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Guitar 7/8, 6 strings, Petersburg (Russia), 1969 The guitar after restoration, in working order.  There are signs of cosmetic wear. Requires a complete set of strings.  All parts are original. Materials: top deck - fine-layered Russian spruce, body and neck of the guitar - maple.  The guitar has original working mechanics.  The neck of the guitar is attached to the body of the guitar with a screw. The guitar has a dense, bright, accented sound, noble timbre. Guitar for guitar lovers and collectors. Sold as is, no case. Please ask questions.
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Leather journal, leather notebook Functional: - 1 card slot - Closed by two buttons. - Convenient and easy to use. Size: A5, (We can adjust the sizes to your notebook) !-----! Answers on questions !------! Production and shipping: - Production time from 1 to 3 days - Add your phone number to order. - All bags are made in my workshop in Ukraine - All products are made of genuine leather - After sending, a tracking code for your parcel is added - Free Shipping Description and leather care: - Leather "Crazy Horse" - this is a type of high-quality leather, of increased strength, obtained using the original Crazy Horse finish: applying refractory waxes to the surface of a polished crust. This is the skin of cattle - Description ATTENTION! In leathers, shades of up to 10% are allowed - Scratches on the skin are by no means a defect, on the contrary, they emphasize its naturalness and give the effect of the "vintage" of your bag. - Leather "Crust" - it is the usual name for genuine leather. These are mainly cattle skins. The skin has the ability to maintain its characteristic pattern. The texture of the material remains as natural and vibrant as possible. After all, the skin of the skin is not subjected to grinding, embossing, as well as other manipulations. Treat minor scratches. - Products created from the crust are not allowed to be washed! Otherwise, the product will lose strength, as well as a decent appearance. - It is recommended to remove dirt from the skin using special cleaning products. - Do not ignore the regular dry cleaning of genuine leather products. Use a clean, dry cloth or sponge to carry out this process.
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Leather notebook cover with a snap button closure. Note: Specify a color from the palette in the Personalization window under the options or in a note to seller. If the color is not specified, the color by default is considered the one in the first picture of the listing. --- More Leather Accessory designs in the section ABOUT LEATHER We use Full-grain vintage style leather. Marks and scratches are an inherent part of it and are not considered a flaw. We use no lining in our leather products. Dying method is such that each cowhide has slightly different shade/tint. ----
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Accordion Rauner 1/2, 32 bass, Germany 1930 Accordion in working order,  has traces of cosmetic wear and previous restorations Accordion needs minor repairs, There is an air leak The accordion is far from ideal It is a good instrument for teaching children,  for a hike for a picnic, for collectors light comfortable in the game, bright and beautiful size 35/29/15 cm, weight 5 kg Sold without a case, there is no return Ask questions please
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