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Personalized notebook Functional: - Cover size a5 - Closes with a buckle - We only sell cover !-----! Answers on questions !------! Production and shipping: - Production time from 1 to 3 working days - Add your phone number to order - All bags are made in my workshop in Ukraine - All products are made of genuine leather - After sending, a tracking code for your parcel is added - Free Shipping Description and leather care: - Leather "Crazy Horse" - this is a type of high-quality leather, of increased strength, obtained using the original Crazy Horse finish: applying refractory waxes to the surface of a polished crust. This is the skin of cattle - Description ATTENTION! In leathers, shades of up to 10% are allowed - Scratches on the skin are by no means a defect, on the contrary, they emphasize its naturalness and give the effect of the "vintage" of your bag. - Leather "Crust" - it is the usual name for genuine leather. These are mainly cattle skins. The skin has the ability to maintain its characteristic pattern. The texture of the material remains as natural and vibrant as possible. After all, the skin of the skin is not subjected to grinding, embossing, as well as other manipulations. Treat minor scratches - Products created from the crust are not allowed to be washed! Otherwise, the product will lose strength, as well as a decent appearance - It is recommended to remove dirt from the skin using special cleaning products - Do not ignore the regular dry cleaning of genuine leather products. Use a clean, dry cloth or sponge to carry out this process
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Two-volume "Pushkin's life told by himself and his contemporaries", Hardcover. The price is for 2 volumes Year - 1988 Authors - edited by Кунина В.В Edition format - 150x220 mm Number of pages - 733 Circulation - 500000 Publishing - Правда,Москва Format - Hardcover Type of publication - History
Известный автор. Писал интересные книги. Это одна из его книг. Про шмелей. "Bumblebees and Termites", Khalifman 1988 The works of I. Khalifman - the author of "Bumblebees and Termites" - have become widely known in our country, translated into the languages of the peoples of the USSR, as well as abroad. This edition includes two stories. They introduce the reader to the outlandish worlds of bumblebee nests and termite mounds, acquaint with the history of studying the most interesting insects that live here, tell about people who have devoted their lives to their research, teach to observe and understand nature and show the fascination of scientific research.
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Glucophone (das Glück - from German, happiness) is an ideal musical instrument for meditation and liberation of your mind. Relieves any stress, immerses you in a state of rest, charges you with life energy. The glucophone is tuned in such a way that anyone can play it, the whole secret is that the notes in it are tuned in harmony. Playing the glucophone, you develop your coordination, ear for music, sense of rhythm, raise the mood for yourself and others, relieve stress and fill the world with beauty. It is also an indispensable gift for people who have “everything”, even they will be surprised at such wonder and will remember you when they playing it with warmth. Believe me; such gifts do not gather dust on a shelf with souvenirs! Product Dimensions: - Weight 3500 g (7.7 lb); - Height 13-15 cm (5-6"); - Diameter 30 cm (12"); - 10 rounded tongues - 10 notes (tones); - Reinforced hull (for the most clean sound); - Vibrating tonges (you can play vibrato); - Material: High-carbon steel; - A pair of mallets comes included; - We Ship Worldwide; - Providing tracking information; - Many reels available, ask! It can be made to your drawing or created by description. We can also combine elements from different drums (to your choice) to create a unique piece for you. Before buying, please contact us to clarify the terms of production. All drums are made by hand and with love. Feel free to ask. We appreciate your choice!
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