURES: - A5 size 148 x 210 mm (5,70 x 8,26 inches) - 45 White lined sheets 5 pink sheets - Total 50 sheets (100 pages) - Hard waterproof cover - 6 metal rings - Replaceable sheets - Weight 250-300 gm - Peach&Gold Pen (blue ink) - Optional personalisation Please try it and tell us your meaning to make our best for you!
Find your inspiration with New Generation 3D Journal, 100% handmade from high-quality jewelry resin. Set "Feather" in beautiful purple/white/gold color combination. Unique design of notebook and repleaceable purple colored sheets. Comfortable, practical and longterm, because you can change paper and use it again and again. Pen from natural feather and original coaster. All what you need to add just cup of coffee and your best ideas. You can use it as a diary or office notebook, for work or leisure, for travelling or home. It can become special gift for your best friend/father/boss/sibling/mom for any holiday and reason. The notebook can be also personalized, what will make it more individual. For sure the owner of this set will stand out. We trust that it will bring success and wealth. FEATURES: - A5 size 148 x 210 mm (5,70 x 8,26 inches) - 20 purple sheets 20 light purple sheets-10 craft sheets - Total 50 sheets (100 pages) - Hard waterproof cover - 6 metal rings - Replaceable sheets - Weight 250-300 gm - Pen with natural colored feather - Coaster - Optional personalization Please try it and tell us your meaning to make our best for you! We have notebooks for any sex/taste/age: Vintage, pop art, classic style, animal images, large selection of colors. We have even journals with 3D decoration. High quality paper, different colors of sheets as white/blue/pink/purple/craft/black paper, optimal size. In future we plan also to restyle it and add more options as pockets, calendar, more large selection of colors, additional pages as daily/monthly planner, motivational lettering. It will transform to wise book. Please help us to develop our creations and make it perfect!
The Journal A6 "Butterflies" is 100% handmade from high-quality jewelry resin. Dressed in original color combination: white, mint, purple and silver. Lovely butterflies and shining make it very cute and beautiful. It can become the best present for your wife/dauther/friend/sibling/mom Journal has repleaceable green colored pages, so you can change paper and use it again and again. It’s refillable and reorganizable, you can also shift the contents around however and whenever you please. The mid-size is very compact (A6 size), which makes it great as a field notebook. You can throw it in your bag and take with you anywhere. It can be true friend in daily life and increase the loving and positive energy. Own your magic and get inspiration with beauty of resinart! FEATURES: - A6 size 148.5mm x 105mm (4-1/8 x 5-7/8 inches) - 80 green lined pages - Hard waterproof cover - 6 metal rings - Weight 150 gm - Repleaceable sheets Materials : All my products are from high quality epoxy resin. It is made specifically for jewelry and doesn't contain toxic substances. The metal of rings doesn't contain nickel. Production time: I am working 6 days a week, so I can product it for you as soon as possible. If you want something similar in other color or even totally different you can contact me and we will find the best solution for you! The production time for one journal is about 4-7 days. I take care about each customer and order. I will be happy to realize your wishes. Shipping and delivery time: I send my goods according to work hours of my post (It is open 6 days a week from 08.00-20.00) Delivery time depends on country/region it can take from 3 days till 1 month from Kyiv, Ukraine. When you will place the order I can tell you the delivery time according to your adress. If you need urgent deivery with additional payment it can be possible too. Gift: Each item is wrapped with a small additional gift from me for each order) Journal care: Do not drop the journal. It will not break but may be scratched or cracked. Avoid any contact with chemicals. If it is dirty, you can wash it with water and wipe it with a soft cloth. It is also best to avoid to leave it for long time under the bright sun. The colorful item can lose the bright shade. Take care about yourself and your piece of art. I want to offer you to read few most interesting facts about butterflies: 1. The butterfly eye is the most complicated device of 6 thousand microscopic lenses. 2. Among the butterflies there are those that have no mouth. They survive from the energy that they have accumulated in the caterpillar stage. But some other kinds of Butterflies can absorb twice as much food as they weigh. 3. In Stockholm there is a special greenhouse provide stress therapy with butterflies. 4. Butterflies, like elephants, feed on their trunk. 5. Monarch butterflies understand medicinal plants and are able to use them for medical purposes if their children need help. 6. In China, butterflies are considered as a symbol of love and lovers. I wish everyone to find love and keep it forever. Made by AuroraArtStory Create your story with us!
