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Известный автор. Писал интересные книги. Это одна из его книг. Про шмелей. "Bumblebees and Termites", Khalifman 1988 The works of I. Khalifman - the author of "Bumblebees and Termites" - have become widely known in our country, translated into the languages of the peoples of the USSR, as well as abroad. This edition includes two stories. They introduce the reader to the outlandish worlds of bumblebee nests and termite mounds, acquaint with the history of studying the most interesting insects that live here, tell about people who have devoted their lives to their research, teach to observe and understand nature and show the fascination of scientific research.
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Bayan Tula 4/4, 58 / 120bass, Russia, 1932 (manufactory) The button accordion is in working order, has traces of cosmetic wear and tear. The button accordion body is made of maple and covered with black piano lacquer. There is a rich inlay with mother of pearl, wood and plastic. The top and bottom covers of the accordion are hand-carved. The reeds on the right and on the left are Warsaw Silver. The instrument has a strong, bright, melodious sound on the right + powerful characteristic bass on the left! It will be interesting for professionals, amateurs and collectors. The button accordion will become an adornment of any collection! Please ask questions.
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