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Stainless steel flask with 150 grams. Crimean souvenir.
Soviet Russian glass - Granennyi Stakan 250 ml, for Tea and Vodka, Russian Style This is...
Vendor: seller375by
Советский глиняный горшок для приготовления пищи, 1950-1960 годы производства. В отличном...
Vendor: Sergii888
100% AUTHENTIC old bottle-very nice conditions,no chips no cracs height -35 cm , diameter-6,5cm
I bring to your attention the author's plate. I made a form of keraplast with a diameter of 17.5...
Vendor: Knit shawl
Vintage Silver Plated set of 6 table spoons Melchior
Vendor: ussr75
Telephone stationary disk retro, USSR in working condition
Vendor: morozov- MiR
Спички изготовленные в СССР
Vendor: mautanov7
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