Путолова Л.С., Менчинская Т.И., Баранова Т.Л. И др. Декоративные разновидности цветного камня СССР. Справочное пособие. Под редакцией профессора Е. Я. Киевленко. М. Недра. 1989г. 272с., с илл. Рассмотрены структурно-текстурные особенности ювелирно-поделочных и поделочных камней, влияющие на их художественно-декоративные и технологические свойства. Приведена классификация цветных камней. Подробно охарактеризованы и проиллюстрированы типичные декоративные разновидности цветных камней из месторождений и проявлений СССР. Для геологов, занимающихся поисками и изучением камнесамоцветного сырья. Может быть полезна художникам и технологам камнеобрабатывающей промышленности и всем любителям камня.  Код Д171
Лесли Колвин, Спиэр Эмма. Живой мир. Энциклопедия. М. Росмэн 2000г. 128с., илл. Энциклопедия `Живой мир` полна интересных фактов о жизни растений и животных. Она составлена по принципу единства природы, окружающей среды и среды обитания. В ней особое внимание уделяется взаимодействию живых существ друг с другом и с бесконечно меняющимся миром природы. В книге содержится несколько сотен превосходных иллюстраций и подробных схем. Все это вместе с многочисленными познавательными таблицами, словарем и полным указателем делает ее незаменимой справочной книгой для детей.   Код Д138
Сьюзен Уеллс. Жизнь океана. Научно-познавательная литература. Для младшего и среднего школьного возраста. Консультант кандидат биологических наук А. Соков. Перевод с англ. У.В. Сапциной. М. Росмэн, 1999 г. 64 с., илл. Землю по праву называют голубой планетой: океаны и моря покрывают две трети ее поверхности. В книге `Жизнь океана` рассказано об этих загадочных регионах планеты - о том, как они развивались, какая жизнь существует в воде и на берегах, как были исследованы океаны и моря и какую пользу они приносят. Благодаря живым описаниям, красочным иллюстрациям и понятным схемам книга `Жизнь океана` представляет богатый источник информации, доступной юным читателям. Автор книги, Сьюзен Уэллс, - независимый консультантпо охране морей. Она сотрудничала с такими организациями, как `Гринпис`, Всемирный фонд охраны природы и Европейский союз. В настоящее время она живет в Белизе, участвуя в создании морских заповедников.  Код Д141
Чуб Наталия Чудесная сказка о Ване и доброй Фее. Литературно-художественное издание для чтения взрослыми детям. Серия: Веселая страна. Серія: Весела країна. Аргумент Принт, 2013 г. 16 с. Код Д156
Братья Гримм Сказки. Сборник. Х.: Издательский дом Пегас, 2017 г. 64 с. илл. В сборник вошли лучшие сказки известных немецких писателей - братьев Якоба и Вильгельма Гримм. На страницах этой книги дети встретятся с красавицами Рапунцель и Белоснежкой, бременскими музыкантами и другими сказочными персонажами, которых читатели разных стран знают и любят на протяжении уже двух столетий. Код Д157
Космос. Звезды и планеты. Космические полеты. Реактивные самолеты. Телевидение. Серия: Энциклопедия юного ученого. Научно-познавательная литература для младшего и среднего школьного возраста. М. Росмэн, 1999 г. 136 с. илл. Эта книга позволяет начинающему астроному получить исчерпывающие сведения о нашей Вселенной. Простой язык повествования и детальные рисунки помогут читателю совершить увлекательное путешествие по знакомому с детства звездному небу вплоть до неведомых глубин космического пространства. Вы найдете популярное изложение научных концепций, касающихся возникновения Вселенной и того места, которое занимает в ней крохотная космическая песчинка - Земля. Посетить еще дымящийся кратер, оставленный гигантским метеоритом, увидеть вблизи все планеты Солнечной системы и узнать, каким образом черные дыры засасывают материю и энергию, можно прочитав эту книгу. Описание несложных и безопасных экспериментов, которые можно проводить в домашних условиях при помощи обычных хозяйственных принадлежностей привлекут читателей всех возрастов. Код Д160
Малая энциклопедия старинного поваренного искусства. К. Триада. 1991 г. 607 с.   Эта книга станет добрым другом и советчиком для тех, кто любит заниматься стряпней. Она познакомит с рецептами и и способами приготовления большого количества кушаний - холодных и горячих закусок, первых и вторых блюд, изделий из теста, десертов. Большая часть рецептов - блюда старинной русской и украинской кухни. В книге также представлены оригинальные рецепты национального кулинарного искусства - отизысканной французской кухни до экзотической китайской. Код Д169
Сребродольский Б. И. Янтарь. Серия: Человек и окружающая среда. М. Наука. 1984 г. 112 с., с илл. Эта книга о янтаре - удивительном самоцвете, интерес к которому зародился многие тысячелетия назад. В ней рассказывается о том, какими свойствами обладает янтарь, как он образуется, добывается, обрабатывается и используется в народном хозяйстве. Подчеркнуты роль и значение янтаря в истории культуры народов с древнейших времен до наших дней. Ч/б фотографии на отдельных листах. Код Д175
Полупуднев Виталий. У Понта Эвксинского. В 2-х томах. Том 1. Великая Скифия. Том 2. Восстание на Боспоре. Цена за 2 тома. М. Рипол. 1994г. 680с.+720с. Том 1 - Великая Скифия. Том 2 - Восстание на Боспоре: в романе изображается эпоха античного Причерноморья в один из самых драматических ее периодов (конец II века до н.э.). В центре романа восстание рабов, во главе которых становится раб Савмак. После победы восставших его избирают царем. Это интересная страница из истории нашей многонациональной родины, в частности древнего Крыма. Код Д123
Фиона Макдональд, Ричард Тэймс. Люди и города. Энциклопедия. Серия: Развитие цивилизации. Научно-познавательная литература для среднего школьного возраста. М. Росмэн. 1999 г. 156 с., илл. Из энциклопедий серии `Развитие цивилизации` вы узнаете о том, как развивалось человечество на протяжении нескольких тысячелетий, как изменялась его материальная и духовная культура. В этом томе вы прочитаете о: древних городах ацтеков и майя; средневековых замках и жилищах кочевников; восточных дворцах и частных домиках Японии; современных небоскребах и городах будущего; национальной кухне разных народов и рецептах блюд; древних виноделах и застольных обычаях.  Код Д139
Малофеєва Н. М. Принцеси. Серія: Дитяча енциклопедія ПЕРО. К.: ТОВ Перо, 2012 р. 96 с. Ця чудово ілюстрована та інформативно насичена книга познайомить дитину з найвідомішими та найцікавішими європейськими і російськими принцесами, розповість про їх побут, навчання, розваги, одяг тощо та придворне життя у цілому. Наприкінці книги подано зручний покажчик основних імен та понять.  Код Д142
Волшебный сундучок сказок. Сборник сказок для детей дошкольного и младшего школьного возраста. Х. Пегас, 2016 г. 64 с., ил. В этом сборнике ваш ребенок с большим удовольствием встретится с любимыми героями сказок, о которых вы уже рассказывали или читали. А если вы еще не успели познакомить с ними своего маленького читателя, тогда скорее вместе открывайте первую страницу книги!  Код Д145
Киевленко Е.Я., Чупров В.И., Драмшева Е.Е. Декоративные коллекционные минералы. М. Недра 1987 г. 223с. Рассмотрены главные виды декоративных минералов и минеральных агрегатов - кристаллов, друз, жеод, вкрапление в породах, представляющих интерес как коллекционный материал, не требующий промышленной обработки. Показаны особенности коллекционных минералов как нового полезного ископаемого, охарактеризованы главные их разновидности, условия образования и генетические типы месторождений. Даны рекомендации по применению методов и рациональной последовательности поисковых и оценочных работ, а также практические советы по отбору коллекционных образцов, их облагораживанию и сохранению. В книге много цветных иллюстраций. Код Д173
One of the favorite magazines of the Soviet people. Workers and their children read these pages of Crocodile magazine with pleasure. As a child, I was attracted by this Soviet magazine with its pictures, I looked at them with pleasure I do not restore old products I do not make changes to items of the Soviet era All products I sell are original Product photos may differ from the original Any problems with the product (cracks, scuffs, chips), I always publish in the listing. I will be happy to answer your questions regarding my products Feel free to write and ask questions. Thank you for visiting my store !! Worldwide shipment: Transportation is made to these countries: North America: United States, Canada, Mexico South America: Argentina, Brazil Europe: United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Portugal, Iceland, Netherlands Asia: China, Japan, South Korea Australia You can contact us if your country is not on the above list. We will consider possible delivery options for you. From the date of payment sending is carried out within two working days. Expect the arrival of the parcel within approximately 10-30 working days.
Vendor: SoviеtBox
Let me introduce your attention the Rare vintage Harmonica "CHARMANT" in Original Box, Old German harmonica by Jos. Fischer, musical mouth instrument, East Germany, DDR, Collectibles, Pocket harmonica 6.3*1.2*0.8 inches. In work good used condition.
Beautifully which saved vintage reel canister with audio tape reel "Svema". Made in 1980, in Desember. USSR rarity! 100% ORIGINAL! Absolutely authentic, has not undergone restoration and other interventions. Great for a collector or for industrial / entertainment themed decor. Made in city of Shostka (Ukraine, during the Soviet Union). Production Association "Svema" The Svema Production Association is a Soviet and Ukrainian enterprise for the production of photographic materials. It was founded in 1931 in the city of Shostka and was included in the list of strategic objects of the USSR. Discontinued: 2000 ********** Dimensions ********** Height about - 11" (28cm) Width about - 1.58" (4cm) Metal - tin-plate Length of audio tape - 12598" (320 m) Total weight of the tape in the canister - 5.6 lb. ( 2.55 kg) ********** Please note ********** ~~~ Please, consider the fact that the color and shade may a little vary from the finished product that you see on the monitor, because monitor color settings are different ~~~ All photos are real ~~~ All vintage and antique items are sold as they are. ~~~ If the item has been repaired or restored, then this information is reflected in the product description. ~~~ Your order will be carefully packaged for delivery. ********** Delivery time ********** Europe - 7-20 days U.S. - 10-25 days Canada - 14-25 days South America - 15-35 days Asia & Africa - 14-40 days Australia & New Zealand - 14-40 days * - The delivery time may vary due to a busy postal services (up to 45 days) If you need special delivery (FedEx, DHL, UPS) choose when ordering Express shipping. ***Please Use ETSY CONVO If you need to contact me. Happy shopping!
This wooden Diffuser is made of wood of such species ash, oak and maple, cut into pieces upside down. Has dimensions 19.7x19.7x2.5 inch. It is a perfect combination of diffuser and loft-style wood wall panel! Acoustic diffusers (diffusers) are designed to scatter sound waves in all directions. Due to the diffusers a uniform sound field is achieved. When it hits the diffuser, the sound wave breaks into many small reflections, losing its energy. Wooden diffusers are perfect for use in those rooms where you need to achieve the highest possible acoustics in the shortest possible time. For example, in professional recording studios, for home recording, as well as in home theaters 5.1 and 7.1, and will undoubtedly be useful for audiophiles. In the process of making musical instruments, pieces of wood remain that are no longer suitable for production. But throwing them away or burning them is extremely wrong! This produces felling of new trees. And saving as many green brothers as possible on our planet is one of the most urgent tasks for today. That's why we decided to take the path of non-waste production! From wood scraps we make such wonderful diffusers for your music studio. Also, these panels are perfect for decorating your interior of an office, cafe, pub or apartment. Take care of yourself and the world around you! Good to all! Gift message on a wooden plate as a gift for free! An integral part of any office, home, pub or restaurant where people work, relax or just spend time! This loft style decor will complement your interior with warm tones. A great gift for a friend and relatives!
Vendor: Noisy Wood
Wooden Darbuka - Cajon Drum is made of high quality natural pine wood. Tapa is made of high-quality birch plywood. Has dimensions 17,7x9.4 inch. Сovered with professional polyurethane varnish. Guitar strings installed under the instrument tapa provide a sandy sound of a cajon. They are configured using pegs located on the side. Gift message on a wooden plate as a gift for free! Playing this wonderful musical instrument, you will feel the pleasant vibrations that it emits! Its sound is wonderful! This provides a hexagonal shape of instrument. Here is a video with the sound of this beautiful musical instrument On tapa, drum surface, we can apply a black print according to your wishes! It can be an inscription, a person’s name, the name of your group, or a picture. Important: The image must be completely black, no shades of gray. We do not apply photos. Examples of pictures, see the photo listing. Before ordering, send us a completely finished image that you want to see on your instrument. And we will apply it! Thanks to the Flower of Life print, the drum is a high-energy tool. “Flower of Life” is the only image that contains every single aspect of creation, all mathematical formulas, every law of physics, every harmony in music and every biological life form, writes Drunvalo Melchizedek in the book “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life”. Suitable not only for professional musicians, but also for beginners! It is very easy to play. You can use it also for meditation and singing mantras! The tool is very convenient when playing. It has strap mounts. A strap as a gift! You can play while sitting, holding the drum between your legs, you can and standing.
Vendor: Noisy Wood
This shaker percussion made of an ash-tree array, filled with fine beads, covered with glossy polyurethane varnish and size is 3.8 inch х 1.7 inch and х 1.7 inch. Gift message on a wooden plate as a gift for free! On the reverse side of the logo, if necessary, we can put your name, logo or group name! As shown in the last photo of this listing. A prerequisite - the inscription or image should be completely black without shades of gray. The shaker has an excellent sound with a relaxing shade, like sand, which warms the bare feet of beauties on the beaches of Jamaica! Very bright embellish your sound. With it, you can play music everywhere and always, great for traveling. When you hold maracas in your hand, then all problems fade and the world becomes beautiful! In the process of creating this musical instrument, we conducted a series of experiments with dimensions, filler and materials. This option is the best of all prototypes! It is just made for your hand!
Vendor: Noisy Wood
This is a completely new model of a wooden musical quad shaker made of selected solid ash, filled with beads and coated with professional polyurethane varnish. It measures 4x4x4.3. Gift message on a wooden plate as a gift for free! Here is a video of this wonderful instrument Caution! Having picked up this thing, you will not become the same! It lies so nicely in the hand and sounds that it will cure any stress and depression, destroying internal conflicts! Friends! A new shaker model has been developed! QuadroShaker by Noisy Wood! It consists of four separate modules and has a very bright and relaxing sand sound! The functional turned out to be interesting: it is convenient to lie between your fingers, it is firmly fixed, thereby not only allowing you to shake the shaker, but also spin it to and fro!
Vendor: Noisy Wood